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Philadelphia Phillies : What People are Saying

Published on September 16, 2010 by   ·   42 Comments

Philadelphia Phillies
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Latest Philadelphia Phillies News

Some Phillies Links For You, September 15, 2010: Hey Everybody!, Cole Hamels Beast Mode, Big Brain o
Philadelphia Phillies news from around the web for September 15, 2010.
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Phillies’ Halladay gets 19th win
Roy Halladay recorded a National League-best 19th victory of the season behind strong offensive support as the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Florida Marlins 10-5 on Wednesday.
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Halladay wins 19th, Phillies beat Marlins 10-5
Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay struck out nine to defeat Florida for the fourth time this season, and the surging Phillies extended their lead in the NL East to three games by beating the Marlins 10-5 on Wednesday night.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Philadelphia Phillies

Halladay wins 19th, Phillies beat Marlins 10-5: Philadelphia's Roy Halladay struck out nine to defeat Florida for … WBTV_News (WBTV_News)

Phillies Grab 3 Game Lead In NL East: By Roy Halladay's standards, he struggled. And the Philadelphia Phillies sti… FOX29philly (FOX29philly)

Halladay wins 19th, Phillies beat Marlins 10-5: Philadelphia's Roy Halladay struck out nine to defeat Florida for … ChatMarlins (

Philadelphia Phillies Reader Q&A

Question by Philip Augustus: Philadelphia Phillies?
Who is glad that the mets are imploding?
I am not a Phillies fan. But would like to see the Philadelphia Phillies make it.
Anyone else?


Answer by rockezeh03
im not a big baseball fan

Answer by mark j
I would I am a fan

Answer by Scott E
M E T S mets mets mets nmets

Question by Allen Iverson is da best: Where can i watch every single philadelphia phillies game online free?
So i am looking for a site that shows the philadelphia phillies games this season online for free. because where i live it doesnt show every game. I wouldnt mind if i had to download it but i prefer not.
also it got to be live.


Answer by allex
I’m sad to say but there is no way to watch every game for free. offers every single game live or archived and that is what I use to watch my Indians play but it requires a monthly or yearly fee. I’m sure Philly has local or even regional coverage but you wouldn’t be able to get every game I’m sure.

Answer by Outside of it all
Free? Maybe at Allen Iverson’s house.

Answer by pamotorcop
Try It can be a bit hit or miss but they usually have a pretty good selection. You may have to reload your browser once in a while but it works. Good luck.

Question by Kelly Stevens: What are some facts about the Philadelphia Phillies?
Is there a website that i can just find out anything and every thing…FACTS though, not just stats, about the philadelphia phillies?

or if anyone on here can tell me anything useful about them that i can know?

thank you!


Answer by Fungo
This Wikipedia site outlines the factual history of the Philadelphia Phillies

Answer by Kave Dast
The 1950 world series had the Phillies and the Yankees playing each other. The Yankees won but the Phillies that year were called the Wiz Kids because they were an extremely young team but very talented. I believe the average age of that team is the youngest ever.

Answer by Go Yankees!!!!
On the bottom of the screen where it says search, next to it type in “history of the phillies.”

Philadelphia Phillies Video of the Day

On October 29th, at 9:58 PM, Brad Lidge strikes out Eric Hinske to win the first World Championship in 28 years and the first championship for Philadelphia in 25 years. Thank you William Penn and thank you Phillies for the greatest season ever.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (42)

  1. brettj666 says:

    I like all baseball teams, so I am happy that the team with the best record gets in.

    Although, it’s hard to believe that the Phillies have a chance, given their starting rotation.

  2. The Mick "7" says:

    I would love to see the Phillies win the division. The Mets have proven once again that they have no heart!

  3. Michael M says:

    I am a Mets fan and they are horrondous right now.
    Let Philly take the division.
    The Mets would only blow it in round one.
    Better hope next year.

  4. Shorty_27 says:

    the Phillies are absolutely amazing. i am so excited that they are tied with the mets. a couple of months ago i wasnt even thinking about post season now i cant stop thinking about is.

  5. Mickey Mantle says:

    What goes around comes around….this is payback for the “phold” in 1964 when the Phillies blew a 6.5 game lead with 12 games left…..they lost ten in a row….the first 7 at home and almost ended in a 3 way tie with the Reds and Cardinals….the Cards ended up winning it and the Phillies 1 game back!…GO YANKEES! STINKIN RED SOX!

  6. Frizzer says:

    I will second the Brettj comment, may the best team win.

  7. kimglf says:


  8. Lost says:

    I am a die hard Yankees fan.. and I dislike the Mets.. but MY GOD they are going through something.. although I dislike the Mets.. I want them to win so that there can be a subway series this year!

