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Seattle Seahawks : What People are Saying

Published on September 9, 2010 by   ·   26 Comments

Latest Seattle Seahawks News

Seahawks’ defeat should not shake them
The Seattle Seahawks ‘ 31-14 defeat at Denver in Week 2 would easily accommodate an I-told-you-so tack based on where I thought this team was headed without its left tackle or offensive line coach. That simply isn’t how I feel after watching the game, however. This defeat, though lopsided, should not shake Seattle fans too much. The offensive line protected Matt Hasselbeck quite well for a …
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Seahawks are still counting on Matt Hasselbeck
Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was intercepted three times Sunday in Seattle’s loss at Denver, but coach Pete Carroll says Hasselbeck “gives us the best chance to win.”
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Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos: Live Blog, Stats, Analysis
Happy Week 2, NFL fans! This is Chris Cluff, FC for the Seahawks , and I’ll be providing live commentary on the Seahawks at Broncos today. The Seahawks are coming off a dominating debut for Pete Carroll in Seattle, where they tromped the 49ers , 31-6, last week. The Broncos lost in Jacksonville , 24-17, and are looking to get it going at home, where they have won 10 straight openers. They haven …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Seattle Seahawks

RT @seahawksff: Cardinals, 49ers Ranked Higher Than Seattle #seahawksby mrbunyip (Spencer Stephens)

RT @seahawksff: Cardinals, 49ers Ranked Higher Than Seattle #seahawksby seahawkspost (Seahawks Post)

Seattle Seahawks Reader Q&A

Question by Sta: Where can I find the official paint colors for the Seattle Seahawks?
We just bought a house and are trying to make a Seattle Seahawks room. He is only settling for the official colors, no look alikes, and I cant seem to find them anywhere! Any suggestions?


Answer by Meag
Well, if you have something with the officail colors on it then you can use the Home Depot Color Matching Machine to get the exact colors you want. Then use an officail sehawk’s wallpaper border to finsih the look.


Have fun!

Question by JaYyP x21: Does anyone think that the Seattle Seahawks will have any potential next year?
I personally hate the Seattle Seahawks. My father asked me to post this. So just give me your opinion on the Seahawks. Was it a mistake to trade Shaun Alexander? Will they make the playoffs? Just give me your input on the team overall. Thanks.


Answer by Mr R
Seattle is a very respectable team.
Hasselback is a good QB, and if they can ever keep their WRs healthy, he can tear a defense apart.
Problem is, so much of their offense has been hurt since they were in the Super Bowl they struggle.
Alexander really hasn’t done anything to warrant keeping him. He has been average at best the last 2 seasons, and he can’t stay healthy either. That is also evident in the fact that no other teams have picked him up.
Julious Jones will do well in Seattle, so they will be ok at RB.
Coach Holgram always puts together good teams where ever he is.
Plus, they are in a weak division, so they are going to be the favorite to win it and get into the playoffs. (Cardinals will challenge)
They were division champs last year, made the playoffs and were only 9-7.

Answer by austin s
the hawks suck its the tampa bay bucs all the way the only person the hawks have is shan alexander and hes not even that good

Answer by Kendall C, Proud 49ers Fan!
The Seahawks are a good team, but seam to have a lttle trouble with the running situation. Not that they don’t have the talent, but I think the O-line was the trouble last year.

The running game dwindled after Shaun Alexander signed his big contract following his career year. That following season, The Seahawks lost a couple of key pieces to the O-Line in the direction Alexander loves to run. Since then, Alexander has been stopped deead in his tracks and has resulted in injuries because of it. An RB is only as good as its O-Line.

Alexander will play for another team. He is seen by many as an injury risk and it is evident that he has lost a step or two. Was it a mistake to trade Alexander? No. I think the Seahawks did the best thing they could have done with their team. Julius Jones is not the solution, but he will add a bit of depth at RB. I see a potential RB committee with Morris.

They may have the potential to make the playoffs. However, alot of the teams in their division are taking some strong measures to tweek the problems of last year. Niners have Mike Martz at OC bringing real offensive play to the team.

