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Pittsburgh Penguins in Review – A Look Back

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Pittsburgh Penguins
Image by wstera2
The Pittsburgh Penguins pose with the Stanley Cup after defeating the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 to win the NHL Championship in Detroit Friday, June 12, 2009. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)…

Latest Pittsburgh Penguins News

Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Alex Grant released from hospital
After spending the night in the hospital after taking a hit into the boards by Senators prospect David Dziurzynski during Saturday’s rookie competitions, Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Alex Grant was released from the hospital. Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke…
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NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins look ready to retake the Atlantic Division
E.J. Hradek takes a quick glance at the 2010-11 Atlantic Division landscape. He thinks the Pens look as solid as ever, while the Islanders continue to baffle — and the Rangers, Flyers and Devils could all be interesting contenders in their own right.
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Video: Penguins rookies beat Senators
The Pittsburgh Penguins prospects beat the Ottawa Senators 5-3 in the rookie tournament Saturday night.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Reader Q&A

Question by Meilleur_que_toi: Pittsburgh Penguins?
I live in Pittsburgh and I am a Penguins fan…
Yes I understand that things aren’t good right now for the team but they might be staying. My question is why all of you yahoo answers people continue to say that Pittsburgh doesn’t support our team!! Pittsburgh is one of the larger hockey towns, in fact we have the 4th highest game attendance in the league along with the most jerseys sold of any team. We also have some of the best traveling fans in the league (not as good as Toronto though). And if you’re basing you’re view on Pittsburgh leaders right now… look at Plan B. They were pushing plan B over the Isle of Capri long back.
So please tell me… why are you so negative when talking about us?


Answer by Ms. Lex♫
What a cute name =]

Answer by swtladyiam T

Answer by goblinknght
I’m with you buddy, I was born in Pittsburgh, lived there for the first 11 years of my life, but had to move to California when the steel mills started closing down, but I have always been loyal to my home town! I was there, watching when Jagr was a rookie and they won the stanly cup( back to back), I saw when jagr also carried the puch throught three or four of the Blackhawks to score, if you don’t know the people of Pittsburgh then you have on idea about the way that they support thier team..and how most of the good players are house hold names….screw the idiots, Pittsburgh Penguins are the sh**…It’s good to see another fan out there.

Question by SexyDude: pittsburgh penguins?
Can anyone please give me the pittsburgh penguins tickets place numbver so i can buy tickets for the stanley cup please i need a number


Answer by Randy C
the box office at the Mellon Arena or ticket master or your local newspaper scalpers section or at the game itself from a scalpler.
I thought they were sold out though?

Answer by Kayla J
tickets are all sold out. but if you really want their number, you should go to the pens official site

Pittsburgh Penguins Video of the Day

Watch the Pittsburgh Penguins’ road to the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals!

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. megalomaniac says:

    I’ve speculated about a move to Canada like a lot of others but that wasn’t intended as any disrespect to Pittsburgh. If your numbers are as good as you say, why is there even any discussion of movement and financial difficulties?

    I’ve always said that IF the Penguins are to move they should move a team back to Canada because we are a hockey starved nation and we are still hurting over losing two of our teams – no we haven’t forgotten.

    I’m pissed at Bettman, not at Pittsburghers. His position seems to be that its OK to move the team within the US but not to move to Canada. Thats the part that is making people upset.

    However after saying all that, I hope that you can keep your team AND perhaps add a team or two to Canada. No team with its name etched on the Stanley Cup should just be given up on.

  2. says:

    I dont think most of the speculation has anything to do with the actual fan support. As you stated there are plenty of full seats every home game (94% ave of capacity this season…4th best in NHL). The problem has to do with the arena and the inability to generate the dollars that other teams are getting (luxury boxes…etc.). There is little doubt that Mario doesnt want to move the team and typical of the Pittsburgh political process they have to take each situation to the edge of disaster before they complete a deal. They did the same thing to the Steelers and Pirates before making last minute deals. They hurt the perception of your city more than anything. Remember, they were pushing “Plan B” the whole time. Mario and the rest of the ownership werent buying it,they wanted to get a deal done without taxpayer or team dollars (i.e. the Isle of Capri deal). Plan B doesnt offer that gaurentee and that is what gets the people talking. Hopefully they will get a deal done and the team stays right where it belongs…in Pittsburgh!! But with your elected officials creating negative situations that are picked up by other cities then the Pittsburgh bashing will continue until Mario announces his intentions. Good luck…the loyal fans of the Pens deserve to have this situation put to rest.

