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Oakland Raiders : What People are Saying

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Oakland Raiders
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JaMarcus Russell first pro game!!! Raiders beat the Broncos

The nickname Raider Nation refers to the die hard fans of the team spread throughout the United States and the world. Members of the Raider Nation who attend home games are known for arriving to the stadium early, tailgating, dressing up in face masks, and black outfits. The Raider Nation is also known for the "Black Hole", a specific area of McAfee Coliseum (sections 104, 105, 106, and 107) frequented by the team’s rowdiest and most fervent fans

JaMarcus Russell (born August 9, 1985 in Mobile, Alabama) is an American football quarterback who plays for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Raiders with the first overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft and played college football for Louisiana State

Justin Fargas (born January 25, 1980 in Encino, California) is a football player in the NFL.
The Oakland Raiders are a professional American football team based in the city of Oakland, California. They currently play in the Western Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The Raiders began play in 1960 as the eighth charter member of the American Football League (AFL), where they won one championship and three division titles. The team joined the NFL in 1970 as part of the AFL-NFL Merger. Since joining the NFL, the Raiders have won twelve division titles and three Super Bowls, and have appeared in two other Super Bowls. The team has thirteen enshrinees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Latest Oakland Raiders News

Raiders home opener to be blacked out
The Oakland Raiders’ home opener against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday will be blacked out locally because the team didn’t sell out the game in time. Games need to be sold out 72 hours before kickoff to avoid a blackout in a 75-mile radius. This will be Oakland’s first home opener since 2004 against Buffalo that will be blacked out locally.
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Raiders line could miss injured Gallery
The Oakland Raiders had plenty of problems on the offensive line in the season opener even with Robert Gallery in the lineup. Now as they prepare for their second game, the Raiders face the real possibility of being without their most reliable lineman. Gallery missed practice for the second straight day Thursday with a hamstring injury and his status for Sunday’s game against St.
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Oakland Raiders notes: Overconfident bunch? Not anymore
Raiders tight end Zach Miller said he and his teammates might have fallen victim to overconfidence in their season-opening loss to the Tennessee Titans.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Oakland Raiders

Inside the Oakland Raiders >> Live blog here from Raiders-Rams game on Sunday raidersbuzztap (Oakland Raiders Buzz)

The NFL needs to elimimate their blackout policy. The fans of Oakland shouldn't be penalized for the Raiders mismanagement. – by mingramjr (Michael Ingram Jr)

Oakland Raiders Reader Q&A

Question by ♥Diana♥: Oakland Raiders?
how do you think Oakland Raiders will do this year , with a new coach and all??
hate to agree, and even tho i love the team but it is true, they do suck, esp last year, only if they played their season like they played in the pre-season, when they won all the games, but hopefully they will make it someplace and not last….again


Answer by john_carlton04
they’ll be lucky to be 8-8 with all the criminals & crackheads on the squad. The AFC West will be won handily by the Chargers since the other 3 teams are rebuilding around young QBs.

the rankings will be:
San Diego
Kansas City

Answer by dms_paintball
You want the truth?
Their defense is great.
Their offense still sucks.
JaMarcus Russel (Who I do love as a player) is overrated. Too much hype about him.
Their coach is going to blow it.
Their front office sucks ass.
Their managers and owners are almost as bad as Detroits and Matt Millen.


No Playoffs.
No Offense.
Defense still outscores the Offense.

Answer by Tom C
a lot of people are picking them to be the worst team in football this year. I don’t agree, I think that’ll be the browns.
Oakland has a pretty intruiging defense which could be pretty good this year. thier offence is still a mess though so don’t expect them to win much this year.
The new head coach may be worth a win or two, the D is worth a couple. 4-12.

That said i think this is a rebuilding year for them so don’t be too upset. a good draft next year, a year for the head coach to build the team how he wants it and time for JaMarcus Russell to develop and you’ll see them improved next year and genuine playoff contenders in a couple of years time.

Question by Megan: oakland raiders??
how many times have the oakland raiders been in the super bowl???
i know they’ve won three times…
and when was the most recent time they were in the super bowl???


Answer by kip b
2002 and lost to Tampa Bay

Answer by raiderz18
they was in 5 superbowls and their most recent was 2003 and they lost to the bucs 48-21.

