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The Latest & Greatest from the Colorado Avalanche

Published on September 4, 2010 by   ·   54 Comments

Colorado Avalanche
Image by Håkan Dahlström
Joe Sakic Colorado Avalanche action

Latest Colorado Avalanche News

Colorado Avalanche sign restricted free-agent forward Peter Mueller to two-year contract
The Colorado Avalanche signed restricted free-agent forward Peter Mueller to a two-year contract, the team announced.
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Avalanche bring back Mueller
The Colorado Avalanche signed restricted free agent Peter Mueller to a two-year contract on Friday.
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Avalanche re-sign Mueller
The Colorado Avalanche have re-signed restricted free-agent forward Peter Mueller to a two-year contract.

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Colorado Avalanche Reader Q&A

Question by Devonnn ~: Colorado Avalanche?
I love the Colorado Avalanche professional hockey team, but since Patrick Roy retired they havn’t been doing so well. What do you think?


Answer by djup6
I like the Colorado Avalanche non-professional hockey team a lot better.

Patrick Roy was good, but he was one of the biggest douches in hockey history. He beat his wife, and he sounded like he was mildly retarded.

Answer by Sweet T
Dude colorado sucks horrible. theyre just a bunch of losers in the mountains they just got swept by the redwings their pathetic. go redwings

Answer by Jennifer C
Forget about the Avalanche, GO WINGS!

Question by laxgrl9: colorado avalanche?
do you think they will do well this seson??


Answer by alxreich21
As a Wild fan, Colorado is the one team in the division I fear. They have 2 great defenseman, and 2 or 3 great scoring lines. If their goaltending holds up, Colorado will be tough.

Answer by TFoley5000
Well enough to get in the Playoffs.

Answer by tantrum4mini
I bet my roomate $ 100 that they would finish the season with more points than Vancouver so I really hope they do well!!

Question by The Purple Jesus: Colorado avalanche?
what do you think they will be doing two weeks from now


Answer by lazyjbob
Not playing hockey.

Answer by Janet A
Hopefully on a vacation. GO WINGS!!!!!!

Answer by sshueman
wondering who will eliminate the stars in the first round?

Colorado Avalanche Video of the Day

Game 7 highlights between the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils. The date of this game was Saturday, June 9, 2001.

What do you think? Answer below!


Readers Comments (54)

  1. Red Wings Queen19 says:

    Thats not necessarily true. The Avalanche haven’t just stopped winning since Roy left. Yeah Roy was a huge asset to their team, but overall Colorado has a good team. And besides their injuries haven’t helped them at all in the playoffs. They were missing Smyth, Stasney, Forsberg, Volski, thats 4 of their key players. I think if they had all their players healthy in the line up they would have had a much better season.

  2. Jacoby's team's Nutopia says:

    Roy left and the players got older. Abeshier, Theodore and Budaj have been pedestrian

    The team had 1 more chance in 03-04 and failed. Sellane had a down yr, Kariya missed alot of time and the team lost players after that team. Forsberg left for Philly, Foote went to Columbus, Tanguay was dealt to the Flames, Blake back to LA and the stars got older. Sakic and Hejduk aren’t what they once were and even w/Forsberg and Foote back they aren’t what they were in 03

    Now the D’s weak and they have only average goaltending

  3. Hartley Designs says:

    Remember, Roy was one of the greatest goalies in NHL history and hist retirement was unexpected forcing them to go with David Aebischer, who is NOT PATRICK ROY. You can NEVER overcome such a great loss easily.

  4. hockeybeest says:

    Patrick roy was a legend that cant be denied. Lately the avs got swept by the reds and thats old news but theodore doesnt play too well when he is sick and he had the flu that series and on top of that, the red wings are the best team in the NHL and they are damn near unstopable so whoever anybodys team is that disagrees, you will gladely get raped by the red wings

  5. Kevin K says:

    It’s not just the retirement of the Overconfident One…I think their downfall started when they traded Chris Drury to Calgary…they lost the one guy I feared (as a Wings fan) in overtime games…also, their key guys just started getting older (or left), Sakic, Foote, Forsberg, Podein.

