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San Francisco 49ers in Review – A Look Back

Published on September 18, 2010 by   ·   31 Comments

San Francisco 49ers
Image by the_tahoe_guy
What once was…

I was at the 49ers training camp a year or two back and snapped this shot of all of their supurbowl, league & division championship trophies.

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San Francisco to retire Rice’s No. 80 Monday night
SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — The San Francisco 49ers will retire new Hall of Famer Jerry Rice’s No. 80 jersey during their home opener Monday night against the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.
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San Francisco 49ers Reader Q&A

Question by Aquamarine Blue Beauty: How much do the San Francisco 49ers cost (like the cost to buy the team)?
How much do the San Francisco 49ers cost (like the cost to buy the team)


Answer by hooklinesinker
Their moron owners have declared long ago that the club is not for sale. A group including Steve Young and Brent Jones tried to buy the franchise a few years ago and the answer was no. So you guys are stuck with them for at least another 2 or 3 decades. Sorry.

Answer by lmspencr
Probably close to $ 1 Billion altogether, as they do have 5 Superbowl Championships and a long and storied history, along with a solid fan base and a good relationship with the city.
Were you intending to purchase the team?

Answer by brianthole
I’m sure more than you can afford

Question by Amanda B: Do you think the San Francisco 49ers will be able to make the Superbowl this upcoming season?
The San Francisco 49ers have won the Superbowl five times.
The last time was in 1995. That was over 13 years ago. Do you think that they will be able to win, this upcoming season?


Answer by graciouswolfe
I only can pray that doesn’t happen.

Answer by The Foil Frontman
lol….sure, it’ll be the 49ers and Dolphins in the Super Bowl.

Just in case I wasn’t clear there, I mean no.

Answer by Yahoo Man
The NFL season hasn’t even started yet.

San Francisco 49ers Video of the Day

For the premier of 49ers CB Shawntae Spencer’s show “Spencer For Hire,” he works with Head Chef Chad McWilliams to prepare dinner at the 49ers Cafe.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Give your answer to this question below!


Readers Comments (31)

  1. Joe Kane says:

    $ 568 mil: San Francisco 49ers Team Value.

    $ 952 mil: Washington Redskins Team Value.
    $ 851 mil: Dallas Cowboys Team Value.
    $ 791 mil: Houston Texans Team Value.
    $ 756 mil: New England Patriots Team Value.
    *$ 695 mil: Cleveland Browns Team Value.
    $ 683 mil: Denver Broncos Team Value.
    $ 671 mil: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Value.
    $ 649 mil: Baltimore Ravens Team Value.
    $ 642 mil: Carolina Panthers Team Value.
    * $ 638 mil: Miami Dolphins Team Value.
    $ 635 mil: Detroit Lions Team Value.
    $ 621 mil: Chicago Bears Team Value.
    $ 620 mil: Tennessee Titans Team Value.
    $ 617 mil: Philadelphia Team Value.
    $ 621 mil: Chicago Bears Team Value.
    $ 609 mil: Green Bay Packers Team Value.
    $ 608 mil: Pittsburgh Steelers Team Value.
    $ 602 mil: St. Louis Rams Team Value.
    $ 601 mil: Kansas City Chiefs Team Value.
    * $ 585 mil: New Orleans Saints Team Value.
    $ 576 mil: Oakland Raiders Team Value.
    $ 573 mil: New York Giants Team Value.
    $ 569 mil: Jacksonville Jaguars Team Value.
    ******$ 568 mil: San Francisco 49ers Team Value. ***********
    * $ 567 mil: New York Jets Team Value.
    $ 564 mil: Buffalo Bills Team Value.
    * $ 562 mil: Cincinnati Bengals Team Value.
    $ 561 mil: San Diego Chargers Team Value.
    $ 547 mil: Indianapolis Colts Team Value.
    $ 542 mil: Minnesota Vikings Team Value.
    $ 534 mil: Atlanta Falcons Team Value.
    * $ 505 mil: Arizona Cardinals Team Value.

    Even though the niners have 5 super bowls, their franchise isn’t worth a whole lot right now because the dump of a stadium they play in, and missing the playoffs the past like 8 years….. But that all will change this upcoming 2009 season. Samuri Mike is gonna run that team with an Iron Fist! da, go niners!

  2. DookiesSuk says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…don’t make me laugh.

  3. yinzerinkc says:

    holy crap….. the question is will they make the playoffs as a wild card. or will they have a winning season.

  4. Lilc L says:

    i am sry to say this but no. the may have a good rb,wr, and qb but thay can’t rely on them for the whole season.

