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St. Louis Cardinals in Review – A Look Back

Published on September 20, 2010 by   ·   38 Comments

St. Louis Cardinals

Image by Kopper
World Champion 1926 St. Louis Cardinals team promotional photo.

Latest St. Louis Cardinals News

St. Louis Cardinals release Felipe Lopez for late arrival to game
The St. Louis Cardinals have released infielder Felipe Lopez, a day after he was late arriving for a game against Florida.
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Yadier Molina of St. Louis Cardinals returns home for MRI
Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina has returned to St. Louis to undergo an MRI exam on his sore right knee and will miss at least two games.
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The 2010.5 St. Louis Cardinals
The 2010 St. Louis Cardinals are now halfway toward the 2011 squad. At least that’s more interesting than watching a good team lose.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the St. Louis Cardinals

Daily Cardinals News from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat – GlobeDemocrat (Stl Globe-Democrat)

Viva El Birdos >> The 2010.5 St. Louis Cardinals cardsbuzztap (St. Louis Cardinals)

Cardinals vs. Pirates: September 22: Pirates break out against the St. Louis Cardinals for a 11-6 win. 937theFan (93.7 The Fan)

St. Louis Cardinals Reader Q&A

Question by cooperflabber: what station in the Midwest will carry the St. Louis Cardinals games on the internet radio?
I’m looking for a free internet radio station to listen to the Cardinals play, but the flag station in St. Louis wants you to pay for the broadcast on the internet. I don’t understand why when it’s easy to get other major leagues games on the internet radio for free.


Answer by My Name is Rawlings!
I believe the station is called 96.9 WFAG

Answer by Matthew D
106.1 FM 1120AM (both WSMI)

Question by Jamie K: What are the 2 main colors of the St. Louis cardinals baseball team?
I’m planning on making my boyfriend a blanket and pillow for christmas using 2 colors and his favorite baseball team is the saint louis cardinals ever since his dad loved the cardinals and his dad died so this really means a lot to me getting hte colors right. So what are the two main colors of the St. Louis cardinals baseball team?


Answer by NLM86
Red and White

Answer by lilfinster
blue and green

Answer by Phil M
red and white

This is a quick cardinal logo search I did to try and help ya. This sounds like a great gift idea for your boyfriend by the way!

Question by John B: How much would you pay for an authentic baseball signed by the 1994 St Louis Cardinals, if you were a big fan?
I have a Authentic signed baseball by the 1994 St Louis Cardinals, and I wanted to know how much someone would actually pay for it?


Answer by Joel D
1994 was a strike year…

Answer by lauren n
my step dad loves the cardinals and said he would pay $ 10,000

not that he would buy it for $ 10,000… lol if he had the money maybe…!

Answer by Slappy LaRue
Since it’s not certified, you won’t get a red penny for it. Most autographs are fake (95%) and everyone knows it so no one would buy something that wasn’t certified and although I think most of the stuff people ask about in here is real, I think yours is fake. I don’t know why, but something isn’t right. Don’t matter anyway, there isn’t a person in the world who’d give you $ 20 bucks for it, let alone what a certified version of the same item is worth.

St. Louis Cardinals Video of the Day

A fight breaks out between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Bears.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. no1nyyfan55 says:

    I would use the Navy and Red like they use on their alternate jerseys. Look at anything Red Sox and see how well those two colors work.

  2. djdubs says:

    red & white

  3. kbenson55 says:

    red & white

  4. Ricky Lee says:

    Red&sky blue

  5. E S says:

    The two main colors are red and white. They do have alternate jerseys that are blue and red, but most people know their colors as red and white. It sounds like a great idea for your boyfriend that will really mean a lot to him. Good thinking and it was a good idea to make sure of the colors before you began=]

  6. Spud says:

    red and white

  7. c_libey says:

    According to Wikipedia, they have 3: Cardinal Red, White and Navy Blue. If you had to pick just two, go with the home uniform colors which are Cardinal Red and White.

  8. JCam says:

    The two main colors of the St. Louis Cardinals are Red & White.

  9. BRAVESFAN says:

    green and orange

  10. Ryan P says:


  11. gebs22 says:

    The two main colors are red and white, but to add navy also would be the best bet. All the writing and logos on their jerseys and hats are outlined in navy. Also, their away hats are navy.

  12. samdugan says:

    Red and White…just look at their uniforms.

  13. *Flash* says:

    Red and White.

  14. soxpacker says:

    @SkorpioD1991 I believe it was a 1986 preseason game, i remember watching it.

  15. CaptMdubb says:

    @xXDiiZZii3Xx these guys didnt quit either…

  16. xXDiiZZii3Xx says:

    Wow, footballs gay this is the number 1 football fight video… if u can even call it that. Type in NHL fights and watch a real sport. The teams dont quit either, the player just gets a 5 min penalty wtf, bunch of football pussys

  17. tarheeldawgboy says:

    SWEET I Wish this would happen more often

  18. tarheeldawgboy says:


  19. Phizer33 says:

    Straight Classic

  20. conspicuious says:

    That’s what I call football

  21. richig761 says:

    @eckyspondoolie yeah okay buddy… NFL players already have an average of dying 19 years younger than the average human being. You want them to die on the field or something?

  22. danks452 says:

    steroids kill brain !!!!!

  23. SkorpioD1991 says:

    When was this?

  24. crosschain95 says:

    It seems like back then the players are bigger than they are today. Weird…

  25. richardstaples123 says:

    @DRZBKSEXCii143 your dumb

  26. diablo616 says:

    @dinopena7 cardinals protect THEIR own by late hits and unprovoked kicks to the head…..makes sense

  27. dinopena7 says:


  28. eckyspondoolie says:

    Take the helmets and padding off bunch of girls.

  29. jdilley861 says:

    DAAA BEARSSS!!! Those Cardinals can go stomp on someone elses ground!

  30. Callofduty408 says:

    @chitown2251972 yea but the bears won the 1985 superbowl :p

  31. magicbus333 says:

    @1985OldSkool wow who the fuck fights in the pre season?

  32. mrjandd1 says:

    @DRZBKSEXCii143 you must suck at history cuz before they were az they were in st.louis… do your homework before you start talking cuz it makes you sound stupid

  33. GeorgiaKev says:

    @dablommer2010 That body-slam was outrageous and the refs were pathetic in not calling a penalty for that. I have always believed that ugly play by Perry is what ultimately led to this brawl. The Cards were pissed as hell and rightfully so. It was nice to see them beat the Bears that night 14-7.

  34. 1985OldSkool says:

    This is a pre-season game on CBS from August of 1986.

  35. dablommer2010 says:

    @dennis32j Would love to have seen the Perry bodyslam of Lomax one more time..

  36. Bruinsdude22 says:


  37. kenjunior3 says:

    @DRZBKSEXCii143 they were st. louis at the time

  38. ERAUPA44 says:

    No Five minute Major?

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