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Phoenix Suns : Latest From the Web

Published on September 18, 2010 by   ·   55 Comments

Phoenix Suns
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Phoenix Suns Vs. Denver Nuggets outdoor pre-season game at Indian Wells Tennis Garden. 10/11/2008

Latest Phoenix Suns News

Phoenix Suns name John Treloar director of player personnel
The Phoenix Suns named 30-year basketball veteran John Treloar the club’s director of player personnel. In his new role, Treloar will assist President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby and General Manager Lance Blanks in all personnel decisions and will lead the club’s draft scouting process. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for John and his knowledge […]
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Phoenix Suns add 1 more new front office member
The new look to the Suns’ basketball operations has another fresh face that is familiar to the new general manager. John Treloar will become the Suns’ director of player personnel after serving the past two seasons as coach for the D-League’s Erie club, an affiliate of Cleveland, which was Suns GM Lance Blanks’ previous stop.
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Phoenix Suns add 1 more new front office member
Notes: The Suns tapped into Lance Blanks’ Rolodex for a new director of player personnel. Al McCoy decides to take some breaks.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Phoenix Suns

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Phoenix Suns Reader Q&A

Question by Broncos: Phoenix Suns?
Does anyone else out there believe that the Phoenix Suns will win the NBA championships? I know it is early into the season and yes everyone come playoff time will question Phoenix’s small ball style but they are playing great right now. What do you think?


Answer by The maverick longhorn


Answer by practiceblasphemy
nope… they wont win it. they are like the yankees of basketball… they are VERY good during the season, but come playoff time… they ALWAYS choke!!!

Answer by minervajaquez2000
hell yes

Question by tobias funke: Where can I buy Phoenix Suns playoff tickets and how much are they?
I do not live in Phoenix but I’m a huge Suns fan. I will be in Phoenix for business during the conference finals and want to go to a couple of games if the Suns are still playing. Does anybody know where I could get conference finals tickets and if they are going to be expensive. Anybody willing to sell theirs please contact me.


Answer by Jason W
easy just visit this link and when you find the suns logo just see what u want to buy.

Answer by what?
you can always check ebay and craigslist and ticketmaster. of course, since the suns are always a hot commodity and are very fun to watch, you can expect these prices to be off the charts.

Answer by Slackineb
I tried to get Suns tickets through ticketmaster for next week and they are sold out for many games coming up. I’m sure playoff tickets are going to be even harder to come across. Your best bet would probably be ebay or Also, check There is a link to their ticket exchange where season ticket holders can sell their unusable tickets.

Wish I had a better answer for you…

Question by trinity: PHOENIX SUNs?
Does anybody else think that they have a legit chance of going all the way this year? GO SUNS


Answer by PJ
first round exit coming up

Answer by ROBERT @TaKeR
i do

Answer by KB24MVP

Phoenix Suns Video of the Day

Check out the Top 10 Plays from the Phoenix Suns for the 2009 NBA Season. Where Amazing Happens.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (55)

  1. Kelsey M says:

    They CAN win. Their history shows that they probably won’t. In the playoffs, defense wins. Teams like the SA Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks have a better shot b/c they play tough D.

  2. katie32u says:

    yes, they will experience difficulty along the way, but i think they will do it. I am not objective though because they are so much fun for me to watch.

  3. PhillyDude says:

    With Amare they should be trouble for anyone

  4. MAKARA says:

    they have a chance but we have to remember that they are in a 15 game winning streak isn’t that enough to show that they are contenders with amare steve .and shawn and bell. But also they have the quickest player in the league leandro barbosa

  5. Bayou Brigadier says:

    Everyone knows they are a contender- young, and athletic. I caught the game vs. the Rockets at the end of November and was very impressed.

    The West is extremely competitive, so it will be an epic battle. Most analysts have their eyes turned toward Texas, so the Suns may not be getting as much love as they deserve.

  6. claimusic says:

    if everyone stays healthy 2 of the next 5 champions will be the suns.

  7. milky says:

    I agree. Sure they lost to good teams early but that was because they had to get used to playing with Amare Stoudimire back in the line up. The Suns as of now are fireing on all cylinders, and it’s because of how they move the ball, they are all unselfish if you ask me. Were did they finish last year? lost in western cofrence finals, and what changed? Amare is back at full strength, and that is a big difference. Now a lot of people say Denver because Iverson, and Melo (Not to mention the depth this team has) but I still think the suns are the hottest teams right now.

  8. koolman says:

    Yea i think they will sometime.

  9. ghostface says:

    i think that they have to keep their inside presence dominant and they have to find a way passed the Dallas Mavericks who are really deep in thier bench this year

  10. #1 Suns fan murat says:

    helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yea they will win its the freakin suns

  11. lamew88 says:

    I really hope they at least get to the Championship this year,They’ve been to the Western Conference finals 2yrs in a row,so hopefully 3rd times the charm. I know personally it’s great to see my boy Amare back to his old self,I was worried earlier this year. But i really believe they can do it. They’re deeper than last year,they can shoot the outside ball and can’t know body run wit em. They sometimes have problems on the boards but,like I said,Western conference finals 2yrs in a row. I think this year that Phoenix as a team is expecting nothing less than the finals. And with this 15 game run they’re gaining even more confidence. So lets hope they go Bro,I’m rooting for em!!

  12. maza says:

    hell yeah the suns will win the championship! because they are the best of the best

  13. Yung Joc says:

    Their home website.

