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Toronto Raptors : Latest From the Web

Published on September 12, 2010 by   ·   25 Comments

Latest Toronto Raptors News

Toronto Raptors rookie F Ed Davis undergoes knee surgery
Raptors rookie forward Ed Davis is recovering after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his right knee.
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Raptors’ first-round pick Davis has knee surgery
Toronto Raptors rookie forward Ed Davis underwent knee surgery on Monday.
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Raptors rookie Davis undergoes surgery
Toronto Raptors first-round draft choice Ed Davis is recovering after knee surgery.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors Fantasy Basketball Preview on #GMTR #NBA #Fantasybasketball Bargnani in the THIRD round baby! – by Erik_Ong (Erik@GiveMeTheRock)

Francisco Elson podpisał umowę z Utah Jazz, Ronald Dupree z Toronto Raptors, a Malik Allen z Orlando Magic. – by PiotrMakulec (Piotr Makulec)

Phoenix Suns vs Toronto Raptors (Center Lower Section 118 Row 15) 0: Section 118 Row 15 pair of seats, 0 FIR… freevancouver1 (Vancouver Tix)

Toronto Raptors Reader Q&A

Question by donovan: Should the Orlando Magic at Toronto Raptors be one of the games of the year?
With Turkoglu on the Raptors and VC coming back to Toronto, should be on ESPN, although they never nationally televise the Raptors.


Answer by Miles
Ya it will be interesting because Toronto hates vince carter, hedo was a former magic, and bosh/dwight are good friends.

Answer by Vbnm

Answer by Ron Burgundy[Nets/Magic in 2010]
Yea, and maybe Vince can hit a halfcourt fade-away 3 to send it into OT, then hit a reverse alley oop game winner, Just like last year…

Question by BJ: Where can I find Toronto Raptors Jersey in San Jose area?
I want to buy a Toronto Raptors jersey. Any sports stores in the bay area that carries wide variety of jerseys?


Answer by Anthony W
Go to and you can buy any teams stuff.

Toronto Raptors Video of the Day

Jose Calderon scored 24 points and 13 assists to lead the victory at Boston 114-112… Calderon scored the last basket for the win.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. paulaspain1997 says:

    Diooooooos miiooooo calderonn quee maquinaa!!

  2. RyanMac2025 says:

    OMG I remember this so clearly. I was watching the game with my dad on TV and when the ball was intercepted I was already walking away from the TV. That’s when my dad yelled out, “Mo Pete hit a three!” I was in shock haha.

  3. Sonido007 says:

    @DWadeheat03 LOL Im a Raps fan and know thats not gonna happen.. but to imagine..and Sonny Weems has by far becoming my favourite Raptor along with Derozan..those two rock and are entertaining to watch =D.. and I actually think he is capable of putting up 20ppg but he needs a few more years to do so.

  4. BEANSvsPENCILS says:

    We were gonna get Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler for Calderon and Evans….Too Bad it didn’t work out

  5. GaryJiangMusic says:

    @justindyck Jose got a lucrative contract..thats what happened

  6. GameTrailersGT says:

    Raptors are the best and dwadeheat03 finaly someone talking bout sonny weems I’ve always had fate in him and you know what he said once before bosh left “weather bosh leaves or stays I’m taking over this team” fuck Boston go Toronto and bosh

  7. burtonman989 says:

    @DWadeheat03 dude i wish

  8. gicaasdasf23423221 says:

    DIEWITODJproductions I m an awesome 5’7 white guy and I can dunk easily. Anyone can easily do it, just use the right workout. I personally followed the one at “50inch vertical [dot] com” but any training program is fine if they work that is… lol
    Toronto Raptors Jose Calderon beats Boston Celtics Big Three ejrtkwvwjogou onyqlwzfjatymjehj #DIEWITODJproductions

  9. mrsammy385 says:

    by far the most entertaining game I have ever seen.

  10. goanyways says:

    I miss this Calderon he was fun to watch

  11. bfahren says:

    @justindyck Its called injury.

  12. justindyck says:

    Oh Jose what has happened to you…

  13. Joe402 says:

    Suck it Boston

  14. thanksgivings1 says:

    a little flashback of when they played with some emotion

  15. howardvang52 says:

    DIEWITODJproductions, yo that is beast. this is spurting from someone who s the shortest on his team but finish alley dunks. I checked out the nba training program at 50 inch vertical (dot) com and gained past 15 inches on my leap.

  16. DWadeheat03 says:

    Raps r winning the finals next year for sure, sonny weems is going to awaken from his sleep and dominate with 20 ppg just wait n see

  17. gangstaboiw says:

    @rcinglad lol word

  18. rcinglad says:

    @gangstaboiw we cant play defense if we have lazy european garbage on our team i say we trade em all lol

  19. wilsonnixon711 says:

    DIEWITODJproductions nice video, reminds me of me in college – haha. I’m 5 8 and I am able to windmill dunk. I used the real nba workout plan that that even Kobe and Ray Allen both used. Check out the program at – 50inch vertical[dot]com

  20. garrypeter167 says:

    DIEWITODJproductions I m 5 8 and dunk easily – I’m awesome haha. How can I jump so high? look at 50 inch vertical (dot) com

    Toronto Raptors Jose Calderon beats Boston Celtics Big Three

  21. chefawkes says:

    Yo littleozzy. just cuz we can embed youtube vids on realgm, doesn’t mean we still won’t come here and call you the bitch ass faggot you are.

  22. mattrospecs says:

    Little Ozzy is still a nincompoop, pencil-neck, blockhead motherfucker.

  23. leonblake3747 says:

    DIEWITODJproductions If you play bball at all, you gotta check out – vert jump training (dot) com – It’s a famous workout that will def make you start dunking without even going to the local gym , it’s optional!

    Toronto Raptors Jose Calderon beats Boston Celtics Big Three

  24. infamousmobb47 says:

    wtf u guys r fags. u no nothin bout the raptors. raptors r amazing on D, they only doin bad because Bosh is out.

  25. 551769 says:

    @Jrotten11 true say just hope their offence is good enough to make the playoffs

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