  5. J says:

    no they will only win 7 games

  6. J Dragon says:

    I’m a die hard 49ers fan, and I want to say Hell Yea, but I am also a realist, and the fact is, the 9ers are still bad. They need to get rid of Mike Nolan and Alex Smith, and start the rebuilding process over. I was hopeful last year, and they were terrible. This year will be a little better, but not much.

  7. Steven R says:

    Possibly if Alex Smith matures a lot under the direction of Mike Martz, Frank Gore gets back to his ways of two years ago, and the defense remains healthy, yes they have a chance a small one.

  8. Angel V says:

    not even close

  9. Kasey B says:

    Ok good, you have your information about their superbowl history. But let me tell you something, just because its been 13 years doesn’t mean they are due for one, Superbowl teams don’t happen because they haven’t been to one in a while, they happen because they find the greatest combination of teammates working together and coaches working with the team and striving for perfection. And just because a team has won 5 times before doesn’t mean that they have a good chance to win. The Niners won’t go this year because they are lacking players with playoff experience, and there is a very big possiblity that there is a mental block with some of the players, thinking that they will not get over “the hump”. Plus they still don’t have a complete team, there are still alot of holes to be patched up, including QB, the leader of the team.

  10. Joe says:

    no they need to get alot better

  11. Mike31188 says:

    I’ll be optimistic and say that I think they can get 3rd in the NFC West =p

    The 9ers haven’t had a winning record/playoff appearance since 2002. I’ll say it will be at least another three before they do either, much less appear in and win a Superbowl.

    Its also worthy to note that the NFC West teams face a tough schedule having to play the AFC and NFC East – that’s four playoff teams, including one that went 16-0. San Francisco generally has their hands full taking on opponents in their own division (Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams), which is why I don’t really see them having a winning record, or even one approaching .500. Like someone said earlier, they’ll be lucky to win seven.

  12. $so fresh so clean$ says:

    To put it simply: no.

    Greatest team in history, but they won’t go this year.

  13. raiders ftw says:



  14. pvdragons50 says:

    They have improved a lot in the off season, and finally got Alex Smith some good target, and a great offensive coordinator in Mike Martz. I don’t see them in the super bowl, but I do think they will make to playoffs as a wild card.

  15. Mark Anthony says:

    Do they have a chance, right now every team has a chance. Do I think they will make it to the Superbowl? Not this year.

  16. stew61*ski says:

    No they will not make the Super Bowl. They will be lucky to get at least 7 wins. The 80s up to the mid 90s is over. We will never see that kind of football in SF again.

  17. Daniel K says:

    wow, many of the responses are very ignorant. your opinions are purely based on your bais. i am i die hard niner fan and can be ralistic. right now every team has a shot including the niners. over the offseason they have improved drasitcally. i dont think they can make it to the super bowl though. they are not good enough yet but mabye in the next couple of years, they can easily make the playoffs though. for whoever said they have trouble within their own division, ignorant, the niners play well in their own division and could win it depending on how the season works out. most of you know nothing about the niners and respond with pure opinion and not fact. most of you are very stupid, i could go on but i wont.

  18. Maximus says:

    NO, NEVER AGAIN! SF will NEVER get to the SB again.

    In Fact, AMERICA’s TEAM, Thee Dallas COWBOYS Will Have 10 SB Trophies before SF gets back to the SB.

  19. R8RZFAN says:

    NO, Oakland when win one before the 49ers.

  20. Bob S says:

    Sure, if a large meteor shower takes out the other 31 NFL teams to include backup players…….

  21. RBoots80 says:

    Hey whassup Jack! I see you down there..

    Chef Chad is the TRUTH! The best meals I’ve ever had came from his kitchen!!

  22. jackkritzer says:

    Hey Chef Chad… Great to see you on YouTube!!! Double thumbs up !

  23. cookinchandler says:

    Chef Chad is the man..

  24. BeatBay says:

    Shawntae Spencer is the best cornerback today!

  25. admjr4948 says:

    @hyefi ha i was about to say the same thing he’s just missin the laugh

  26. hyefi says:

    we don’t have eddy d anymore but we sure as hell have Eddie Murphy!

  27. IENinersfan says:

    @terran0860 Was making a joke. I know he stepped up big last year. It’s just a joke in response to the Seattle game, maybe it would’ve been more fitting if it showed Clements cooking. =/

  28. terran0860 says:

    @IENinersfan He’s been our best CB the last few seasons, You obviously don’t know shit about how the players play.

  29. LooneyAlex says:

    @jpl04002 naw man shawntae is good and so is joe staley, so they can have fun.. now if it was alex smith or something like tht then ya they should be practicing..

  30. IENinersfan says:

    Shawntae cooks better than he covers.

  31. TheCopperhead572 says:

    Show last sundays episode when he was working for the seahawks offense with 31 points…

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