  3. ragingbull01 says:

    I also live in pittsburgh and I have to agree. Just because the city is known for its football team does not mean that we do not support the pens. But people like to pick on pittsburgh any time for any reason. Never quite understood why. By the way, an insider told be that Basile? pulled out of the deal to buy the pens because Gary Bettmann told him he could not move the team.
    Go Figure

  4. Frankie says:

    I live here in Kansas City and would love to have a storied franchise as the Penguins to call my team. However, I don’t think this is going to happen. I think we here in the KC are just a pawn in the chess match between the hockey club and the City of Pittsburgh. There have been hockey teams here in the past, but after the novelty of the “new game” in town wares off… the teams always move elsewhere. I wish you folks out by the three rivers all the best in keeping the Penguins. We know what it’s like to lose a team. Oh, on a side note. I don’t know if this is being reported back east or not. The operators of the new Sprint Arena have offered FREE rent to the team if the move here. Don’t know for how long. But found that to be interesting to say the least.

  5. HABITANT says:

    now you tell me if the city officials really wanted to keep the team in Pittsburgh we wouldn’t be talking about this today. i want the Pens to stay in Pittsburgh they’ve been around for 40 years and have great fans. Basillie promised Lemieux he was going to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh if Isles Capri went through but if it didn’t Basillie would of moved the team in Canada which is OK cause Canada needs a team. were not bashing the fans of Pittsburgh its the government that doesn’t really care cause there bankrupt and need money and if Isles Capri won the votes the city would have any taxes to pay for the $ 290 million dollar arena and that’s why the government said no we need the money. and Gary Bettman doesn’t care if the Pens stay or goes as long as the team stays in the U.S.KEEP THE PENS IN PITTSBURGH, AND BY THE LOOKS OF LEMIEUX FACE YESTERDAY THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD FOR PITTSBURGH.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Tammy F says:




    Expansion team when the NHL doubled in size for the start of 1967-68 Season

    The Penguins almost folded in 1975 when their creditors demanded payment of back debts. A group that included Wren Blair stepped in and prevented the Penguins from folding. Pittsburgh had the league’s worst record in both the 1983 and 1984 seasons and it looked as though the Penguins would fold. The reward for such pitiful hockey was the right to draft French Canadian phenomenon Mario Lemieux. Other teams offered substantial trade packages for the draft choice, but the Penguins kept the pick and a legend was born. The Penguins suffered small-market syndrome for most of their existence, and cost-cutting prevented another collapse into insolvency. Financially, the team was one of the better-managed NHL franchises between its 1998 bankruptcy and the 2004-05 NHL lockout. Thanks to significant post-season runs, the Penguins broke even in 2000 and turned a small profit in 2001. Failure to make the playoffs in the next three seasons hurt the team’s bottom line, but the shedding of contracts kept the team afloat as other franchises, like the Ottawa Senators, faced significant losses or declared bankruptcy.


    Kansas City was awarded an NHL franchise on June 8, 1972. The Scouts were an expansion team with no star players the NHL wasn’t as popular in the 70s as it is today and both the NHL and NBA’s attendance in the 70s were hurt by a sluggish economy. They played their home games at Kemper Arena. The team was not a particular success either at the gate or on the ice. Rising oil prices and a falling commodity market made for hard going in the Midwest during the 1970s. After two seasons, with its owners $ 900,000 in debt, the franchise was sold & relocated to Denver where it became the Colorado Rockies, who in turn became the New Jersey Devils after 1982. The NHL has also failed in ATLANTA & DENVER but both are back in the NHL & the Avalanche are one of the most sucesful NHL teams in north america.