The Cards are on the verge of finally putting it together and taking that element to the next level.

The Rams don’t appear to get hit with a cagillion injuries again like last year.

I see a lot of the divisional teams taking steps up to win the division. It will be close though.

Thumbs up to those who agree.

Seattle Seahawks Video of the Day

Here’s one of my first Seahawks video. I hope you enjoy it. It takes look back some of the greater moments in Seahawks history.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Readers Comments (26)

  1. Mike31188 says:

    In terms of regular season record, Seattle has been the best team in the NFC since they joined the NFC in 2001. 6 postseason appearances and 5 division titles since Mike Holmgren took over in 1999. If the team wasn’t in such a small market, they’d easily be one of the most respected franchises in the NFL.

    They reached their peak in 2005 where they dominated the NFL statically but got a little screwed over in the Super Bowl. Since then, they’ve still been very good, overcoming a decimating amount of injuries in 2006 to take the NFC Champion Bears in OT during the playoffs. In 2007 they won their fourth consecutive division title and had their fourth consecutive season with a playoff win (a streak only the Patriots have bested since 2002), despite having no run-game whatsoever.

    Since Favre retired, Matt Hasselbeck is arguably the best QB in the NFC, and despite his age, Walter Jones is still considered to be the best offensive tackle in the NFL according to experts.

    On defense, Kerney was #2 in the NFL in sacks last year and the trio of Julian Peterson, Lofa Tatupu, and LeRoy Hill compose arguably the best starting LB corps in the NFL. Seattle’s defense has the most sacks of any team but the Giants since 2005, and were #6 in scoring defense last year, contrasted to #22 in 2006 and #4 in 2005. Safeties Deon Grant and Brian Russell have transformed their pass defense from one of the worst in 2006 to one of the best in 2007 (#1 in passing TDs allowed in 2007), and Marcus Trufant is one of the top 5 corners in the NFL according to experts. Seattle rarely got much attention or praise before 2005, but since then they have been recognized as one of the best teams in the NFC.

    They might have lost some offensive firepower since their peak in 2005, but their star-studded defense has been transformed into one of the best in the NFL and they should be looking to send their future Hall of Fame head coach out with a Lombardi trophy this year.

    I do think they should have hung on to Alexander for one more year, but Seattle completely reformed its secondary after 2006 (got rid of starters Kelly Herndon, Ken Hamlin and Michael Boulware and brought in Deon Grant and Brian Russell) and it led to them being one of the best in the NFL last year. Seattle has had a lot of problems with their o-line since losing Steve Hutchinson and Robbie Tobeck in 2006, but former pro-bowler Mike Wahle and former Chiefs o-line coach Mike Solari should help transform this unit into one that is respectable again.

    Seattle should make the playoffs rather easily this year and be in the contention for another conference title and Super Bowl win if Holmgren’s last year is what he and Seattle fans are hoping it will be. If not, its still pretty hard to imagine them losing their divisional crown with their defense, and having won in 2006 despite losing Matt Hasselbeck for 8 weeks and Shaun Alexander for 6.

    No matter how you look at it, Seattle has been the most consistently good team in the NFC since the divisions were realigned in 2001, placing no worse than 2nd in the NFC West since joining the division, and posting only two losing seasons in the past 10 years.

    They’re a team that knows how to win, which is evidenced by the players they pickup in the draft (Tim Ruskell likes to go after high-character guys who have proven themselves by being multi-year starters in college as opposed to highly touted guys – Lofa Tatupu is a perfect example, as are current rookies Lawrence Jackson and John Carlson) and via free agency (Julian Peterson, Patrick Kerney, Deon Grant, Brian Russell, Mike Wahle, and Julius Jones all wanted to come to Seattle for its reputation as a high-character team that is always contending in the playoffs, despite often being offered more money to play elsewhere).

