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Philadelphia Phillies Fan Hit By Beer Cups

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  1. dabearcub says:

    @italobambino43 All this food talk…makes me hungry for a tripe sandwich at George’s Sandwich Shop.

  2. italobambino43 says:

    Well, at least I can afford to buy Scrapple! Government cheese for you all the way!

  3. dabearcub says:

    @italobambino43 You’ve eaten too much scrapple…it’s affected your brain.

  4. italobambino43 says:

    Dude, your not capable enough to get in to an empty soup coup can, let alone to be in my head!

  5. dabearcub says:

    @italobambino43 Really, and what is that evidence? People like you have to make up shit to fight back, I on the other hand, can simply point out your idiocy by the way you think/type. In any case, how do you feel about your Iggles this year? I think the Cowboys are overrated.

  6. italobambino43 says:

    Well, it is obvious that inbreeding is the way it swings in your family tree, hence your obvious mental state of mind, so, do us all a favor and hang yourself from the nearest limb ok!

  7. dabearcub says:

    @italobambino43 Oh, and “PS” please, stop the line of your family’s ignorant white trash heritage and don’t have kids.

  8. dabearcub says:

    @italobambino43 Haha, PS? Back to back posts. I am completely inside your head, so that means I touched a nerve. There’s a fine line between “proud heritage” and dumbass Philly Italian white trash, and your on the later end. True, any town has bandwagon fans, however, the degree to which Philly scum have jumped on the Phillies is a grotesque high. The stands/bars are filled with low level baseball IQs. You’re from a shit town, which is little more than a after thought in the end.

  9. italobambino43 says:

    I hate Steve Keely!

  10. italobambino43 says:

    PS. Browsing the Internet is one thing, picking up a book, or going to a museum is another. There is education all around you! Dont just sit there and insult people whom you really know very little about, it makes you look stupid! What’s worse is that you are likely from here, I gathered that from our last communicay! There is one thing about this region I do hate, and that is, ignorant Philly people hating their city, a bad attribute, and they usually contribute very little to it!

  11. italobambino43 says:

    You can insult my proud heritage all you want, it won’t change your meaningless, misserable existance! And let me educate you further, obviously you never advanced to the the ninth grade, you can travel anywhere in this country, you will have partiers and dedicated fans alike, and then you have those who jump on a band wagon only when a team begins a winning streak! I work with a few people who ran out the day after the World Series and bought Phillie’s apparel ! See yah dick head!

  12. dabearcub says:

    @italobambino43 Internet penis size boast=equals small one. Plus, Italians are known as skinny guineas anyway. LOL. Yeah, nice job digging up ancient history. Sure, Philly had the A’s, and lots of history. My point was that in RECENT decades, baseball didn’t mean shit here. And 90% of the fans at the Bank don’t know shit about baseball. They’re all front runners. This town is a joke of a sports town.

  13. italobambino43 says:

    So, you can choke on my big hairy Italian D%$CK!

  14. italobambino43 says:

    A little history lesson to you about Philadelphia’s contribution to Baseball! The first professional Baseball parks ever built, were built here! Baker Bowl,1886-1938 home of the Phillie’s. Columbia Park (Columbia fair grounds) 1901-1905, 29th and Columbia. First home of the Philadelphia Athletics. Shibe Park 1909-1976 first concrete and steel park ever constructed for professional baseball. It was the home to both the A’s and the Phillie’s, the Phillie’s making it permanent in 1956!

  15. italobambino43 says:


    And I won’t go any further, your most likely a freaking sausage head from Chicago, and an ill informed sausage head at that!

  16. wardtaraba says:

    @dabearcub I’m a huge phili fan n I know my team ur probaly a mets fan by da way they r choke artists GO PHILLIES

  17. wardtaraba says:

    We phili fans r da best we rock n we know how 2 have a good time

  18. dabearcub says:

    Philly fans are 90% frauds who don’t know shit about sports – for evidence look at this collection of niggers and white trash. Die you fuckwads

  19. dabearcub says:

    @cotyg123 STFU – Philly is full of fake fraud bandwagon baseball fans. Listening to fake hockey fans in this town is even worse. Suck a dick you faggot.

  20. JordanAF24 says:

    whoa its just a sport calm down weirdos

  21. dave1261 says:

    HA ha ha!! That’s all I can say!! That’s Philly Fan for ya 😉

  22. infoowetrust says:

    @timby01 yeah and your fans have class???? bahahhahaa Phity fans are the worse baseball basketball hockey and ESSPECIALLY FOOTBALL!!!!

  23. infoowetrust says:

    @cotyg123 thats impossible get your facts ryt. alex $27 Jeter $22 CC $23 do the math and get your GED Jeter farm system! stop with the buying excuse its old. Philty fans suck!!!

  24. timby01 says:

    just goes to show you the class that the NY fans really do have……..Never seen anything like this after a championship win in NYC……

  25. cotyg123 says:

    @infoowetrust fuckin idiot u pay more for 3 players then our whole payroll

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