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Seattle Seahawks News, Views, & Highlights

Published on September 5, 2010 by   ·   44 Comments

Seattle Seahawks
Image by Pacific Northwest USCG
SEATTLE – Coast Guardsmen from the Thirteenth District gather to unveil a large American Flag during a Seattle Seahawks pregame ceremony at Quest Field in Seattle, Dec. 20, 2009. Each branch of the armed forces was given the opportunity to participate in unveiling the American Flag during the beginning of each Seahawks home game. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Tara Molle

Latest Seattle Seahawks News

Seattle Seahawks Stomp 49ers, 31-6
Matt Hasselbeck threw for two touchdowns and ran for another as the Seattle Seahawks gave new coach Pete Carroll a winning start with a 31-6 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Carroll left Southern California after last season and is back coaching in the NFL for the first time in 11 years. The Seahawks trailed 6-0 and ran just seven plays for 11 yards in the first 1½ quarters, then …
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Seattle Seahawks Will Look Even More Different Next Year
As the Seattle Seahawks prepare to kick off the Pete Carroll era, key injuries and some mind-boggling moves have killed much of the optimism and it is difficult to know what to expect. The offensive line is the biggest concern, with line coach Alex Gibbs abandoning the team on the eve of the season and No. 1 left tackle Russell Okung still out with a high ankle sprain. Not what anyone expected …
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Seattle Seahawks rout San Francisco 49ers in Pete Carroll’s debut
Matt Hasselbeck threw for two touchdowns and ran for another as the Seattle Seahawks gave coach Pete Carroll a 31-6 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Seattle Seahawks

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. seattle seahawks Rough start, good end Seahawks The Olympian Olympia, Washington – by edmondmauer753 (Jeanine Morris4xawwe)

Bleacher Report >> 49ers-Seahawks: San Francisco Falls Flat Against Seattle in NFC West Showdown 49ersbuzztap (San Francisco 49ers)

Seattle Seahawks Reader Q&A

Question by Flatland_Apprentice: Seattle Seahawks?
Well, everybody has their teams, everybody gets critisized for the teams that they choose. Me and my pal like the Seahawks. At school, everybody calls them the “Seattle Seacocks”. Doesn’t bug me any, I know who I like, but what name could I call the Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, or the Chicago Bears?


Answer by Slug
dallas coc.kboys

san diego bu.ttsters

chicago squares

Answer by Brown
this is lame for the following reasons:

1-you like the Seahawks (kidding about this one….I don’t care who you like…and they aren’t a terrible choice)
2-you’re chosing to stoop to your idiot friends’ level
3-you’re not even clever enough to stoop using your own insults

good luck though

Answer by SmartA$$
Chicago Quears or Chicago teddys

Dallas Cow-girls (although that is already used to refer to the chearleaders) try Dallas Rednecks

San Diego Chokers

Go Seahawks!

Question by dinnertime444: Seattle seahawks?
seahawks to win superbowl or not

they clinched their 4th straight div title so…….


Answer by lions, vikings, and bears suck
not because there are better teams in the playoffs

Answer by Zags Fan
I tell you what Cowboys fan you must be forgeting that your team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory the last two years in a row against us. Second, the question at hand, are the Seahawks going to win the SB, well I’m an admitted homer, but I have to say that they problably wont win they will beat the Vikings/Saints, and they might beat the Packers, and that defense if they can get passed the Packers is going to give Romo fits, we have all seen what Romo does when pressured, however, I hate to admit it but the Patriots are just to good either we or the Packers will lose to the Pats.

Answer by nathanhellen
No. The Seahawks are not a good team….have you ever heard of luck??? GO 49ERS

Question by Gage W: seattle seahawks?
i live in seattle. wats your fav football team?


Answer by Stephanie C
hey i love bobby, he was my fantasy player, but i am a true to the word raider fan. seattle has a great team.

