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St. Louis Rams in Review – A Look Back

Published on September 7, 2010 by   ·   35 Comments

St. Louis Rams
Image by Hawk Eyes

Latest St. Louis Rams News

St. Louis Rams’ Sam Bradford has much to live up to, wearing No. 8 in honor of Troy Aikman
Randy Covitz McClatchy Newspapers St. Louis Rams rookie quarterback Sam Bradford chose to wear No. 8 in honor of Troy Aikman. Now, Bradford will try to follow the career path of Aikman, a fellow Oklahoman and former first overall…
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St. Louis Rams’ Sam Bradford impresses Arizona Cardinals
Notes: Rams rookie quarterback makes an impression on the Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald playing hurt, plus more.
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Rams dodge Alex Barron’s 22nd holding call
The St. Louis Rams sacrificed depth on their offensive line when parting with Alex Barron , who had started for them at tackle since 2005. That sacrifice resembled addition by subtraction when Barron’s holding penalty Sunday negated the Dallas Cowboys ‘ winning touchdown pass as time expired. This was the third holding call of the game against Barron and the 22nd of Barron’s career. The Rams …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the St. Louis Rams

My guess for the future …: Week 01 @ Tennessee Titans L

Week 02 St. Louis Rams W (the team is at home coming… raiderfans (Oakland Raiders Fans)

Where online can I watch Minnesota Vikings vs St Louis Rams NFL football game live tonight?: Need a good site to w… MNVikingsFans (MN Vikings Fan)

St. Louis Rams Reader Q&A

Question by AFL king: DO you think the St Louis Rams will make the play offs this year and possibly win the superbowl?
do you think the rams will make the play off’s and possibly win the superbowl XLV?


Answer by jhuss1256
You need to have somebody pinch you to wake you up from this dream! Sorry!

Answer by David D.
I think they’ll be REAL lucky just to make the first round of play-offs. And I live in St. Louis.

Answer by Twisted
hell no, they used to be a very good team in the early 2000’s, but they suc balls now bro

Question by CallawayGolfer: Where does the Visiting team tailgate at St Louis Rams games?
I’m attending the Jan 3rd Rams vs 49ers game and was wondering if there is a designated visitors tailgate section…I know there is a big fan zone or whatever across from the stadium, but I’m mainly looking for a section where all the 49ers fans can get together. Thanks!


Answer by jeremy
There won’t be any Rams fans there to worry about man. Don’t worry about it, they will all be 49ers fans. I live in StL and we stopped watching or going to the games as has most other fans. The fans that have been at the games are predominently visiting team fans. I hope the 9ers kill us so we get the #1 overall pick in the draft. Its a horrible thing to say, but I wanted to win all year and they didn’t so hell with it. I hope they lose. Have fun.

Answer by Mdog
Around the the main gates that is where most of the Vikings fans (my Teams) Fans met and we just hung out had a couple beers and enjoyed the blowout i went a couple years ago

Answer by ChrisWalt
I will also be attending this game and also a niners fan. Hopefully we can find somewhere to tailgate. first niners game ive ever been to, hope its a great time! comin from ohio to see it.

Question by Hollywood Vegas: Will the St. Louis Rams FINALLY pick a quarterback in the first-round 2010 draft pick?
Here’s an interesting fact about the Rams. In the history of the Rams franchise- in Cleveland, Los Angeles, and St. Louis — they have NEVER pick a quarterback in the first-round draft pick. Do you think they’ll finally go for the quarterback in 2010? Maybe go for Sam Bradford? I’m skeptical. Ha
FYI, Sam Bradford is still entering the 2010 draft. They’re expecting him to be healed by then.


Answer by 123(lost a bet-Go Nittany Lions)
I don’t think the Rams QB is their most pressing need. I think they should be more worried about getting a guy that can protect him.

Answer by Steve the Football man,LETS GO BLUE!
Yes but not Sam Bradford since Bradford was injured really bad this year if you remember. Jimmy Cleasen of ND and the quarterback from Washington sound like they will probably be the pick.

Answer by matt
I don’t think so. THey have a lot of needs. Sam Bradford will probably drop to mid first round or late first round

St. Louis Rams Video of the Day

Marc Bulger threw for 450 yards and 3 touchdowns
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What do you think? Answer below!

Readers Comments (35)

  1. Cincyfan0591 says:

    I’m pretty sure that they have no chance of making the playoffs this season. but i will be there for the first game against arizona. Taking a trip to st. louis and kansas city. so going to a rams and chiefs game with my ochocinco jersey on. and a cardinals and royals game with my Brandon Phillips jersey. ppl are going to hate me.

  2. Steve C says:

    They are at a point where 6 wins will be considered a great season. Instead of worrying about the playoffs, St. Louis fans should be more concerned with Bradford’s health because the kid is going to get crushed this year.

  3. matthew says:


  4. redskinfan3000 says:

    NO! It’s highly improbable that the Rams reach the playoffs this season! They are being led by a rookie QB (Bradford) who has no offensive line. Their best receiver (Donnie Avery) is now going to sit on the sidelines for the whole season and if Stephen Jackson gets hurt then they will be a team with nearly no talent nor experience on offense.

    The offense is criminally bad, but the “defense” is on a whole different level of “bad” that mere words cannot describe how truly atrocious of a “swiss-cheese defense” this is. Chris Long has not been an impressive DE so far and is starting to look like a draft bust. James Lauranitis is a good run-stopping, tackling machine and O.J. Atogwe is a good ballhawk, but they have so much dead weight playing around them that no matter how well those 2 play they will still get bulldozed on the ground and surgically ripped apart through the air.