  14. Randy J says:

    amare stoudamire does not have the ability to lead a team to a championship. he is the leading scorer and they will be relying on him in the playoffs. and nash can’t play defense, shaq is old, etc…

  15. Tyler says:

    every west team does…. theyre so damn close when it comes to records

  16. Matt Kuhn says:

    Of course they do, why i say that is because one thier my favorite western team. and the fact..


  17. CrunK says:

    If they play @ Jazz
    They are out first round
    If they play against the spurs i think they have a legit chance of winning the championship
    Because i truly think they can beat the spurs
    and if they beat the spurs they will gain confidence and morale and if they have that i dont think anyone can stop the suns

  18. The Great One says:

    I dont think so. Once they traded marion They are not dont really have the parts for there FUN AND GUN offense.

  19. Michael S says:

    Suns is still tough to beat. Coz there’s Shaq. I dont think he’s getting older ryt now. it defends on how he puts his mind on dominating the court. He’s a beast. He didn’t want to show the Suns Demolition theory at this time. Nash, Stoudy, Hill, that’s pathetic!!

  20. tfoley5000 says:

    Lose to the Spurs First Round in 5.

  21. Topher says:

    I think that the Phoenix Suns can go as far as they can stay healthy. That will be the key. Also, Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, and Leandro Barbosa are going to have to pick up alot of slack, b/c Amare can’t do it by himself. The Suns are going to have to limit Shaq’s and Grant Hill’s minutes somewhat so they can play at a higher pace in the latter games on the playoffs. Nash and Amare have been pretty consistent in the past couple of games, but Nash is going to have to score at least 15 points a night in the Suns want to have a shot at the championship. The Suns defense also needs to tighten down the stretch and not let teams back in the game. As of right now, the Suns are the team I think will emerge out of the West.

  22. sherman r says:

    The chances are slim, but they do have a chance. They have two vets (Nash and Shaq) who know how to get it done and another vet (Grant Hill) and youngster (Amare) who have something to prove. I’d be happy for Grant Hill. I originally thought he was nuts for choosing them over the Spurs.

  23. vida says:

    First round here they go !

  24. Prodigy says:

    No, they will lose to anyone BUT the spurs… Why? Simple, Shaq is not a defensive or offensive threat anymore. You can use single coverage on him these days… The liability on defense? He can’t block shots without getting contact most of the time. The only thing he has is the fact people are scared to run into him… When playoffs come peope won’t care and the Suns “perimeter” defenders can’t stay in front of their man…
    Lakers- Kobe, Odom
    Jazz- Williams
    Hornets- West, Paul, Wells
    Denver- Anthony, AI, Smith
    Dallas- Terry
    and so on…
    Shaq out with foul trouble will have a domino effect on Stoudamire’s scoring… anyone but the Spurs and they’re out…
    PS Go Lakers

  25. nascarfan31 says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! They are gonna beat up on the Spurs like they did all year and then beat up on whoever is next. It will come down to the Lakers and the Suns in the West. The Suns will kick Laker butt as usual!!!!

    Go Suns!!!!!

  26. Taylor T says:

    i do,

  27. Concerned Consumer says:

    When you have Shaq on your team you have a better shot than most do. Now throw in Nash and your talking serious possibilities. Throw in Amare and its almost a given. Now Throw in Leanardo Barbosa and forget about it !!!! PHOENIX IS THE TEAM TO BEAT!

  28. Antwuan says:

    Yes the Suns are goin all the way this year.

  29. FYDAQ!! says:

    First round bust!!I can see the suns fans run Shaq out of town!!

  30. Totallylikeyea says:


  31. Ultimatedude1234 says:

    steve nash deserves 2 time mvp, hes awesome.

  32. parjek10 says:

    steve nash is the best player in history lol

  33. electrozik90 says:

    WAW I love the last one! UNBELIEVABLE!^^

  34. BFH191 says:

    58 disliker!!!!
    If you readed that you must sub me or your parents will h8 you!

  35. BFH191 says:

    123,740 viewer!!!!
    If you readed that u must sub me or you will have bad luck for 50 years!!!

  36. chinambt99 says:

    #1 Amare
    By: Elmer Diolula

  37. meinteil11 says:

    #1 sucked and how was Amare not in any of these plays?

  38. kouras7suns13 says:

    @fb0704 he missed most of the games due to injury

  39. fb0704 says:

    NO AMARE??????!

  40. Jackie8147 says:

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  41. Harvey4294 says:

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  42. txreaper11 says:


  43. luisenchpol says:

    1.06 bynum got powned

  44. rawrnomnomnomgrrrrrr says:

    bit anticlimatic

  45. TheFrostJoker says:

    @marriageislame People who suck don’t make the conference finals

  46. Harvey30329 says:

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  47. Jackie4765 says:

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  48. marriageislame says:

    @NoRefundsXD True, but the Suns still suck and almost everyone except their bandwagon fans can see it. Have fun “rebuilding” lol.

  49. NoRefundsXD says:

    @marriageislame you dont have to win to be good

  50. Jackie06488 says:

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  51. marriageislame says:

    Lol, looks like Phoenix will “rebuild” as Stoudewhiner’s looking to opt from his contract extension. God, whose gonna bring these bozo’s a false promise of a championship this time after Nash loses enough support and gets traded or just get’s too old?

  52. marriageislame says:

    @olhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa That’s why they’re not champs right?

  53. Jackie27148 says:

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