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San Francisco 49ers News, Views, & Highlights

Published on September 15, 2010 by   ·   25 Comments

San Francisco 49ers

Image by xoque
Gore with a TD reception to put the 49ers up for good

Latest San Francisco 49ers News

San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints: Monday Night Football Live Analysis
Welcome to NFL Monday Night Football, as the New Orleans Saints take on the San Francisco 49ers !  I’m Dan Mori, San Francisco 49ers Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. I will be with you for the entire game. Follow my live blog for play-by-play, stats, and analysis as the world champion New Orleans Saints (1-0) visit the San Francisco 49ers (0-1). The Saints started the season with a 14-9 …
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San Francisco 49ers report card for Monday’s game vs. New Orleans Saints
49ERS REPORT CARDPass offense: Mike Singletary called it the best game of Alex Smith’s career, and the quarterback thrived under pressure. Two interceptions on tipped passes knock the grade down.
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San Francisco 49ers retire Jerry Rice’s No. 80 jersey
Jerry Rice’s No. 80 will hang from the upper deck at Candlestick Park alongside all the other San Francisco 49ers greats.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs: A Prospector’s Guide:  @ Coach Singletary makes his introduction to the… Itweetsports23 (sportstalk)

Bleacher Report: San Francisco 49ers‘ Week 3 Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs ChiefsPulse (Kansas City Chiefs)

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs NFL Week 3 Picks – Sports News Authority nflsports (Jessie Payton)

San Francisco 49ers Reader Q&A

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San Francisco 49ers Video of the Day

Here are Niner highlights from NFL week 4 of 2009. 49ers beat the Rams 35-0.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. MissMaddy881 says:

    i’m a saints fan and this team played really well tonight. alex smith reminds me of drew brees. they play the same way! good game, niners fans!

  2. colts200718 says:


  3. sfniner80 says:

    I heard that the 49ers might do the cowboys in the nfc championship game.

  4. sfniner80 says:

    @koolkidproduction yeah there the bestt football team go niners!

  5. sfniner80 says:

    this game was awesome!

  6. RuthlessCriminal408 says:

    Niners are gonna finish either 2nd again for 1st in the NFC West

  7. kavaholic says:

    @bigmman999 : They were prospectors who took off to California to dig for gold. They were called the 49ers because they arrived in California in 1849, before most people even knew there was gold in California.

  8. bigmman999 says:

    what iz a 49er

  9. scumgrizzly says:

    I remember a few years ago when we didn’t even have 8 and a half minutes of highlights for the whole freakin season. I can’t wait until the D is showing up like this every week.

  10. trainboy32 says:

    @hippie2152 yep 49ers playoffs in 2010 im ready for it hopefully they can get back to superbowl form

  11. hippie2152 says:

    Playoffs or bust!!!! Go Nines!!!!


    @nnnnnnnp It’s all good. At least you don’t whine and talk shit like all your other 49er faithful do.

  13. nnnnnnnp says:

    @UGLYSTIKCOLIN Dude Holmgren said at a rally or something. He was like I knew we had to play the Steelers i didn’t lnow we would have to play the refs to. But don’t worry about it cause the seahawks will never go to another superbowl again. P.S. Look dude I’m just giving you shit cause your team is in the west thats all I’m sure you love the Seahawks just as much I love the 49ERS.

  14. DopeMC209 says:

    @titanMAX100 and Seahawks.
    But honestly, the Crads don’t have too much of a chance either this year now that the Niners are beasting it up


    @nnnnnnnp Why are you idiots arguments always “you blame the refs, you blame the refs” I have yet to see any fellow hawk fans consistently blame the referees for the loss.

    Oh, and by the way, Porter was nothing in that game. He had 3 tackles. Walter Jones fucking destroyed him.

  16. nnnnnnnp says:

    @UGLYSTIKCOLIN Dude stop taking all your rage and frustration about your Seahawks sucking so bad at me. You’re just mad cause you thought Mike Holmgren was gonna come to your starbucks drinking Super Sonic leaving city and work that same magic he did in Green Bay. WRONG!! But you did get to Super Bowl XL and things were going good until that dumb ass Stevens ran his mouth and pissed of Portter, it was all over after that. You guys blames the refs for that game, like fucking Raider Fans.

  17. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @vinstermonster we’ll see this year friend

  18. vinstermonster says:

    @bikepeddlar6 man fuck you and the cards. you fools are gonna get even more fucked up now that warner is gone. the division is ours now.


    @titanMAX100 Maybe Frank Gore shouldn’t have fumbled the ball. Maybe your corner shouldn’t have given up 32 yards on 3rd down to put us in FG position.

    Your team wasn’t good enough to win that game. Just like we weren’t good enough to win your house earlier last season.

  20. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @titanMAX100 the cardinal’s defense is probably better this year than it was last year. i mean yeah we lost dansby and rolle. but we have future hall of famer joey porter filling in for dansby. he’s old yes, but he will have a good year. trust me. than filling in for rolle is all pro safety kerry rhodes. who i feel is actually better then rolle. then we have a new guy named dan williams at DT who’s supposed to be phenominal. the cards are still the dominate team in the division

  21. titanMAX100 says:

    @bikepeddlar6 well maybe they were offensively but the niners defence is coming into form and they got a better O-line so its really anyones division now (except for Rams)

  22. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @titanMAX100 hey the cards have bad games. they just happened to have em both times against the 9ers. the cards are still the better team.

  23. titanMAX100 says:

    @UGLYSTIKCOLIN and at seattle that first drive clearly pass interferance so you guys caught a huge break

  24. titanMAX100 says:

    @str8outtatexas1 oh yeah im a niner fan and well big d has kicked the niners ass to many times

  25. titanMAX100 says:

    @bikepeddlar6 that really helped the cards lose both games against the niners

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