  6. Steady Eddy says:

    They upgraded a 90 pt team from last year so they have to be good. Expect 95Pt’s and a 4Th or 5Th seed in the West.

  7. dami85 says:

    yes, with the pick up of ryan smyth they added yet another talented winger to a deep core of guys like hejduk, stastny, brunette, and yes even svatos. that with budaj playing well and theodore getting back they will be a contender deep into the playoffs. I’m thinking west final

  8. Mike, (Avs Fan) says:

    Yes. They will do well this season. They got some great players in the offseason, their goaltending just needs to improve.

  9. Trevor D says:

    Yes they will. They could use a better goalie though. If Theodore returns to form they’ll be deadly.

  10. matt_levicki says:

    I think they will win the division.

  11. zyberianwarrior says:

    Colorado???? They got their butts handed to them by lowly St Louis (and they even looked bad doing it). They will NOT win the division and they MUST stay healthy to have any chance./ Playoffs yes but no chance for a cup unless they do somethign at the trading deadline.

  12. DC FURY says:

    with out a doubt. the Avalanche will make the playoffs easily the only question is how far will they go.

  13. zther says:

    Good team this year… though still behind Detroit, San Jose, and Anaheim in the West… The division is probably the toughest in hockey, and that won’t help them points wise w/ 8 games vs. the Canucks, Wild, and Flames… of course, they could get 8 wins off a terrible Oiler team! I like the Wild to win the division, but I think the Av’s are a playoff team for sure. Mid to late seed.

  14. bryan m says:

    Good team but the question mark is goaltending.
    I see an improvement but not much of a future in the playoffs.
    kThe only way they are going anywhere is if their offence can continually put up 4-5-6 goals a game.

  15. Scotty G says:

    Kicking off their summer break by going to a Rockies game

  16. JuanB says:


    I hope they have fine courses up in Colorado.

  17. TDK says:


    Budaj will be wondering why they went with Theodore instead of him to start the season.

    Hejduk will wonder why it took him so long to finally get warmed up and play like he is capable of playing.

    Svatos will wonder why he had to suffer a sophomore slump unlike some other rookies of last year.

    And Joe….good ole Joe Sakic will rest that 37 year old body of his which like the energizer battery still managed to pull in a 90 plus point season. Remarkable!

  18. Andrew V says:

    Dropping the soap

  19. Jeff L says:

    playing golf.

  20. Larry C says:

    yeah GO STARS.. i dont know wat ther’re gonna be doin

  21. MajorTom says:

    Hopefully golfing!!

    Go RED WINGS!!!!!

  22. rphil04 says:

    I’m a huge avs fan, but they’re not going to make the playoffs.

  23. steve says:

    Teeing Off

  24. Angel Eyes says:

    they will not be playing hockey anymore, GO WINGS!!!!!

  25. redshamrok2123 says:

    well if colorado can keep up the pace ( 13 wins their last 16 games, 2 of the losses in ot so they still get a point) and calgary needs to start losing… hopefully in 2 weeks they will be facing nashville, but who really knows… as long as the wings get their asses handed to them i will still have a wonderful post season… major tom your still a major douche

  26. mel says:

    securing tee times.

  27. lidstromnumber1fan says:

    Boating at Lake Louise.

  28. The CPA says:

    Complaining about how injuries and bad breaks ruined their season. When you aren’t good, you got to blame something other than yourself, so bad breaks gets the blame.

    Two octopi for the Wings!

  29. Dan J says:

    Wishing they could relive their glory days. You know, when they were all the way up to second great, behind Detroit of course…

  30. PhuQuangLe111 says:

    they didn’t do it, but God did it

    Colorado Avalance NHL STANLEY CUP win in 1995 when Osama declare war on U.S. The only team in the NHL that represents a plane in the whole franchise of the sport.