  9. ~Phillies Phan~ says:

    You have no idea how happy i am that the mets are screwing this all up…….Philly has played a season where they never gave up and that is why they deserve to make it………

  10. Kendra says:

    Yeah the phillies made it to the playoffs!!!

  11. Gilberto c says:

    I’m a Mets fan but also realistic with the truth that the NYM blew it, So now it’s somebody else turn to accomplish what the “NYM” didn’t .So good luck to all the teams playing in the 2007 MLB / Playoffs Series !

  12. Muzic Master says:

    Yeah, I’m glad they made it. The Mets choked. I’m from Chicago, I can’t wait till Cleveland fries the Yankees. Unfortunately, the Rockies are going to the NLCS…can’t believe it happened…

  13. Zach S says:

    I’m glad the Phillies made it and not the Mets but there’s No way I want the Phillies to go all the way because the Cubs are going all the way!!! I doubt it but I’m still staying true to my home team!!! If the Cubs don’t make it then I want the Rockies to. They are so amazing!!! They’ve won what 14 out of the last 15 games to make it in the playoffs and then came out strong to beat the Phillies for the first two playoff games played so far!!!

  14. ericfaul2003 says:

    I would to

  15. angry_swan says:

    I was glad to see that happen. I know several N.Y. fans and they’re just too cocky. As far as they’re concerned, anything west of the mountains, doesn’t exists.

    M. Clark

  16. frank says:

    they have lost more games than any other professional sports franchise…they have lost more than 10,000 games.

    they are one of the oldest sports teams, and have also gone by the names “philadelphia blue jays” and “philadelphia quakers”

    baseball has more

  17. DanieINegreanuu says:

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    And yep
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  18. Tvtech9 says:

    Phillies winning the world series is almost as equivelent to Saints winning the superbowl. Up to that time, Philadelphia was a bloodbath, had 3rd world country violence, and had the highest murder rate in the US. The govt was part of a massive corruption scandal, and the city was in massive debt. So the Phillies winning the World Series changed the self esteem of the city.

  19. biggysmallz222 says:

    World Series back in philly this year boys. !!

  20. medialies100 says:

    joe carter.

  21. dancagurli says:

    I remember listening to Harry Kalas (may God rest his soul) call the final out of the game since I didn’t have a TV at the time. Definitely the highlight of my senior year of high school.

  22. lbfxb97 says:

    how funny would it be if that guy was shown on the jumbotron

  23. jfunkryan says:

    @PhilliesTarHeelsFan9 This is so random, but I am a Phillies and Tar Heel fan too. I just finished watching the 2005 comeback against Duke just before this video. The crowd reactions when Carolina took the lead that game, and on strike 3 on this… its what sports is about. Its kinda cool to find a UNC-Philly fan like me.

  24. gregchance324 says:

    this is fucking awesome!!

  25. the88drummer says:

    Phillies RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. PhilliesTarHeelsFan9 says:

    what section were you in?

  27. RCMatthews93 says:

    I guess the 12 people who disliked this are either butthurt Mets fans, or butthurt Cubs fans.

  28. sherwkc says:


  29. sHiTcOcK1000 says:

    thumbs up if ur from philly 😀

  30. AdrenalineDrums says:

    @RushDaTeez fuck yeah

  31. bulldog3321 says:

    world champs go to bulldog3321

  32. tonipep4 says:

    The win was ours.! The Fans & Team Knew it. Then it happened! YES!
    GO PHILLIES, Everybody Lost it! The Tension was released Into screams of Joy,
    Happyness, & Big, Big PARTY TIME FOR PHILA. who is “put down” so many times.
    Not anymore! Our Fans are the BEST! The team the Best! WE WON! Tonipep4 8/26/10

  33. unicorns929 says:

    I was there

  34. TheGarmanProductions says:


  35. ClassicRocker61 says:

    And that night both my grandfathers were in heaven smiling. They didn’t get to see 1980 either

  36. cnpjphillypwn says:

    mets fans, go fuck yourself

  37. playoffexpert1 says:

    greatest birthday present that wasnt from my family =)

  38. TheTjay11 says:

    @503phillies thats how i feel about the phillies. but i wont say that they suck cuz i know they dont. i hate the redsox and the rays too but i cant say that they suck. ill just stick with booing another team just cuz i only support my yanks. i know you feel the same about your phillies. my grand dad is from philly and he gives me crap a lot about the yanks and the phils cuz he’s a HUGE phils fan but its always fun to piss everyone off at a game lol

  39. 503phillies says:


  40. 503phillies says:

    @tamerg i HATE THE Red Sux. I am happy that they lost!!!

  41. mook5555 says:

    10 Rays/Mets fans have watched this

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