    In fact, the only positive thing I have to say about this NFL doormat of a team is that they made the right decision in the drafting Bradford. I know it’s just preseason, but he is looking stellar! If they can find some way to improve their O-line, D-line, and receivers then in 5 years we might be looking at a pretty strong team. But lets face it, every team except the Browns has a better outlook for the future than the St. Louis Rams.

  5. "The Man of the Hour" says:

    lol. No. I do not. 5-11 sounds about accurate.

  6. Joe says:

    You’re question is either extremely sarcastic, making fun of the Rams, or you are a huge Ram fan that’s not looking at the team objectively. Out of the NFL teams, they have to have the worst odds (well, top 3. Bucs and Bills are close) to make the playoffs and win the superbowl.

  7. Pitbull says:

    I think Bulger is not a bad QB. Its just Rams have no offensive line. Rams have other positions to worry about. They are good at QB and RB

  8. C K says:

    How could they not take a QB in 2010..

    Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen. Then get O-line help in the 2nd round.

  9. tfoley5000 says:

    Tim Tebow He is the only one to save the Troubled Franchise and not Rush Limbaugh, so you know what works and what does not.

  10. M. Diego says:

    QB is not their most desperate need. First they need to keep Jason Smith at LT and Alex Barron at RT instead of rotating linemen. Also their WR suck worse than their QB and Chris Long is looking more and more like a bust. Long showed promise in 2008 but is giving a huge step back in 2009.

  11. ibn1989 says:

    Lol damn you’re pissed aren’t you? Yeah but the Rams have made some stupid decisions in the past few years though.

  12. XxBabyJok3rxX says:

    @ibn1989 The RAMS SUCK PENIS! im a rams fan and i never understand them! shit i heard torry holts a free agent , and we dont got no wr. coles is a free agent and antoniio bryant so why dont we sign some veterans! damn cuz our recieving core sucks. our defense let go of dat white guy who went to washington and omg lenard little gone! wow so much has gone bad but they arent picking up players to win. I just hope BRADFORD can save this team cuz Jackson cant do it alone! 6-42 is sad!

  13. ibn1989 says:

    Let’s just hope that Sam Bradford has a Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco type rookie season this year and that Steven Jackson continues to be a beast.

  14. ibn1989 says:

    I was at this game with my Aunt who is a huge Rams fan. She had season tickets and let me go with her. I had a great time.

  15. TheGreatest2481 says:

    I’m a true Rams fan! Going 6-42 has been very tough the last three years but I think we will have 1 more crappy year this year and then were gonna be like the Lions and slowly start to rebuild and get some good players next year in free agency. Hopefully we can be a little more competitive this year and Steven Jackson has another great year and Sam Bradford can get a good full year in of experience. Hopefully with no injuries to either one of them. Go Rams!!!

  16. Synicaalescape says:

    Eh.. there’s nothing to talk about. Every team goes into their shitty droughts. The rams had their time to shine and they did. Now its time to just rebuild. Happens to every team.

  17. fsujockykins says:

    @RamsAndSpurs rams for life! i will be with the rams through thick and thin! glad to see im not alone haha

  18. nascarsignore says:

    when Bulger was good

  19. Floatydude says:

    and now the rams are crap
    and the Jets are probably going to the super bowl in 2011 hmmmm…

  20. shaterer10 says:

    its all about the rams period.

  21. yungscoot91 says:

    St louis rams forever and always. No matter how bad ppl think we suck. They aint gon be talkin wen sam bradford blossoms into the next peyton manning. And then its playoff time. Hopefully we at least go 8-8 this year. But i love my rams. Always have. The greatest show on turf will return again. I know it.

  22. deytookmahjob says:

    those colours belong to the winnipeg blue bombers!

  23. quickshot9458 says:

    Its a hard time for all rams fans right now but the future does look good because of the new head coach steven jackson and i just hope sam bradford is the next big thing and get the rams back on top

  24. trainboy32 says:

    i remember that game that wa back when i used to get mad at the ref sometimes

  25. vladimir791 says:

    marc bulger threw for 450 yards and 4 touchdowns

  26. uillini54 says:

    nice video, i remember this exactly… been a rams fan all my life… used to go to a lot of their summer camps when they used to come to macomb, il

  27. ErickJett says:

    hopefully rams get back in their feet in the next few years.

  28. letsgomets07 says:

    Doug Brien what a shock.. this was a sweet year

  29. nobodysperfect06 says:

    I used to be a Rams fan, I stuck with them through thick and thin until they moved to St. Louis

  30. Dryerchicken says:

    Steven jacksons Run at 0.42 – 0.45 is ridiculous!

  31. commonsense787 says:


  32. accordionkings says:

    Go Rams!!!! I hope the pick sam bradford first round of the draft. Marc Bulger was actually a great QB before the O line let him get injured

  33. dhsfootball73 says:

    thanks for the vid gives us rams fans hope dont worry though this team will get back to respectibility rams till i die

  34. treyjordon says:

    Man, I thought I was the ONLY one that actually sticks with the Rams no matter how bad they do.
    Everybody thinks im crazy lol

  35. STLFISHER says:

    Lol look how short Steven Jacksons hair is there.

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