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Toronto Blue Jays : What People are Saying

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Toronto Blue Jays

Image by Canuckistan
Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox pre-game warm-up at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Latest Toronto Blue Jays News

Mariners-Blue Jays Preview
The Toronto Blue Jays return to Rogers Centre just in time for Jose Bautista to possibly hit his 50th home run in front of the home fans. After a disappointing six-game road trip, Toronto (75-74) opens a three-game series Tuesday night against the league-worst Seattle Mariners. Bautista failed to homer in his fourth straight game Sunday, going 0 for 4 in the Blue Jays’ 6-0 loss to Boston.
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Toronto Blue Jays Will Be Players in 2011
The Toronto Blue Jays have given the Red Sox fits in 2010, so it comes as no surprise that Sox fans think that Toronto will be a player in 2011.
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Blue Jays report: Notes, quotes
Blue Jays failed to hit a home run in Sunday’s 6-0 loss in Boston for the first time since Aug]]
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Toronto Blue Jays Reader Q&A

Question by Noah: How much would a baseball bat signed by the Toronto Blue Jays 2007 team be worth?
I won a bat in a raffle at a baseball game that was signed by the 2007 Toronto Blue Jays team. How much do you think the bat would be worth, and are there any players from the team that made it into the hall of fame? Please help, thanks.


Answer by Texas Longhorns #1
You could sell it on EBAY to some idiot for like $ 40 probably.

Answer by Fungo
About $ 200 Canadian.
The only one on that team under strong consideration for the HOF is Frank Thomas.
Jays finished the season at 83-79.

Question by Tanya: When did the Toronto Blue Jays season start in 2010?
I would just like to know when the Toronto Blue Jays season start in 2010, and who is playing for the Blue Jays this year.


Answer by Sac W
April 5

Starting rotation

* 27 Brett Cecil
* 30 Dana Eveland
* 28 Shaun Marcum
* 23 Brandon Morrow
* 24 Ricky Romero


* 57 Shawn Camp
* 37 Scott Downs
* 54 Jason Frasor
* 44 Casey Janssen
* 50 Rommie Lewis
* 17 Josh Roenicke


* 63 Kevin Gregg


* 14 John Buck
* 8 José Molina


* 11 Álex González
* 2 Aaron Hill
* 18 Mike McCoy
* 6 John McDonald
* 35 Lyle Overbay


* 19 José Bautista
* 15 Fred Lewis
* 26 Adam Lind
* 45 Travis Snider
* 10 Vernon Wells

Designated hitters

* 21 Randy Ruiz


* 49 Jeremy Accardo
* 39 Jesse Carlson
* 40 Reidier González
* 59 Brad Mills
* 47 Luis Pérez
* 25 David Purcey
* 60 Robert Ray
* 34 Marc Rzepczynski †
* 56 Brian Tallet †


* — Shawn Bowman
* 11 Brian Dopirak
* 12 Edwin Encarnación †
* — Adeiny Hechavarria
* 5 Jarrett Hoffpauir


* 7 Jeremy Reed


* 43 Cito Gaston


* 55 Brian Butterfield (third base)
* 22 Rick Langford (bullpen)
* 16 Nick Leyva (bench)
* 52 Omar Malave (first base)
* 41 Dwayne Murphy (hitting)
* 53 Bruce Walton (pitching)

60-day disabled list

* 58 Dirk Hayhurst
* 51 Jesse Litsch
* 29 Dustin McGowan
* 48 Scott Richmond

Answer by Sunnie TwiHard
Wednesday March 3

Answer by Ryan
# Pitchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
57 Shawn Camp R-R 6’0″ 205 Nov 18, 1975
27 Brett Cecil R-L 6’1″ 235 Jul 2, 1986
37 Scott Downs L-L 6’2″ 210 Mar 17, 1976
30 Dana Eveland L-L 6’1″ 235 Oct 29, 1983
54 Jason Frasor R-R 5’10” 175 Aug 9, 1977
63 Kevin Gregg R-R 6’6″ 240 Jun 20, 1978
44 Casey Janssen R-R 6’3″ 225 Sep 17, 1981
50 Rommie Lewis L-L 6’5″ 230 Sep 2, 1982
28 Shaun Marcum R-R 6’0″ 195 Dec 14, 1981
23 Brandon Morrow R-R 6’3″ 195 Jul 26, 1984
17 Josh Roenicke R-R 6’3″ 195 Aug 4, 1982
24 Ricky Romero R-L 6’0″ 210 Nov 6, 1984
# Catchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
14 John Buck R-R 6’3″ 230 Jul 7, 1980
8 Jose Molina R-R 6’2″ 235 Jun 3, 1975
# Infielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
11 Alex Gonzalez R-R 5’11” 215 Feb 15, 1977
2 Aaron Hill R-R 5’11” 205 Mar 21, 1982
18 Mike McCoy R-R 5’9″ 175 Apr 2, 1981
6 John McDonald R-R 5’10” 175 Sep 24, 1974
35 Lyle Overbay L-L 6’2″ 235 Jan 28, 1977
# Outfielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
19 Jose Bautista R-R 6’0″ 195 Oct 19, 1980
15 Fred Lewis L-R 6’2″ 200 Dec 9, 1980
26 Adam Lind L-L 6’1″ 215 Jul 17, 1983
45 Travis Snider L-L 6’0″ 235 Feb 2, 1988
10 Vernon Wells R-R 6’1″ 230 Dec 8, 1978
# Designated Hitter B/T Ht Wt DOB
21 Randy Ruiz R-R 6’3″ 250 Oct 19, 1977

