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Rip City Revival – the 2009 Portland Trail Blazers

Published on September 2, 2010 by   ·   50 Comments

A video tribute to the 2008-2009 season Portland Trail Blazers. This video was debuted at the Blazers 09 Playoff Rally – watch here – – . NOTE: The download link that was posted earlier was meant only for the Trail Blazers organization and their use for the Playoff Rally. It was not meant for the public. The video you are viewing now is the official release to the public.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. MIAMEBOI says:

    Listn everyone the lakers r the team 2 beat next year!! There loaded jus look at them portland will be the shocker team they will be gud n suprisling make the western conference finals if healthy as number 2 seed. i throw jazz, nuggets, mavs, thunder, spurs and memphis n golden state will battle 4 8th seed. the east heat and magic will be top 2 and ill throw bulls, celtics, hawks, bucks, bobcats,knicks, n the east. port and la n westfinals mia and chi/orl/boston in eastfinals lakers champs

  2. eKriZZLe says:

    man i remember watchin this at the Blazer playoff rally. definitely got a tingly feeling in my pants. and the ending to this video still gives me chills. thank you MaxaMillion711 for taking the time the time to put this together. i wish you were as big a Duck fan as Blazer fan!

  3. SweSide says:

    if they got durant that would be a trio to remember, roy-durant-aldridge… anyway batum is good SF too that can score in any level, and Oden if healthy and everybody is healthy they are finals contender

  4. SweSide says:

    if they got durant that would be a trio to remember, roy-durant-aldridge…

  5. jaredleiferman says:

    That’s my team! They pwned the lakers sooo bad that game.

  6. arber987 says:

    Respect for the Best Basketball Team in the World The PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS from Kosova

  7. d33magik says:

    @VaginaIIVIIite and even so, Oden was beast in college. watch videos. Portland was lacking a steady big man. IF you want to play the what if game, the blazers could have had jordan, but who’s to say he would be the same jordan if the blazers got him. Oden fit our needs more then Durant, and Roy is the basis of the team, along with Lamarcus. WE just need Oden healthy.

  8. sikesist says:

    sick vid buddy!

  9. azizm08 says:

    This is a good video. You should make one for the 09-10 season.

  10. MrSywin says:

    Amazing vid… I don’t follow the NBA too much but after this I think I’m a blazers supporter. Go Blazers!

  11. tmonkeypunch says:

    This is an epic video

  12. tmonkeypunch says:

    @MaxaMillion711 Well said.

  13. eKriZZLe says:

    exactly. that’s what i’ve been trying to tell the Oden haters. the kid is young…look at the progress he made at the beginning of this season in that short amount of time. Portland has scorers. either Durant or Roy would have been demanding a trade right now.

    something to ponder though. the only reason Portland would have picked up Durant would be to leverage a trade deal for an already proven big man. no room for what-if games though. Portland made the right decision

  14. reed2499 says:

    @thomasike, well i just liked Steve Blake better, but Andre can ball.

  15. thomasike says:

    was that comment sarcastic?

  16. KN1992 says:

    portland jail blazers. lmao, shit was funny back then with sheed wallace. pretty sick team, but i can just imagine gred oden tearing his acl coming down from a dunk haha he’s so unlucky

  17. reed2499 says:

    Why Andre Miller? Why are you so bad?!

  18. steveonrock says:

    I love the video. Great job! Go Blazers!

  19. aero625 says:

    I love the blazers 🙂

  20. dabeasts1090 says:

    blazers rock

  21. johnnyleesteele says:

    You call youself common sense. Acts 10: 34,35 says that God considers every servant acceptable, no matter what race they are. In chapter 8 it says that the Holy Spirit moved Phillip to go and baptize an Ethopian.(Black Man) Adjust your thinking in harmony with the God’s.How very sad. And by the way, I am not black. But any black man is as important as you are. We all came from Adam and Eve, so even if you dont like it, in actuality, you are related to black people. Deal with it.

