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Portland Trail Blazers : What People are Saying

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Portland Trail Blazers

Image by Ninja M.
Overlooking the Rose Garden during the Portland Trail Blazers home opener against the Houston Rockets in Portland, Oregon. Blazers won by 10 points to start their 40th season off right.

It was my first time in one of suites. Hope I get to enjoy Coors Light again. Haha. Good night and good award for doing good at work.

Latest Portland Trail Blazers News

Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen: Test shows he’s free of cancer
Trail Blazers Paul Allen says a test this week showed he is free of cancer.
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Blazers Owner Says Test For Cancer Is ‘Clean’
Microsoft co-founder and Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen says a test this week showed he is free of cancer.
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Portland Trail Blazers Reader Q&A

Question by smshenker89: I saw a guy wearing a Portland Trail Blazers shirt with the logo in the shape of Oregon?
Portland trail blazers logo, in the shape of the state of oregon shirt. I googled it but didn’t have any luck. Does anyone have any idea where I could find this shirt?


Answer by lduncan00
Maybe outside the arena on game nights. Sounds like the type of shirt a bootleg shirt screener would make to sell to fans. I don’t think the NBA allows their logos to be improvised upon like that, so it might not be a licensed product.

Answer by Oscar
I thought I seen a shirt like that at the Made in Oregon store in Clackamas Town Center. But in case I am mistaken, I would call first.

Question by Love minus zero/no limit: why did the portland trail blazers do this?
The portland trail blazers traded a first round pick and two second round picks one of them being a future second round pick to move up 2 spots in the first round! They moved from the 24th pick to the 22nd pick in the first round! Why?!
I don’t understand it because if they want a player don’t they have to wait to see if he falls that far?


Answer by Raza (Nuggets Rule!)
They probably want a player who the Mavs were intending to take.

Or maybe now they will trade their 22 pick for an even higher pick (like the 20 pick :P)

Answer by that guy
from watching ESPN i think it was bcuz they wanted a player who the team with the 23rd pick were looking to get.

Answer by JIMMERS
they want to get Kirk Hinrich from the bulls in a trade

Portland Trail Blazers Video of the Day

Once again the Blazers overcome their misfortune and claim an impressive victory over the Denver Nuggets at the Rose Garden. Brandon Roy with 41 points in the 107-96 win. RIP CITY!!!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. James says:


  2. memacfarlane1 says:

    @AuntyMabele Your crazy dude! Mike and Mike are the best!

  3. Minusthebear1234 says:

    @AuntyMabele mike and mike are hilarious. mike rice is a crazy old bastard! i love em.

  4. friendlikethat says:

    raining 3s. love it.

  5. Javepugi88 says:

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  6. vincejacob5598 says:

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  7. frankwatts16 says:

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    Denver Nuggets Vs Portland Trail Blazers 12-25-09

  8. caseyempire6950 says:

    son, crazy move. NWsports100 I mostly like the beginning =) Could you believe that I trained hard enough to begin dunking! I just used the a real excercise routine over at (50 inch vertical [dot] com) and did it in just 6 weeks

    Denver Nuggets Vs Portland Trail Blazers 12-25-09

  9. guyfoster8079 says:

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    Denver Nuggets Vs Portland Trail Blazers 12-25-09

  10. PSnivek2 says:

    This is why Rip City is on top. Hahaha. Blazers are on top of the game.

  11. seanlang70 says:

    NWsports100 my balls, what else can I say. People who play basketball should all learn how to dunk, I just recently completed the training program at 50inch vertical[dot]com – and now I can dunk easily (I m only 5 7!)

    Denver Nuggets Vs Portland Trail Blazers 12-25-09

  12. enemyofgod says:

    This was the best christmast present ever

  13. lexj100 says:

    i was there in your face

  14. TeRRoRx503 says:

    wish the RG was this loud everynight, we would win every home game, spred the word.

  15. erkmil23 says:

    Yeah they are homers.. lol just like the Jazz, Spurs, Magic, and Mavs announcers. All the other announcers seem to hold back from going “OOOHHHH A THRREEEE!!”. But as a Blazer fan. I love Mike & Mike.

  16. fireflyrufust says:

    Way to go Blazers…this is their finest hour.

  17. TeRRoRx503 says:


  18. tonziot says:

    brandon roy will die soon…

  19. tonziot says:

    portland is a loser and also roy

  20. RequiemForABuckeye says:


    Any day but Jan 1st.

  21. raiyan25 says:

    you can watch the replay of the game on espn 360 if you want to hear them

  22. AuntyMabele says:

    No they’re just way too homerish for me. Plus I like hearing what the national crew has to say. But it’s all good.

  23. OCsaab says:


    You also gotta give the credit to Webster and Miller who both had pretty big 3rd quarters. Lamarcus also had like 13 rebounds. And Pendergraph got in there and was physical with some big Denver guys. Showed some promise. All around there was a lot of support behind Roy against Denver.

  24. NWsports100 says:

    What?. You mean for Nuggets fans???

  25. AuntyMabele says:

    Damn, I was hoping for the ESPN broadcast. Mike and Mike are annoying.

  26. gangstaboiw says:

    agreed steve blake was on fire he hit like 4 3’s

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