Answer by One X
i live about 2 hours away from new orleans
so yeah im a saints fan

Answer by john j
Eagles baby
Cowboys suck

Seattle Seahawks Video of the Day

A look at the Seahawks improbable victory over the Miami Dolphins
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (44)

  1. sunny m says:

    Well, all you really have to tell the Chargers is that at least you have been to a Super Bowl within the past five years, and are consistantly reacing the playoffs. But sorry to tell you, The Cowboys are untouchable, and even if you think of something to call our team, us fans will unite and absolutely own you in anything. Make life easier on yourself and leave the Cowboys alone, you beat us in the playoffs, (I smell revenge,) and that should be enough.

  2. jessie bc says:

    Dallas- Cowgirls
    Chargers- how r they any better in terms of success? they dont have a title either. a 14-2 record without a title doesnt prove nothing.
    Bears- they’re the bears. they’re good for a couple years, then they hibernate another decade or so and their fans act like they’ve backed them up all their lives.

    all i got for insults. every team has the insults thrown at them. these are some i would use.

  3. Why Not! says:

    Chicago Teddy Bears
    San Diego light bulbs
    Dallas Cowgirls…………..

  4. Brock_43 says:

    don’t worry everyone at my school makes fun of me for liking the Seahawks. but it doesn’t matter who you like, people will still make fun of you.

  5. antonio_tony_cabeson says:

    Dallas Cowgirls. And to add insult to injury ask them who advanced to the second round of the playoffs? That has been my trump card. The Seahawks have been competitive for many years and are drafting well. I see them been good for a very long time.

  6. HOBO says:

    call the cowboys the cowgirls
    call the chargers the chokers (playoffs)
    i don’t know what to call the bears, but you can make fun of rex grossman instead

  7. nick g says:

    call the cowboys the cowgirls, for the chargers and bears idk I guess you’ll have to deal with it… they’re probably a bunch of bandwagon fans anyway.

  8. history_schmistory says:

    Anything’s possible. Three weeks ago, if anyone said Ohio State and LSU would end up playing for the title I would have laughed at them. The Cowboys and the Packers look like better teams in the NFC but Seattle has played well since adopting their pass-first mentality. Anything can happen. They’ll have a home playoff game which they’ll probably win, but then I’d pick them to lose at G.B. or Dallas, but they could suprise people, they’re more talented and better than their record reflects and its only been over the last few weeks that they’ve started to really play up to their expectations.

  9. tfoley5000 says:

    NO, because Green Bay, Dallas, New Engalnd all are too good for the Seahawks, but I know they will win this sunday in Carolina GO SEAHAWKS.

  10. John H says:

    Seahawks need to put together a couple of pieces yet, namely a consistent pass and run attack, but they seem to be peaking at the right time. I agree with those who say they have a soft schedule this year. However, they do have experience and I really don’t think the NFC is that strong, anyway. I think the Seabags have a legitimate shot at making the Superbowl, but I think actually winning it might be a stretch.

  11. Chuck T says:

    Seahawks are good and have shown some skill the past game but i don’t think they are powerfull enough to fit even the top 5 best teams.

    maybe next year hawks…….. though dont the pats have a early first round? Shoot what if they get Mcfadden.

  12. seahawksblitz8 says:

    I hope they get the chance to face the Patriots to prove how good they really are.

    Hey all these Cowboys and Patriots fans are ignorant. I bet half of them are bandwagon fans that follow the “in” team.

    I have been a Seahawks fan, and a Seahawks fan ONLY.

    People need to be loyal to one team and stay “in with the out crowd” once in a while when their team is having a bad season. I think the Seahawks can be a great team and surpsise a lot of people in the playoffs. If they get the chance to face the Patriots, I think Mike Holmgren is one of the best coaches and can find a way to stop Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots offense.

    Go Seahawks!!!

  13. reiownz says:

    Probably not, but there is an outside chance because they have gotten hot at the right time. If they have to play in the cold weather it will be hard on them.

