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The Latest & Greatest from the Atlanta Falcons

Published on September 3, 2010 by   ·   28 Comments

Atlanta Falcons
Image by The Suss-Man (live from Albany, GA)
Jan 3 3/365.
The Atlanta Falcons played their first playoff game in four years today. Unfortunately, the outcome was not in the Falcons’ favor. The Arizona Cardinals beat the Falcons 30-24. I shot this photo in the 4th quarter after the Cardinals scored a safety. The Falcons scored one more time to make the difference only 6 points, but they never got the ball back. A disappointing end to a great season, but considering most people picked the Falcons to finish in last place, I can’t complain. Looking at the bright side, Nascar starts in just over a month, and baseball starts in 3 months. Go Braves! And thank you Falcons for a wonderful season!

Latest Atlanta Falcons News

Falcons’ Gonzalez makes 1,000th career catch
Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons has become the first NFL tight end to reach 1,000 receptions by catching a 20-yard pass from Matt Ryan in the third quarter against Pittsburgh. Gonzalez, who played 12 seasons with Kansas City before joining the Falcons last season, is the seventh receiver to make at least 1,000 catches.
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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons: Breakdown of the Steelers’ 15-9 OT Win
The Pittsburgh Steelers started their 2010 regular season yesterday with a 15-9 win overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons. I’ve watched the game for a second time and I’ll give you my thoughts on it. 1. Dennis Dixon- In the 1st of four games without Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers were practically forced to put Dixon in as the starter. I thought his play was average again. If you just look at …
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Falcons’ Gonzalez is first TE, seventh player with 1,000 catches
Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons became the first NFL tight end to reach 1,000 receptions by catching a 20-yard pass from Matt Ryan during the third quarter of Sunday’s season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Atlanta Falcons

@EricDye I can imagine. That was a game that the #Falcons definitely deserved to win as much as Pittsburgh. I came away impressed by Atlantaby shawncurtis430 (Shawn Curtis)

Support Atlanta #Falcons, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – http://bit.ly/1UlBBIby ereynolds864 (Elijah Reynolds)

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Atlanta Falcons Reader Q&A

Question by i a g o w m j: atlanta falcons?
someone told me that michael Vick is leaving the falcons
is that true


Answer by Kerry
False rumor as far as I know

Answer by links305
its not true yet but it is possible that he may get traded to another team for draft picks

Answer by kingthumbfl

Question by Keavy: How much is an autographed football from the original 1966 Atlanta Falcons worth?
It is in a plastic bag inside it’s original box. The box has minor wear, but the only thing wrong with the ball is that it is deflated. Included in the box is an original pump and instructions for pumping.

The ball is signed by a number of players on the very first Atlanta Falcons football team from 1966.

Any ideas on how much it could be worth??


Answer by J Caro
I’ll give you a half eaten piece of beef jerky for it

Answer by FanT guy
100 Dollars

Answer by Mike D
$ 2

Question by Janey Rob: How to watch NFL Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons game live streaming over the internet ?
How to watch NFL Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons game live streaming over the internet ?
How to watch NFL Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons game live streaming over the internet ?


Answer by Rasing Maron
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Answer by Kato Kadase



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Answer by Akase Huih

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Atlanta Falcons Video of the Day

Falcons Insider Niki Noto got an exclusive tour of the ESPN “On the Road to Camp” bus.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. Dfirefox says:

    Could be ,Mcgahee is unhappy with the Bills right now and the Giants are interested in him.
    Michael Vick if he has only 1 year left on his contract,the team might try to deal him off before he becomes a free agent and the team does not get anything out of it,unless they declare him a franchise player,which I do not think they will do.
    Probably because of the “finger” incident ,and the fact that Vick did not propel the Falcons that far in the playoffs.
    Also,I don’t think the Falcons are too happy with his scrambling,and makes the team nervous because of possible injuries.

  2. Ali says:

    Even if he does. Dude your better off. Matt Schaub, the back-up QB is really good. It’s him that you better hope doesn’t get traded. By the way, Vick isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Claury R says:

    They were considered making a deal to get Randy Moss or Jerry Porter from the Raiders. the only problem the big multi-million dollar contract and will cost the falcons cap penalties. So Vick is staying and i hope they get a WR in the draft.

  4. Paul P says:

    Not true… yet. Their new coach says that he iis going to “take the handcuffs off” of Vick, meaning to let him audible and improvise more. If Vick is not successful in this, then he might leave at the end of the upcoming season.

  5. Saints Man LSU Fan says:

    No He’s staying

  6. d b says:

    they wont get rid of him because if they did, it would be more than a $ 20 million dollar salary cap hit to the team.

    There were rumors that he was going to be traded to the Raiders, but that is all they were, Rumors. It will never happen

  7. Drbnballaplayer3 says:

    No, he could next season if the team screws up again.

  8. Lil Gee says:

    they talked about it for a while but he isn’t now

  9. RichMac82 says:

    Not a chance, too many years and too much money invested in him for the Falcons to give up just yet. He is also a cash cow when it comes to merchandise and the biggest draw to the franchise. It would help if they won a few more games though.

  10. Marvin P says:

    No. Noone else will take his contract.

  11. hang l says:

    20,000 grand

    auction it off at ebay.com

  12. Danish K says:

    wow tht must be worth a lot!
    i say 10 – 20 grand put it on ebay

  13. Pie Will EAT you!!!! says:

    i would go to a sports collecting store or see if some one can estimate the value of the ball maby if you have people who were very good on that team could help sry dont know any old skool falcons D: other wize id help

  14. RedZebra16 says:

    are they real autographs or photocopy if they are real email me mcfarlanemania@yahoo.com i would be intrested in it

  15. Britt says:

    wow, THE Atlanta Falcons, the ones that haven’t won a SB in forever? I’ll give you a diet coke and a pretzel for it.

  16. Malik says:

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  17. Alexis says:

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  20. Sam Ar says:

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  21. Mahesh says:

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  22. Bradley says:

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  23. eslgurucalif says:

    Adam is complaining too much. 1 million guys would gladly take his place.

  24. McCall72 says:

    Dang, Adam looks pretty tired and for good reason. Thanks for the behind the scenes look Falcons!

  25. wima13 says:

    Nice video, keep up the good work. I’ve been a Falcon fan for many years so to get inside look like this is really cool.

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