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San Francisco 49ers : What People are Saying

Published on September 18, 2010 by   ·   38 Comments

San Francisco 49ers

Image by xoque
Taking the field

Latest San Francisco 49ers News

San Francisco retires Rice’s number
SAN FRANCISCO — Jerry Rice’s No. 80 now hangs from the upper deck at Candlestick Park alongside all the other San Francisco 49ers greats. For Rice, he appreciated getting to say goodbye to all the pe
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Week 3 matchup: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs
Rare territory. The Chiefs can get off to their first 3-0 start since 2003 by beating the 49ers. More important, it should give Kansas City some staying power in the AFC West race. After playing San Francisco, the Chiefs face a difficult two-game road trip to Indianapolis and Houston.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the San Francisco 49ers

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San Francisco Chronicle >> NaVorro Bowman might sub for Takeo Spikes for 49ers against Chiefs 49ersbuzztap (San Francisco 49ers)

San Francisco Chronicle: NaVorro Bowman might sub for Takeo Spikes for 49ers against Chiefs 49ersPulse (San Francisco 49ers)

San Francisco 49ers Reader Q&A

Question by sfsandy2000: When do the San Francisco 49ers hold their practices in Santa Clara?
I’m looking to go to a San Francisco 49ers practice in Santa Clara soon to try and get some autographs. I was wondering when (as in days and times) do they hold their team practices? Also, is it hard to get autographs from the players?

Thank you =)


Answer by albert a
i wanna now too so i can go

Answer by Tony P
Not sure how their facility is structured. As for the Raiders training camp, the player’s parking lot is gated off. So the only chance you can is if you can flag down or stand in front and stop their cars for an autograph….if they stop that is. Might be the same for 49ers facility. Though, try to find out where the players live and comes Halloween, you can “trick or autograph”.

I got a Tim Brown and Antawn Jamison autograph from this.

Question by Where is the stadium of San Francisco 49ers?
Where is the stadium of San Francisco 49ers?

i know its in SF but i want specific location? please.


Answer by Kelly C
Monster Park at Candlestick Point
602 Jamestown Avenue, San Francisco

Answer by fojimo
monster park is right off highway 101 the candlestick point exit.

Answer by Shital T
It’s MonsterPark – originally Candlestick. Located at:
490 Jamestown Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124
cross streets are Harney Way.

*it gets foggy there so don’t forget to take a jacket.

Question by trer: Do the San Francisco 49ers have what it takes to win the NFC west this year?
Offense has picked up some talented pieces and the defense is strong as well. Will this be a return to glory for the San Francisco 49ers?


Answer by Chad K
Seattle will still be to much for them.

Answer by Joshua G
The 49ERS is the team that I hate the most in the NFL. I hope they go 0-16.

Answer by Viking84
Yes, they have some key young players that if come together in a smooth transition…

They may be a surprise team

But honestly I doubt it…

Seattle is still pretty good

Rams have a powerhouse offense

Cardinals also have a pretty powerhouse offense

I just don’t think the 49ers can keep up… But if they can win their division games, then they have a chance

But we’ll see

San Francisco 49ers Video of the Day

THE most epic San Francisco 49ers stadium commercial ever created. Over 500 real 49er faithful fans were filmed for this commercial. ROCKYJO.COM THEFAMOUSGROUP.COM Directed by: Rocky Jo Produced by: The Famous Group Cinematography by: Kenneth Yeung Client: The San Francisco 49ers Studio: The Famous Group Not for sale or distribution. Content strictly for resume viewing purposes only. Property of The San Francisco 49ers organization and The Famous Group. All rights reserved.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. kwb1965 says:

    The southeastern corner of the City of San Francisco on the shore of San Francisco Bay

  2. kmethod42 says:


    They have a great chance to win in their division… But it will be super tough! The Rams look awesome with their powerful offense and defense along with special teams….

    i can see the 49er’s taken it to the playoffs… But superbowl… No… I dont see Alex Smith breaking Steeve Young or Joe Montana’s records any time soon…

    If they get to the superbowl and win it will be because of their Defense not Offense….

    🙂 Have a nice day!

  3. Michael F says:

    No – while they have built well and spent money in the right places, they are still a couple of years away.

  4. SoccerClipCincy says:

    Getting better but still not there.

  5. redsoxwillwin07 says:

    I think they are still one good draft away from contending. Answering now they miss the playoffs by two wins.

  6. Beebz says:

    Anything is possible in the NFC west… Seattle will still be a solid playoff contender, St Louis always has a shot, and Arizona has all the weapons they just need to learn to bring it all together on game day… But yes the 49ers are on their way up from previous years, for sure

  7. Kizle says:


    The NFC West doesn’t have many challenging opponents

    Seattle is pretty good but they had issues with injuries and i don’t think they’re the team to beat like they were last year.