Oakland Raiders Video of the Day

NFL Network. Top 10 Feuds Of All Time. The Raiders Come In At #1. COMMENT & RATE———- Oakland Raiders. Al Davis.Pitssburgh Steelers. Pete Rozelle. Immaculate Reception. Tuck rule. Snow bowl. Lynn swann. George atkinson. John Madden lester hayes ken stabler jim otto george atkinson tom flores the snake the autumn wind is a raider holy roller hall of fame

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Readers Comments (37)

  1. Trish says:

    6 Wins. The Raiders triple thier wins from last year. Coach Kiffin will be the right hire, and getting rid of Moss will prove to be a great move. He was a cancer in the clubhouse. If they can get another strong draft behind them they will be both young and competitive next year.

  2. stunna_efx says:

    Well someone mentioned it earlier that the offense needs to improve while the defense is stellar…J.Russell is gonna need some grooming but I do not believe that they will be the worst team out there..I hate to be mean but I hope that award goes to the Browns since my Cowboys own their 1st round pick..anyhow, I think it all boils down to the QB never know he may pick up the level of play just as Vince Young did..nevertheless good luck to all except the redskins and hated eagles!!!

  3. DANTON JAYDEN says:


  4. Christopher S says:

    Sorry Raider fans but your in the toughest Division in Football once you take out the worst team!

    SD is stacked with outstanding young talent don’t plan on beating them over 16 games for another 10 years!
    Denver has signed 900 (or so it seems) pretty good defensive players. Bly + Bailey = how are you going to throw the ball?
    And the Chiefs would be contenders in any NFC division too bad they have to play int he same SD and Denver.

    Oakland has a excellent Defense! Ranked 3rd? in football last year? And that was with the most pathetic offense in the league. If their offense can just not be terrible they would have been 1st! Unfortunately, the offense will continue to be terrible! Russell is going to be running for his life until he gets injured from the 50th sack in week 7!

    Anything more than 5 wins the Raiders are cheating!

  5. bictor says:

    All the way. Every Year all the way! Diana you know we raider fans are not very realistic when people ask us that and I do get asked that question all the time and every year I say All the Way.

    I love what the team is doing this year. alot of awesome changes. With moss gone its probably going to get better, do you remember how many easy balls he dropped last year, JEEEZ! pissed me off. I have really high hopes.

    By the way, you are hot!

  6. ~LT_21~ says:

    0-16. No, but they will be bad again this year. I think they can win 6 at best. I think they’l go 4-12. They do have a good defense which is underrated though. It’s just their offense that brings the team down. Defense can win championships, but remember, you need an offense to score too.

  7. rikeshbpatel says:

    Unfortunately, I do not believe that the Raiders will do much better next season. They are in a very difficult division with the Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers. JaMarcus Russell will be a rookie and not really adjusted to the NFL yet, so the offense will still struggle. There defense was 3rd best in the league, but the lack of offensive production will continue into next year. Sorry if your a Raiders fan.

  8. BigD says:

    They get to play Detroit, Cleveland and Houstan all at home. Those are their best shots at winning

  9. drummer_boy says:

    2 words … they stink.

    Nuff said.

  10. Jason says:

    I don’t know but I would go to a game with you and I don’t even like Oakland.

  11. DB says:

    Living in the Bay Area the Oakland Raiders are the home team I root for. I honestly thought that Randy Moss coming to the Raiders in 2005 was the best thing that could happen to them especially with Kerry Collins’ (should have re-signed him) rocket for an arm but that all kind of went downhill fast. Last year Randy Moss played like sh*t and was really bringing the team morale down because he just didn’t want to be in Oakland. Considering the ruckus Moss caused last year I think that the Raiders can only get better from here on out after unloading him considering he wasn’t even trying in the games and all he was doing was complaining every week.

    Drafting Jamarcus Russell was a good move I believe but I really don’t think he’s going to make any real difference for a few years. Signing Dominick Rhodes in free agency was a step in the right direction but now that he’s been suspended for the first 4 games of the season that is going to hurt them considering we all know how much production (or lack there of I should say) Lamont Jordon brings to the table. We’ve got a decent group of young receivers in Porter, Taylor, Gabriel, Curry, Whitted, and Williams. The Raiders still have one of the toughest defenses in the NFL in my opinion and they are only going to get better now that they have a veteran like Darius to add to the leadership of Warren Sapp. They’ve got the best punter in the league and have a decent kicker who packs a BOOT so special teams isn’t really a worry. Really all the Raiders have to do is find some kind of middle ground with their offense to make them productive and capable of converting on 3rd down and the Raiders will easily go 8-8. This isn’t going to be their year as they will have double digit losses but in a few years I say look for Oakland to start to emerge onto the NFL’s radar.