  14. Funky D says:

    Yes the seahawks will go to the super bowl and win this time

    i have been a seahawks fan and nothing else

  15. stan l says:

    Any team that stays awake during the games could win the NFC West. Seahawks will fall early in the playoffs because they SUCK. Then we will have to listen to them whine that they got cheated.

  16. Jenny in MT says:

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    I live in Montana

  17. Ryan B says:

    seatac,washington here, Seahawks are my team, i have a pic of my dad holding me about a year and half years old with a hawks jersey on, next to steve largent. got the logo on my left shoulder

  18. You're all dumb. says:

    I don’t know how you can live in the Pacific Northwest and root for anyone but the Seahawks. (I’m looking at you Jenny from Montana. The Steelers? Go for the ‘Hawks, Broncos, or even the Vikings, they’re the closest you got for a home team!)

  19. Hunter I says:


  20. 00Billy says:


    Yeah, as a fan it was intensely fun to watch never knowing what would happen.

  21. 00Billy says:

    The year I became a Seahawk fan forever.

  22. seahawkslakersfan24 says:

    This year the hawks will be cinderela type of a team.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. TheFrogger15 says:

    @serratealldemoncrats To say that a team didn’t give a “SHIT” about moving on toward the Super Bowl doesn’t say much about them at all.

  24. csipe84 says:

    Hip hip horray!

  25. glencoe428 says:

    kreig was very erratic

  26. TheSlimySquid says:

    they were terrible

  27. NewMexicoSunset says:

    What a team! Ground Chuck. Largent. Kreig. Jeff Bryant, Jacob Green and Dave Brown.

  28. funkyflights says:

    Hard to believe this was our last road playoff win……

  29. Sinister134 says:

    This makes me want to buy an 1980s seahawks throw back jersey. I like the silver and blue.

  30. bleachnose says:

    @the12thfactor AGREED

  31. serratealldemoncrats says:

    ROFL! I remember this game. The Phins didn’t give a shit going into this game. One of the biggest farces in seahagg history. Just goes to show that even the greats like the Dolphins can get caught off-guard by nobody’s like these.

  32. orcstr8d says:

    #22 Dave Brown at the end handing Chuck the game ball. Thanks for all the great play. You died less than a month before Super Bowl 40. I know you were pulling for the Hawks. But thank you also Pittsburgh for making him eligible in 1976 for the Hawks to pick him in the expansion draft. RIP.

  33. glencoe428 says:

    im not a seahawks fan
    but my dad loved listening to pete gross

  34. AllPro777 says:


    Me too. After Super Bowl 25, the films began going downhill. Today, in my opinion NFL Films is complete crap. The music sucks, the narration is weak. The camera work is weak. There is no more story of the game being told, it’s overly-cinematic garbage now.

  35. gregxiu says:

    The 1983 Seahawks are the textbook reason why a bye-week in the playoffs is so crucial. They won their Wild Card vs Denver, and then this upset in the Divisional game. But were completely spent by the time they played the Raiders in the AFC Title Game the next week.

    The Seahawks beat those Raiders 2 times during the regular season. The Raiders eventually won the Super Bowl.

  36. KramerUSA says:

    Dave Krieg was such a badass

  37. slydawg221 says:

    …..but then the following week the raiders were just too much for them to handle.

  38. fukinblowme says:


  39. nad0023 says:

    HaHa Shitsburgh STEALers

  40. BlackNGoldRules says:

    @the12thfactor jealous hater. You lost fair and square. Quit your whining already, you sound like a pathetic little bitch….which is basically what your whiny fanbase is made up of. Crying little bitches. lol Now go back to crying in your cappuccino…..bitch. 😉

  41. superjoe10001 says:

    That was a big upset against Miami for you guys though.

  42. superjoe10001 says:

    We undid the Seahawks that AFC championship and dismantled their offense both of the regular season defeats against them were close.

  43. SFFOOL76 says:

    I love 1980’s NFL films music.

  44. JML101582 says:

    They should bring those back as throwback uniforms for next year.

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