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San Francisco 49ers in Review – A Look Back

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Latest San Francisco 49ers News

San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary gets upset during TV interview
A day after Mike Singletary sat down for a feisty interview with Dennis O’Donnell of KPIX, the clip was removed from the station’s website. A 49ers spokesman said Friday he was unaware of whether the team asked for the video to be removed from the website.
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Saints-49ers: Will Mike Singletary’s 49ers Stop Drew Brees?
From 1970-2001, the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers were division rivals in the former NFC West. That term is used quite loosely. The Saints were more like the perennial punching bag, and the 49ers more like the heavyweight boxer with a mean left hook. From the onset of the rivalry to the late ’90s, the 49ers collected division titles and Super Bowl rings. The Saints turned losing …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the San Francisco 49ers

“@reggie_bush: Just touched down in San Francisco for our Monday Night game against the 49ers! First thing I gotta do is hit In N Out…yup! – by Colin_Seymour25 (Colin Seymour)

RT @Reggie_Bush: Just touched down in San Francisco for our Monday Night game against the 49ers! First thing I gotta do is hit In N Out! #RealTalkby shobeyla (Pastor Eugene Shobey)

RT @BigUpsBigDawg RT @Reggie_Bush: Just touched down in San Francisco for our Monday Night game against the 49ers! Fi… #whatsyourburger? – by whatsyourburger (What’s Your Burger?)

San Francisco 49ers Reader Q&A

Question by g-money: What are the needs that the San Francisco 49ers fill this offseason?
What are the needs that the San Francisco 49ers fill this offseason?


Answer by Jimmy J
They filled their only need. They found a new spokeperson who could say with a strait face,
The 49ers do not need improvement. Their condition is improving daily. The fundamentals of the 49ers and sound, and anything to the contrary is simply baseless rumors posted by the liberal media.

Answer by random at its finest
id say a more steady qb like cutler

Answer by rsc79
need a solid QB to balance the offense and need to strengthen the offensive line to help create holes for Frank Gore.

Andre Amith will be available at #10 in the draft and the 9ers should seriously look at him

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San Francisco 49ers Video of the Day

TV49 hears from the 49ers defensive unit about how it plans to slow down the Super Bowl winning Saints offense.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. Eric S says:

    Obviously they could use a quarterback, but I would take one later in the draft. They need playmakers at wide receiver, at RT, OLB, and both a safety and a cornerback.

  2. C-Bass™ says:

    The main thing they need is obviously a Quarterback, they have Shaun Hill, who is not really starting materieal and J.T. O’Sullivan who is simply a backup, and thats all he’ll ever be. I could see them doing two things, and that is either signing Jeff Garcia and starting him this year, as well as drafting Matthew Stafford, for the future, and starting him in 2010.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing them pickup Bertrand Berry at DE in free agency.

  3. daddy says:

    I think they could use another great pass rusher. Justin Smith is good but another strong rusher to complement him would be great. It would also help the secondary out a lot.

    Another Safety would help them out.

    As far as QB goes, Shaun Hill is a solid football player and hopefully Alex Smith is pass all of the injuries and can pick up from where he left off in 2006 and be the QB the 49ers thought he could be when they drafted him.

    And before the 49ers make the decision to make a move at QB (like going after Cuttler) I would see what Hill and Smith do in mini camp.

  4. Bo JAckson says:

    Everything except linebacker, secondary, and runningback

  5. Ikjh Rfd says:

    Copy and paste this link to your browsers:

    watch NFL San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders preseason games live online






  6. John Kari says:

    Watch San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders live



  7. Tommy Hezsa says:

    watch San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders live NFL match sopcast video online p2p links


  8. kikeazul70 says:

    @designedfor what true fan you are dont even call yourself a football fan if you say that

  9. quevendes86 says:

    @designedfor LOL that’s probably true but the 9ers play a lot better at home then they do on the road!!

  10. designedfor says:

    We are gonna get killed this week unfortunately. If we can’t handle the seahawks then forget it.

  11. rapmili23 says:

    haha YEA! my 2nd fav team against my Favorite team (Saints) in week 2! i hope we win widout Sharper

  12. Tweed90Wrestling says:

    we will be a good team with a new QB, an a good secondary

  13. Phawkers says:

    secondary will be exposed again imma cry again.

  14. BeauSun572 says:

    Smith OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. youngkuttie says:


    We need to get smith out of there and we will win enough games to go to the playoffs. I don’t understand how long do we stay with a broken QB… dude no one makes a game plan for our QB he is holding back our O. He may be a great guy but he hasn’t proven himself at all and he needs to make this game his statement game or .. Give someone else a chance to led the O to the play offs.

  16. RayWilliamJohansen says:

    call me a pesemist
    we are going to lose


    but maybe 5 years from now we will be a playoff team

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