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Washington Redskins-Diesel destroys Dallas!

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We Want Dallas and got them on January 22, 1983. John Riggins led the Skins to the Super Bowl with 140 yards rushing. This one featured the Hogs, the Fun Bunch and a Dexter Dazed Danny White.
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Number1Dougster says:

    Riggins was a beast! THOSE were the days!

  2. tombotucker says:

    @dallas5sb Tell you what though, I’m a lifelong Redskins fan – actually born in DC and all – and I’m thinking about starting a Tony Romo fan club. There’s NOBODY I’d rather see with the ball in his hands at a crucial time … he’s a guaranteed fuck up at any important juncture in a must-have game.

  3. Stickman53fe says:

    @onblock7 Thanks, though I didn’t have a choice!

  4. onblock7 says:

    @Stickman53fe Funny my pops side is Irish and My Moms dad had alot of native in him! Good mix there man!

  5. onblock7 says:

    @bradominus Thats because the idiot owner goes after this big name idiots like Haynesworth who are not team players and tries to build a team that way instead of through the draft or through character guys! Thats why it will not be that way while he is there.

  6. giles422 says:

    Great post, great cut, nice job.

  7. gochr1s says:

    thx big-time for posting this, but even you left out Mike Nelms’ long kickoff return that sparked a scoring drive.

  8. 21SCOTTDogg says:

    Redskins are the shit Dallas cowpukeys

  9. 21SCOTTDogg says:

    Haha Dallas sucks

  10. DillonRussell10 says:

    this was back in 1983 you sweaty little penis.

  11. DillonRussell10 says:

    @Number1Dougster REDSKINS SUCK!

  12. DillonRussell10 says:

    @mrkingofkings REDSKINS SUCK!

  13. DillonRussell10 says:

    @rayjr62 REDSKINS SUCK!

  14. DillonRussell10 says:

    @beowulven REDSKINS SUCK!

  15. DillonRussell10 says:

    @stack67 REDSKINS SUCK!

  16. DillonRussell10 says:


  17. REDTROOP44 says:

    John Riggins will always be the greatest ever REDSKIN. No fancy shit just head down and hit that line hard.

  18. stack67 says:

    John Riggins is the man!

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  19. pretorious700 says:

    Was this before Danny White’s career in gay porn? He was definitely a “bottom” on that sunday.

  20. beowulven says:

    Washington Redskins are, truly, America’s team.

  21. DallasCowboysOwnYou says:


  22. rayjr62 says:

    Love it. And the best part? The 49ers weren’t there (they had gotten their asses kicked a week earlier by the Redskins). Sweet.

  23. pretorious700 says:

    @CowboysOwnEaglesLMAO If the Redskins sucked that day, pray tell what did the Cowboys do?

  24. giles422 says:

    Post the whole game! Would love to see this one again- and I’m a Giant fan who misses the old Redskins and RFK Stadium.

    all the best and thanks for this much.

  25. Number1Dougster says:

    Riggins was one of a kind! Amazing fullback!

  26. Fowtowsjop says:

    @DrumNBassHero Wtf is your problem, many disabled people talk like that, get the fuck off the internet.

  27. theMadH8r says:

    drum u r an ass let it happen to one of your kids u piece of shit

  28. DrumNBassHero says:

    0:41 the worst retarded impression ever

  29. thermaldog says:

    looks a bit wierd…never heard of this before, is she bullshitting? and why would she do it? does she get paid for acting like a dick head? ha ha

  30. 1RadicalOne says:

    But that does not change you anti-vac nuts, will it? Will you take the road usually taken by creationists and conspiracy theorists, either ignoring the discrediting entirely, or claiming it is part of some vast conspiracy to hide the truth.


  31. 1RadicalOne says:

    While mercury certainly is damaging to the nervous system, this story has been proven fake, over, and over, and OVER AGAIN.

  32. camy205 says:

    I feel so sorry for this girl… Fuck me that’s sad.

  33. odin650 says:

    If you had “Uncontrolable”, muscle spasms, the law of averages would have you on your ass like a hippie getting tazed every 20 seconds.

  34. marzsc says:

    check out

    and check at 0:25 seconds when she used her left hand to clear her hair out of her face. that is some well controlled fine motor skills that a dystonic patient would not be able to do.

    she has been faking it all along.

  35. monkeynuts76 says:

    Now you people see the proof what 2 minutes of intense sex is like with me and the side effects it has on women.

  36. TheWhoracle says:

    Shes still a great dancer

  37. alexzander916 says:

    @Splangy1 thats so mEAN BUT FUNNI

  38. NBABALLER88 says:

    This is why you dont take the swine flu shot. i didint no one should also take the seasonal flu shot it is just a plan to kill of the population to bring the NWO. WAKE UP SHEEP.

  39. JoeCrazyEyes says:

    Is she krumping?

  40. AnagramISP says:

    Maybe this was the real cause…

  41. AnagramISP says:

    ” The problem appears to have stemmed from pharmacy staff members not shaking or inadequately shaking the stock bottle of carbamazepine suspension before preparing the smaller bottle. If an unopened stock bottle of a suspension was inadequately shaken before preparing a smaller bottle, the suspension that was poured out could potentially be less concentrated than expected. The remainder of the stock suspension would then be more highly concentrated

  42. AnagramISP says:

    Both situations could potentially lead to significant variability in doses, which could affect disease control (ie, recurrence of seizures resulting from the less-concentrated carbamazepine suspension dispensed). This variability is particularly significant for drugs with a narrow therapeutic index. Even if the suspension is adequately shaken prior to dispensing, if patients do not shake the medication properly, similar variability in doses can occur ”

  43. greenmonkeys71 says:

    @MrGametris fuck off asshole, its just his opinion

  44. kikiliop says:

    its Fake Peoples!!!!!

  45. MrGametris says:

    @Splangy1 How do you know she is fakin, retarded bitch ? Go to hell fuckin jew

  46. silkcat51 says:

    “Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder”

    “The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) decided on Tuesday to recommend that vaccinations against swine flu with the Pandemix vaccine should be suspended until it is established whether or not the vaccine is the cause of the surge in cases of narcolepsy among children and young people,” reports Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanoma

  47. silkcat51 says:

    “Europe, U.S. ban Australia-made flu vaccine for kids”
    The US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices did not want children aged nine and below to get the Afluria shot, the U.S. version of CSL’s Fluvax, as the vaccine cause fibrile convulsion.
    CSL’s Fluvax is the only vaccine in the world that combines seasonal and swine flu strains.
    It is approved by the World Health Organization

    ibtimes . com/contents/20100818/europes-ban-australia-made-flu-vaccine-kids.htm

  48. Mgirlygirl143 says:

    it sucks cuz she is soo pretty

  49. MyM40iZB4NGiiN says:

    @edwardelric2020 I agree. Sucks shes not gonna be on the field ever again

  50. aricxx123 says:

    honestly i think we have a case of re-tar-dation here

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