  12. billye7642 says:

    Im a raiders fan.. and im embarrsed. By the idiot Raider fans that spend all their time on youtube, facebook, ect. talking about the rings we won in the 70s and 80s. The bottom line is, we suck. Everytime someone says “raiders suck”, one of our retard fans has to say something gay like… “WE HAVE RINGS!!” or “”RAIDER NATION BABY FUCK THE HATERS!!” or something extremely gay like that. its honestly embarrasingthat so many raiders fans are so retarded. So please stop making us look stupid.

  13. billye7642 says:

    Im a raiders fan.. and im embarrsed. By the idiot Raider fans that spend all their time on youtube, facebook, ect. talking about the rings we won in the 70s and 80s. The bottom line is, we suck. Everytime someone says “raiders suck”, one of our retard fans has to say something gay like… “WE HAVE RINGS!!” or “”RAIDER NATION BABY FUCK THE HATERS!!” or something extremely gay like that. its honestly embarrasingthat so many raiders fans are so retarded. So please stop making us look stupid.

  14. DARKSINISTER2012 says:

    @LakersChargersAngels A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Yeah the chargers didn’t get blown out like the niners and the raiders did but almost doesn’t cut it.

  15. LakersChargersAngels says:

    At least the Whiners and Gayders both got blown out in their season openers.
    38-13, and 31-6…wow.
    Bolts almost came back in KC last nite 21-14

  16. DARKSINISTER2012 says:

    @LakersChargersAngels At least the niners and the raiders both have superbowl rings so I wouldn’t be talking if I were you.

  17. DawnPatroler says:

    SLAYER are big raider fans

  18. Metalfanmusicfan says:

    Say what you want about the Raiders, but the bottom line this: They’re won championships, they’ve had many hall of fame players, they had great coaches, they were trailblazers for equal opportunity to minority players in a time when the league wasn’t doing that. With all that said, love them or hate them, the Raiders are without a doubt one of the greatest sports franchises ever, and 2010 is the year when they will have their redemption, and remind the world that they are a winning team.

  19. kelseyj859 says:

    Just win Baby

  20. 145bobby says:

    The biggest BS ever was that game vs the Patriots

  21. Hidrocalido310 says:

    Bolts 1 and done in post season play

  22. WatchVenusSpa says:


  23. clanBcO says:

    Mark madden diserve that last name, raider nation baby

  24. Linky360 says:

    i think were gonna win around 8 games this year!!!! the turnaround begins!!!! if the raiders get lucky they can maybe maybe squeeze in for 9…Or 10!! but thats if EVERYTHING goes right…8 is more likey

  25. bra187 says:


  26. 5150sickboi says:

    Raiders suck Chicago Cocks!!

  27. jclay52 says:

    @LakersChargersAngels hahaha whatever dude you dont have any rings man… Chargeless for 51 years with no rings… btw i fuckin hate the raiders as well, but dont talk about the niners like that they are the pride of california… 5 rings baby!!!

  28. LakersChargersAngels says:

    Whiners and Gayders are both gay. Bolts run the golden state!

  29. aiseamoa says:

    us against the world period.

  30. italstallion06 says:

    as a dophins fan, i dislike both teams but sure as hell respect the raiders n their legacy a lot more than the steelers, i just love the way they kicked ass n played to dominate, not just to win

  31. DartWonderHRO says:

    Just Win Baby (Rostock,Germany)

  32. zazozung says:

    @SatanSteve666 Lots of gays in Oakland, too.

  33. Javali247 says:

    @TheRAIDERS323 exactly man

  34. Javali247 says:

    @mynflforums That’s what I’m talking about

  35. Javali247 says:

    Mark Madden STFU, the Steel Curtian is dead and plus we got screwed on that damn Pats game

  36. Javali247 says:

    Mark Madden STFU

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