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Tennessee Titans : What People are Saying

Published on September 24, 2010 by   ·   35 Comments

Tennessee Titans

Image by Dread Pirate Jeff
Lovely ladies from the Tennessee Titans.

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Latest Tennessee Titans News

Good start for Titans’ defense, but Fisher still wants more
NASHVILLE — For the Tennessee Titans, it’s a good start defensively. A unit that was one of the NFL’s worst statistically in 2009 opened this season by limiting Oakland to 106 yards offense and zero first-down conversions on seven straight third downs.
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NFL Capsule: Pittsburgh-Tennessee
PITTSBURGH (1-0) At TENNESSEE (1-0) Sunday, 1 p.m., CBS OPENING LINE — Titans by 4 1/2 RECORD VS. SPREAD — Pittsburgh 1-0; Tennessee 1-0 SERIES RECORD — Steelers lead 42-30 LAST MEETING — Steelers beat Titans 13-10 OT, Sept. 10, 2009 LAST WEEK– Steelers beat Falcons 15-9 OT; Titans beat Raiders 38-13.
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NFL fines Titans’ Tulloch, Haye
The NFL reportedly fined Tennessee Titans linebacker Stephen Tulloch and defensive tackle Jovan Haye on Friday.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Tennessee Titans

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans NFL Picks: Looking at the current NFL odds for this game, the oddsmakers h… RealmenLVFB (Football)

Pittsburgh Steelers to start Dennis Dixon again; Max Starks, Casey Hampton out vs. Tennessee Titansby SlangMarket (Slang Market)

Tennessee Titans Reader Q&A

Question by Jeremy J- NXT Rookies Run Asylum: tennessee titans?
i am i titans fan and i know they’re young but do you think they’ll ever be in the super bowl again
PS: please no stupid remarks


Answer by Chips Ahoy!
ya in the year 2894

Answer by Tee Dub
ever? yes

soon? no

Answer by pats 4 life
dude every team has to go to the super bowl give me one team that hasn’t cause the NFL tries to make the best for the team to get them good players from draft and those stuff……. so you can be better and make it to the Superbowl

Question by Bewar A: Who will win next week between Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers?
I choose Tennessee, because Testaverde is going to be rushed by titans great defensive line and won’t be able to make great plays. Vince Young isn’t doing as good as I thought he would be, but I predict he will do pretty good this game to make their record 6-2. Who do you guys think will win? Explain why.


Answer by Mr.Nice Guy
Titans win, Vince Young makes his whole team better, they rally around him and he’s only a 2nd year player… The panthers seem like theyre confuse and their QB situation is very shakey. Steve Smith isnt getting the ball enough and Foster is frail

Answer by Big Blue Fan!
carolina i think.

Answer by lmspencr
Tennessee is a more solid team and should win. However, one never knows which Carolina team will show up from week to week, so there is certainly a chance the game could go either way.

Question by Mikey Boyy: The Tennessee Titans need a big time play maker in order to go far into the playoffs. Whose available?
I don’t care what people say, the Tennessee Titans had a great season, they were just missing that one big play maker. Salary cap is always a pain in the ass.


Answer by Machine Gun Man
The play maker they were missing is at the quaterback position. Any quaterback that misses a game and still doesn’t throw a touchdown in 8 games is a problem. He threw twice as many INT’s as TD’s. Vince Young sucks, maybe they should try and trade him for McNabb, a real quaterback.

Answer by Karl M
Bernard Berrian, with a good qb this guy could be a great reciever

Answer by rogerc
your right, they do need a big playmaking wideout, but young cant hit the broad side of a barn no matter how open receivers get.

what you need are refs like these

Tennessee Titans Video of the Day

a look back on the titans 2008 season

Give your answer to this question below!

Readers Comments (35)

  1. ♥oh my.... says:

    Yeps I think they will! Fav Team!! 🙂

  2. Scott N says:

    I’m gussing another low scoring Titans win.

    The Titans’ bread and butter this season has been winning on the line like Fisher wants it. Overall, I think their lines matchup well against the Panthers. Vinny won’t have much time, but is a decent QB, and will find an opening or two along the way. But while the Titans offense continues to have trouble finding the end zone, they will be grudgingly content kicking their way to another win.