    In 2001 Colorado Avalance won the NHL STANLEY CUP again in June for the Championship. 9/11 happen 4 Months later of course, so is that a coincidence or just happen to be chance.

    The opposite teams name is New Jersey Devils that means the U.S would be Devils.

  31. PhuQuangLe111 says:

    they didn’t do it, but God did it

    Colorado Avalance NHL STANLEY CUP win in 1995 when Osama declare war on U.S. The only team in the NHL that represents a plane in the whole franchise of the sport.

    In 2001 Colorado Avalance won the NHL STANLEY CUP again in June for the Championship. 9/11 happen 4 Months later of course, so is that a coincidence or just happen to be chance.

  32. daghettoboy303 says:

    i could watch this a million times and still get chills

  33. BenVernelsonIII says:

    @baldielocks1955 Forget goose bumps. Tears.

  34. uberkrunkninjagod says:

    hinote+Sakic+Foote+Borque+Tangay+Hejduk+Kariya+Foresberg+Blake+Roy+Lemueix+Kamenski= Rape

  35. imafatwhiteguy says:

    i still cry when i see this. One of the best moments in hockey, Ever.

  36. Thesebijan1 says:

    The Avalanche entered 97 or 98 idunno to the NHL amd beat an elderly team…..that show u cant give up and it doesnt matter is u an undeerdog team, u can turn into a powerhouse in a instant like The AVS this this year
    Go Avalanche from a Leaf fan

  37. storeflack says:

    Will never forget this game the star wars music kind of ruins it a bit

  38. jtbtenn says:

    i was at that game

  39. baldielocks1955 says:

    Goose bumps every time.

  40. Zsmart says:

    @sorrow87 Not only that, but he sucked Stevens into screening Brodeur with the fake shot.

  41. connorrulz says:

    the avs didn’t win he cup. ray bourque did.

  42. XxScarShotxX says:

    that cup should of been to Quebec Nordiques

  43. TheLoserSakaTheOiler says:

    @sorrow87 ANd Sakics greatest pass of all time 3:34

  44. sorrow87 says:

    1:55 is the greatest shot by Joe Sakic….ever.

    Let me break this down for you. Not only did he shoot through SCOTT STEVENS legs. He shot through his legs, then roofed it past MARTIN BRODEUR, in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you don’t understand any of that. Don’t watch Hockey.

  45. sakic19rules says:


  46. NHLfan96 says:

    @storeflack ya. 22 years going for the cup and after all his detirmination he won it…but it was spolied by the star wars music. *cough sarcasm* get over it

  47. slapshot68 says:

    sry devils fans even though brodeur has the most everything, he not the number 1 ranked goalie of all time. this game costed him number 1. he never beat roy to win a stanley cup. 3 goals allowed compared to 1 for roy.

  48. slapshot68 says:

    @basssolow5 to be the greatest, u have to beat the greatest n roy did.

  49. slapshot68 says:

    i miss the old nhl. seein the underdog avs beating the favored devils.

  50. ixcuincle says:

    Ray Bourque rewls

    Great moment in hockey history

  51. sugarbean13 says:

    Ah, the hockey of my youth. When refs didn’t need helmets and Roy was still playing. Man, I miss those games.

  52. deathbyninja84 says:

    @Agent21593 dude what do you mean if stastny get healthy he only missed one game this season. if the duke get’s healthy and if jones stays healthy for once it does look good for the future but out D need’s that big shot from the point but we don’t have that

  53. storeflack says:

    the star wars music ruins it all

  54. wakawakacody says:

    @sircool751 i think all playoff games are sold out. I mean phoenix pretty much sold out in the playoffs. But the avs have to compete against the NFL team and the avs are like the 3rd or 4th worst in attendance this year.

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