    All in all, the Seahawks have consistently been one of the best teams in the NFC over the years, and that seems unlikely to change with Mike Holmgren in his final year. I expect them to win 11+ games this year and make another deep run in the playoffs, hopefully ending with a Super Bowl win. Once Holmgren retires, they will have to work a little harder and they’ll soon need to find the heirs to Walter Jones and eventually Matt Hasselbeck, but their defense should be one of the best for years to come with young stars Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, Lofa Tatupu, LeRoy Hill, Darryl Tapp, Brandon Mebane and Lawrence Jackson all under the age of 30. Having their coach for 2009 already picked should help with the transition, but right now you can bet that they are focusing on this year and what its going to take for them to send their coach out with a Lombardi trophy.

  2. Briley says:

    They will make the playoffs because their schedule is so easy…..but it appears every time I point that out to them they tell me I’m just jealous that my team doesn’t win their division every year…..yeah….not so much

    Winning an easy division with a 9-7 record is nothing to extremely proud of…and it definetly doesn’t make them one of the top teams……I would give them 2-3 in the NFC East……

    They have talent sure…..but they get a lot of free rides…..

  3. coolidgejosiah says:

    @seahawkst24 actually our defense was amazing that year.

  4. SeattleSportsFanic says:

    Yeah, but our defense is going to be a beast this year, and I can’t wait! I’m been playing Madden 11 franchise mode, and I made it all way to the Super Bowl, and I went 15 and 1 with the Hawks

  5. seahawkst24 says:

    seahawks eagles game when tatupu had 3 picks was crazy i thought they were gonna lose right at the end cuz their defense is so unreliable but that was great. i was freaking going wild when lofa got his 3rd pick what a day

  6. KJT922010T says:

    @3606309336 bull the only seattle team thats good is your mls team

  7. KJT922010T says:

    the only good seattle team is the sounders and thats sad

  8. 3606309336 says:

    its all about the SEAHAWKS… HAWK NATION:

  9. SeattleSportsFanic says:

    I don’t remember. Sorry

  10. BmoreNevermoreRRG says:

    What’s the music at the beginning?

  11. LeatherFace51 says:

    Great Vid loved the whole layout, The Music and highlights went well together….. And that catch by Jeremy Shockey wasn’t a TD, that was a bunch a B/S…..

  12. LeatherFace51 says:

    @jazzg1 Dude get a “LIFE”……Really?…… correcting people’s spelling…. You don’t have a girlfriend do you???…………… Figure out what I’m saying to you, Then get back to me, OK!.. ssakcaj uoy era a kicd…ko!

  13. LeatherFace51 says:

    Largent was a beast for a little guy… I loved the Raiders vs Seahawks rivalries…..

  14. shuayzeee says:

    go hawks

  15. SeattleSportsFanic says:

    @jazzg1 thank for pointing that out

  16. jazzg1 says:

    You spelled the word “Special” wrong (Speical) and you spelled the word “Dedicated” wrong (Deciated).

    Thats is EXACTLY why I said you need to learn how to spell. Got it now?

  17. SeattleSportsFanic says:


    what do you mean “learn how to spell”?

  18. jazzg1 says:

    Nice video but you need to learn how to spell….sheesh

  19. Xcoolslayer6X says:

    Lofa Tatupu was and still is a beast, we were hearting last season without him and Marcus Trufant, we are healthy and looking strong all ready.

  20. Xcoolslayer6X says:

    i knew steve largent was a good reciever but i never guessed he could tackle to lol

  21. RandipMehat says:

    seahawks gonna be filthy this year

  22. SeattleSportsFanic says:


    Well, thank you. Please send this every Hawks fans you know

  23. MRcoupons54 says:

    very good video like the music to go Seahawks

  24. bigstickcop says:

    This video makes me a lil teary-eyed knowing how much talent the Hawks had five years ago. They were actually FUN to watch at the bars ’cause everyone would get so loud and chant. C’mon Carroll bring home a superbowl team

  25. seahawks12thfan says:

    Great video!

  26. 18Ty18 says:

    I miss those days =[ back when the seahawks were fun to watch and had lots of talent on the team!!!

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