    Forget Young, Bironas is the Titans mvp right now!

    Titans 16, Panthers 14

  3. Phenom says:

    every week im on the fences about the titans but I always pick them because of thier defense so I say titans.

  4. Shelva E says:

    Titans. Panthers haven’t been too promising this year. If Young gets his act together that is. Then the Titans will have a good chance.

  5. zakdad says:

    The Titans! Young will get it together with his recievers sometime this year and make the team a lot better! Plus, it looks like it will be David Carr at QB for the Panthers! Our defense knows him all to well!! Go Titans!

  6. jimmy the greek says:

    i dont know but i dont think vince young is the answer for the titans

  7. The Player says:

    The Titans actually have the most cap space in the league, they can make a try at Randy Moss, but I doubt he’s leaving…

  8. smithdj42 says:

    They might by able to get Andre Woodson in the draft, but theres no way their owner will admit that their previous first round draft pick Vince Young is a bust.

  9. Robert C says:

    Randy Moss could be available.

    Seriously though, the Titans need to quit trying to turn Vince into a pocket passer…let him be Vince. Maybe the new O.C. will realize this. The Norm Chow experiment did not work.

    So they either get rid of Vince or use him to his abilities.

  10. Jimmy Bryght says:

    The Titans had the league’s easiest schedule, so of course they had a good season. Then San Diego came along and showed them just how good they really are.


  11. TitanFan1939 says:

    search ” Tennessee Titans: One team, One heart ”

    great video my friend made…..gave me chills!

  12. Clintbdee says:

    @EAMFilms Yep–and the got beat in their first playoff game.

  13. Ocelot0016 says:

    I was worried about not having Haynesworth and VandenBosch, but I forgot that we won against Pitt without them both. Our D doesn’t need them.

  14. thelfrank85 says:

    Titans goin all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Potential931 says:

    @Zelcibot yet u took time to watch the video & comment :/

  16. Nightavenger2 says:

    2010 Titans will be returning glory. Titans are going to smash the Raiders opening day, will go off to a fast start. Titans defense will be returning back to dominant form, the Titanic 3 VY,CJ, Britt will be causing a lot of misery. The Titans can go very far in 2010.

  17. AKALILBEAST says:

    @Zelcibot haha ur mom is callin ma d!ck

  18. StuckingFupid says:

    damn fun season as a titans fan

  19. x2375 says:

    @TheCarlostable god i hope so.

  20. x2375 says:

    @saandvaand uh spelling aside……albert sucks.

  21. x2375 says:

    @driver8train dude don’t ya miss volek right about now or maybe we could get Locker in the draft.

  22. Zelcibot says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Freakin redneck team xD Your farm is calling, no time for football!

  23. driver8train says:

    @titanscsj titans second best team ever..the 2000 team was the best

  24. driver8train says:

    @IAMD3492 im a titans fan and i can tell you right now i would rather have rivers at qb than vy….

  25. EAMFilms says:

    13-3 best record of 08!

  26. saandvaand says:

    they shuold have cept albert

  27. TheCarlostable says:

    the 08 titans were so good but in 09 they crashed but in 2010 there going to be nasty

  28. titanscsj says:

    that was the best season ever i get goosebumps every time is ee that video i hope we can do that again this year

  29. AksharMr says:

    @nick56677 yea, but talk bout 47-7 yea thats a good team rite there lost by 40 POINTS and we lost cuz the refs were idiots there was a delay of game and they never called it stupid get ur acts rite jackass

  30. nick56677 says:

    talk about the terrible towel all u want..just remember who won the super bowl and who lost to the ravens that year..hahahaha

  31. Olson3000 says:

    yeah greeneville has a minor league team

  32. AksharMr says:

    @smoothoperator1986 no but theres a city in tennessee that has a baseball team but not mlb i think i dont kno but its pittsburg pirates

  33. smoothoperator1986 says:

    Does Tennessee have a MLB Team?

  34. ggoldman43 says:

    VY is not good, he is mediocre, his line is good

  35. ggoldman43 says:

    they will continue their failure

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