Their First game was on April 5th 2010 and they lost to the Texas Rangers 5-4
Their next home games are on May 14th-May 18th
Playing the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins on a 2 series home-stand.

Toronto Blue Jays Video of the Day

From April 7, 1977 at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. Blue Jays’ pitcher Bill Singer faces Chicago White Sox leadoff hitter Ralph Garr in the first game in the history of the Blue Jays franchise. Don Chevrier with the play-by-play and Whitey Ford in the color commentator.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. iamnewfie1 says:

    cannot understand why the jays today are wearing black?

  2. wdm1219 says:

    Love seeing these retro uniforms again. I never realized they had snow on the ground. I had forgotten they played outdoors til 1989 at Exhibition Stadium. Would have been amusing to see the White Sox wearing their Bermuda Shorts in this weather!!!

  3. juanito1975 says:

    would you happen to have the clip of when the jays won their first AL east championship in ’85?

  4. ErikS1975FreeState says:

    How often do Baseball players have to worry about getting snowballs thrown at them

  5. mikey7619 says:

    One of my fondest memories was my dad taking us to a jays game in 1981 vs the California angels when danny ainge played for the jays

  6. andreasox23 says:

    The dreaded lead off walk…

  7. nick4285 says:

    haha. yeah the old white turf.

  8. kisscactus says:

    Look at that… there’s snow on the field!

  9. endlessmountain says:

    That was a cool stadium. The left field seats were so cheap as there were $2 days and free tickets there came fairly easy with tickets from buying groceries even before the stadium closed

  10. gun4hire says:

    Catchers didn’t know how to catch in 1977

  11. vardiss22 says:

    @Tubewings LOL…true but it was a “tacky” decade in general for pro sports uniforms….the houston astros , the padres, in MLB…the denver nuggets in the NBA…the l.a. kings in the NHL….and the tampa bay bucs in the NFL to name just a few.

  12. bluejayfan50 says:

    @Patros2006 it was canadian

  13. hoopsheavenpa says:

    I don’t know what is more offensive, the White Sox uniforms or the fact Whitey Ford is calling a Blue Jays game in Canada.

  14. jfab64 says:

    To my knowledge, the game is complete. The Jays should put it on DVD. I’d buy it! Both the Jays and White Sox are my two favorite American League teams (the Mets will always remain my number one team, however)!

  15. Patros2006 says:

    I wonder what the temperature was like outside

  16. LastUnicornEver says:

    Doug Ault!! Doug Ault!!

  17. mft1180 says:

    @Tubewings The 1977 White Sox had the best uni’s in baseball!!

  18. Tubewings says:

    Anyone else here think the uniforms that the White Sox wore during that time were tacky?

  19. crlaw75 says:

    Nice to see this!

  20. bluebear1985 says:

    It’s kind of interesting to know that Bill Singer almost didn’t play for the Jays. Before the season started, a trade was voided to send him to the Yankees for a pitching prospect because Singer was on the cover of the Jays first media guide, and they thought that would bring bad publicity. As it was, Singer only went 2-6 in his only season with the Jays, the last of his career.

  21. sailorhikaru85 says:

    Wow, Whitey Ford was the color commentator on the Blue Jays first broadcast…

  22. cutterTML says:

    @RetroBoyWontDie yes that is Chevrier for CBC

  23. QuizGuy66 says:

    Awesome video. Thanks! Seems like that at-bat encapsulated that first difficult Blue Jays season 🙂 Love the unis as well

  24. RetroBoyWontDie says:

    I assume that’s Don Chevrier.

  25. torontodave says:

    I don’t think we’ll have snow tomorrow at the Skydome to welcome the White Sox

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