  22. commonsense787 says:

    fuck these niggers, in africa they wouldn have near what they have here, these shit-skins

  23. TheRenegade1098 says:

    ya just think about it they passed up on Michael Jordan and Kevin Durrant totally insane Durrant could make an mvp push this year but no they went with oden my god just terrible

  24. jaranarm says:

    Portland has got to be the most cursed franchise in NBA history when it comes to big men:

    1. Total bust in LaRue Martin
    2. Walton injured after winning a title
    3. Bowie getting injured
    4. Not getting Sabonis until years later
    5. Oden almost always disabled

    The decisions to draft these players weren’t unreasonable at the times they were made. It’s just that they have extremely bad luck with regrettable consequences later on after making them. It’s such a shame and I feel for them.

  25. MSotelo503 says:

    We need a new coach. Defense is Mcmillian code but we are not known for that.

  26. JustinMarcusWarren says:

    The team only went down after pippen left. I’ve always been a Blazers fan, but I can now be proud of my team thanks to our boys Roy and company.

  27. Knightmare2k6 says:

    you guys are fuckin retards lakers 4 life

  28. manbearpig544 says:

    i live near Portland OR, and that’s nothing out of the ordinary. Portland’s a great city with great people!

  29. 949OC714 says:

    Most talented team EVER!!!! along with today’s Celtics.
    The reason they couldn’t beat the Lakers was Shaq. Yet, they were the most exciting team. This video proves it, and they would do this often, not just one game. They never recovered from that huge meltdown in 2000, they should’ve won at least 5 in a row.

  30. backwal34 says:

    Its like a video game, just keep pushing the alley oop button, pretty soon he will be on fire and jump 10ft above the rim and shatter the backboard

  31. TBlake34 says:

    Poor Scottie, having to play with that collection of knuckleheads…

  32. Kawaiicj says:


  33. bubbasketch says:

    i remeber that game!!!! Blazers beat the Mavs down!!

  34. BRoyRipCity says:

    I was only about five during this run, but i can still remember watching Pip, Rasheed, Arvydis, And Damon every night.

  35. ThomarioMoon says:

    which year was trhat

  36. dynamothomar says:

    they have a sensational crowd there

  37. aprilmarco says:

    Damm, I rember that. They kick Dallas the fuck out of Portland that night.

  38. lovelybedofroses says:

    The Greatest Blazers, this is the TEam that I fell in love with.

  39. Jsirr13 says:

    haha sheed, wat a beast.

  40. mountainmojoe says:

    wow, that was some serious ballin that just played out!

  41. TrovadorPDX says:

    Thanks to the WCF Game 7 meltdown, a lot of people forget just how good the 2000 Blazers really were…anyway here are my favorite subtle details of this video:
    -the shot of teenage Mike Dunleavy jr. cheering in the crowd
    -Chris Dudley, now candidate for Oregon Governor on the bench alonside young ZBo
    -the smooth voice of Steve “Snapper” Jones. I really like the dynamic Mike n’ Mike have going on nowadays, but I was Snapper was still involved in some aspect…He’s a Portland legend

  42. stefannieuwenhuis says:


  43. Rexter2k9 says:

    God i loved sheeds reaction
    Makes me lmfao all the time

  44. cetnik03 says:

    good old blazers was my team when i lived in europe, and always will be in my heart, too bad never understand why they had such bad luck winning championchip

  45. JimenezLeon says:

    There is nothing like NBA basketball in the Rose Garden, best fans and arena in the league.

  46. blazermaniac3 says:

    Damn. That was an amazing game. We are coming back…

  47. WaskosKostas says:

    This team should have earn a championship .

  48. DimerJack says:

    That blazer team was the deepest team in history, just look at the players on the bench.

  49. peacelovejonas54 says:

    @MizNelson but they were good at basketball.

  50. crayonsneverlie says:

    regardless are you really going to argue like what? 6 ally-oops in a row? show me another video like this and we can talk.

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