    The Pittsburgh Penguins could play rent-free and be equal managing partners in the new Sprint Center if they move to Kansas City. The Penguins would not have to buy into the management agreement for the $ 276 million Sprint Center. Aditional Options to pay $ 27 million(THIS COST WILL BE TAKEN OUT OF FUTURE PROFITS NOTHING UPFRONT ) to AEG the company who manages Sprint Center and share management and revenue equally with AEG from concerts or other events at the Sprint Center


    Current Plan B for new arena in Pittsburgh being proposed by local politicians Requires $ 8.5 million be paid upfront. Pay $ 4 million annually for 30 years. Total out of pocket expense required by Penguins ownership over 30 years = $ 128.5 million.


    EST. Cost of Construction $ 225 million
    Heinz Field, cost $ 281 million
    PNC Park, cost $ 216 Million


    Dission due within 30 days
    pittsburgh Plan B offer is a starting point says Gov. Ed Rendell (1-5-2007) the state could do better than that
    “We’re going to assess the Penguins’ position, but there can’t be a free arena,”
    No additional meetings with pittsburgh officials are planed as to date

    Attendance Figures in Pittsburgh:

    2001-02: 15,649 (Ranked 22nd in NHL)
    2002-03: 14,749 (Ranked 25th in NHL)
    2003-04: 11,877 (Ranked 30th in NHL)
    2005-06: 15,804 (Ranked 20th in NHL)
    2006-07: 15,888 (Ranks 20th in NHL)

    Year-by-year attendance figures for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League.

    Team Year G Total Average
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1967-68 37 274,049 7,407
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1968-69 38 228,285 6,008
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1969-70 38 265,936 6,998
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1970-71 39 377,182 9,671
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1971-72 39 375,711 9,634
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1972-73 39 436,601 11,195
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1973-74 39 396,197 10,159
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1974-75 40 448,977 11,224
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1975-76 40 458,198 11,455
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1976-77 40 401,580 10,040
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1977-78 40 421,933 10,548
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1978-79 40 457,209 11,430
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1979-80 40 426,156 10,654
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1980-81 40 413,407 10,335
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1981-82 40 451,965 11,299
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1982-83 40 336,300 8,408
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1983-84 40 273,550 6,839
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1984-85 40 400,711 10,018
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1985-86 40 503,020 12,576
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1986-87 40 598,614 14,965
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1987-88 40 606,638 15,166
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1988-89 40 629,345 15,734
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1989-90 40 640,700 16,018
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1990-91 40 637,072 15,927
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1991-92 40 639,736 15,993
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1992-93 41 660,290 16,105
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1993-94 41 685,919 16,730
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1994-95 24 386,599 16,108
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1995-96 41 675,147 16,467
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1996-97 41 684,322 16,691
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1997-98 41 617,900 15,071
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1998-99 41 607,825 14,825
    Pittsburgh Penguins 1999-00 41 633,199 15,444
    Pittsburgh Penguins 2000-01 41 669,806 16,337
    Pittsburgh Penguins 2001-02 41 641,615 14,749
    Pittsburgh Penguins 2003-04 41 486,961 11,877
    Pittsburgh Penguins 2004-05 SEASON CANCELLED
    Pittsburgh Penguins 2005-06 41 647,975 15,804

  7. RMitchell67 says:

    To be honest, it is very disappointing that this situation has come to this point. For the state of PA to turn down the Isle of Capri offer is absolutely foolish, plain and simple. It shows that the leaders of the state have no idea how serious Mario and the Pens ownership were about leaving the city.
    As far as the fans, it is clear from the numbers that another person posted, the first 15-20 years of the franchise there was very little support, and that is when the city still had most of the steel mills. Now there is support because the team has a lot of young talent. Sadly, the team will struggle again in 3-4 years because Crosby, Malkin and the other young stars will have developed and demand a lot of $ $ $ in the open market.
    Plan B, does not even COME CLOSE to what the Kansas City people are offering, and it also affords Mario the one thing he really wants, which is to sell the team, and spend time with his family. Besides, what happens if Barden sells the slot parlor within the first few years, does plan B still exist (Barden promises money over several years).
    Let’s face it folks, the PA government dropped the ball here, and unless they have come up with something that approaches KC’s deal, the Pens are gone….
    Would I like to see the Pens stay in Pittsburgh…absolutely
    Do I think it will happen….sadly, no
    Who’s fault is it?…the leadership of the worst government in the US, Rendell and the greedy cronies of his in Harrisburg.

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