    St. Louis just hasn’t been the same since Martz left and Warner left

    Arizona might be the biggest challenge with that explosive young offense and that good defense

    i say the niners win the division 9-7 to10-6

  8. antonio_tony_cabeson says:

    No, they have to prove they are able to play well together. More importantly the Seattle Seahawks have the division on lock and have for the THREE straight years!

  9. Jay S says:

    Without question, with what they did in free agency by adding Nate Clements and Michael Lewis, they also had a very good draft by adding Patrick Willis and Joe Staley, they seem poised to take the NFC west in a landslide, they will go as far as Alex Smith will take them, he will need to be the leader of the offense, and the NFC is very weak i can say that its not out of the question to say that they can make the NFC Championship, on defense everything depends on the 49ers have a pass rush, which has to come from Manny Lawson, he has added 9 pounds, he will be the 49ers leader in sacks this year.

  10. Who Dat Nation Member #1 says:

    Of course they can win the NFC West. They nearly won it last year with a 7-9 record. Look at the other teams. St. Louis has made some improvements so they can contend in the division, but Seattle has gotten weaker. And the Cardinals are still the Cardinals. I have my money on the Niners to win the division with a 10-6 record. St. Louis will be second followed by Seattle and Arizona.

  11. BrokenArrowsFinest says:

    Hell Yes! They have a great chance to take it this year. There defense is going to be riduclus and the addition of Darrell Jackson, that is huge, he is a top 10 receiver in the NFL and they got him for nothing and they took him from Seattle.

  12. stan l says:

    No. I don’t see Alex Smith making the fans forget when they had GOOD QB’s.

  13. frank c says:

    YES, look what the 49ers did last year, without clement or lewis. They still almost won the division. now that they upgraded thier defense, and vernon davis will be healthy, watch out cause they are going to be the team to beat in that division. The Rams and seahawks are good teams, but alexander still might have a broken foot, and thats their team. the team that will give them a run for thier money are the rams, but the rams don’t have a defense that is going to match up good with davis, gore and smith. I’m telling you right now, the 49ers make the playoffs this year. and the funny thing is i live in boston and i’m a pats fan, but i do know football.

  14. NINEROLOGY21 says:


  15. angelsfan928 says:

    49ers faithful til i die!! go NINERS!


    sic as vid!! like it

  17. Rockimus2010 says:

    Let’s get ready to rumble oh yeah and get #6 good luck “niners” lets have an awsome season this year

  18. SOLIZ49erFAITHFUL says:


    GO 49ERS !

  19. nflgbview says:

    Great video, really gets the pulse racing for this years London game. Keep up to date with news from the game at nflgbview. Go Niners!!!

  20. WestCoastBangin4life says:

    @lonelyking89 fool no its not Requiem of a dream is like 20 mins long and sounds nothing like this its Immediate music Requiem of a dream ok i’m not trying 2 be an ass i know i may come across that was tho but so many confused people think its Requiem of a dream than once typed in people are like WTF is this shits so um not 2 be rude but your incorrect

  21. lonelyking89 says:

    @SFWillis52 its called Requiem for a dream

  22. lonelyking89 says:

    epic song to go with an epic video!! thumbs up if you agree

  23. SFWillis52 says:

    man what song is this???i really want to download it

  24. SFWillis52 says:

    @Priss58 the bald guy?

  25. simbeykacak says:



  26. defenderDX says:


    *there not “their” you idiot.

  27. sideout244 says:


  28. iplaydrumswoot says:

    what song is this?

  29. alinbalika1 says:

    Hey now their is 65,001 of us. Put me in !!!! coach put me in !!!

  30. Tokkowa says:

    gets under my skin too

  31. GUEROMEXICANO831 says:

    Lets go Niners!!! Lets do this!!! Playoffs here we come!!! We’ll be down but never out!!!

  32. Axelgunner2 says:

    49ers 4 life

    argg im bored with requim for a dream song

  33. JustRockinMan says:

    I’m Chi-Town 49er represent-er. Grew up in Chicago my whole life, but I grew up a 9er fan. Just got a brand new 9er skull cap in the mail today. I gotta represent even on them cold nights. 9ers forever!!!!!!!!

  34. defenderDX says:

    Did you use the RED camera?

  35. djsammix says:

    garn bel video…FORZA 49ers!!!

  36. DopeMC209 says:

    Hitten em in the mouth!!!
    This aint no charity!!!

  37. jdblink18t2 says:

    niners baby! all day all night every fuckin day of the week!!!!!!!

  38. FF84Life says:

    lets get it niners…!!!!!!!!!!

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