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Washington Wizards in Review – A Look Back

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Washington Wizards

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Growing up as a sports fan in Washington, D.C. in the 1980s, there were some damn good times. The Skins could be counted upon to go to the Super Bowl every few years – and they typically raised a banner when they went. The Orioles won a World Series when I was at that perfect baseball age of 9 years old. And maybe the Capitals were perennial Patrick Division bridesmaids, but they at least were a competitive team full of colorful characters, much like my beloved Skins were.

Of course, things would change over the years. Redskins ownership has since turned the franchise into a punch line. The Orioles seem further away than ever, now that we have an NL doormat right here in town. And the Caps may be the best team in town, but honestly, I’m way too fucking smart, clean and handsome for hockey culture. That’s just a fact.

And then there were the Bullets.…

Latest Washington Wizards News

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Wizards narrow field for next voice of the franchise
“Fans really grow up with that voice in their head. If we can win the playoffs and one day win a championship, that voice will be very, very important,” says Wizards owner Ted Leonsis.
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20 Days, 20 Questions: Josh Howard, the unofficial newcomer
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Washington Wizards Reader Q&A

Question by Brandon R: Washington Wizards…..?
Considering the Wizards selected John Wall and company at last nights 2010 NBA Draft, how well do they do this year? do you think they keep Gilbert Arenas and his expensive contract? do they sign any free agents? let me know what you think about this i am a huge washington wizards fan..


Answer by #1volfan
they still are a bottom dweller this year. but they obviously have a bright future in j wall. if they were smart they would get rid of arenas

Answer by JOЯDAN
they need a good big man

Question by nice_n_easy: Why was the Washington bullets name change to Washington wizards?
Was the naming of Washington of bullets to wizards have anything to do with the shooting of students in the US schools?

Why take on the school or basketball club naming of bullets anyway if that would be the case. Washington bullets name is way back from the 1950’s to the 70’s until now they decided to change it to wizards. Just curious about the name. What’s in the name?


Answer by kaye

Answer by 1fly_dude
good question

Answer by simpsonkeith9
too violent i believe

Question by $$[CodeBlack]$$: What do you guys think of the Washington Wizards and are they a canidate to win the Eastern Conference?
What do you guys think of the Washington Wizards and are they a canidate to win the Eastern Conference? I mean they did have the highest scoring trio in the NBA last season. They have an Allstar(Gilbert Arenas), Rebounds(Antawn Jamison), Defence(Caron Butler) and now with their Draft Pick Oleksiy Pecherov who might suprise people with his shooting and downlow prescence.


Answer by catsarewild
Probably not this year, I mean they a great team but, there are teams better than them in that conference (Miami, Detroit, Indiana)

Answer by indianalee
Will they be a candidate? Yes. Do I think it’s likely? No. The East is loaded with excellent talent. It is by far way too early to speculate on what is going to happen nearly one year from now. But if I were to venture a prediction at this point I’d pick the Detroit Pistons as Eastern Conference champions. Other teams sure to be in the mix: Miami and New Jersey. And I think Washington is very close to being in that group. Close but no cigar: Cleveland, Chicago, and Indiana.

Answer by Mrs.Dwade
Not this year srry!Miami heat buddy!

Washington Wizards Video of the Day

Great ending to Wizards game where Gilbert Arenas sinks 3 free throws with 0.1 seconds left to win the game.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (36)

  1. Dr. Semi-Evil says:

    People in the D.C. area felt that the “Bullets” reflected an unfavorable view of D.C., given that the city has had moderate to high crime ratings.

    They would’ve gone with the Senators, but that name copyright was already taken and was being considered for the MLB team, now known as the Nationals.

    They came up with the Wizards b/c in the old days of the nation’s capital, politicians were called “wizards” b/c they could make “magic” happen with government legislation.

    That is what the lore is of the name change, but I know for a fact that the “Bullets” reflected an unfavorable image based on the crime at the time.

  2. turtlebacktwo says:

    The Washington Bullets changed to Wizards when the team move into the MCI Center for the 1997-98 season. The name was chosen through a telephone poll that allowed callers to pick one of five nicknames — Wizards, Sea Dogs, Dragons, Express and Stallions.

    Owner Abe Pollin thought he could make a difference with an antiviolence campaign, which he believed was more important than the nickname of a team.

    No one was thrilled by the name.

  3. chinamigarden says:

    The club thought that the name gave an unfavorable view of the team because of the violence accociated with it.

    Unfortunately they didn’t realise that the violence was associated with the Washington part of the name and not necessarily in the Bullets part. If you have ever been to DC you understand what I am saying. If you get a flat tire at night, ride the rim until you get out of town.

  4. Adam P says:

    DC was the murder capital at the time
    so changed it for politically correctness

  5. andyjumpman23 says:

    cuz they felt like it

  6. The Corinthian says:

    In 1995, owner Abe Pollin announced that the franchise was to be renamed because Bullets carried violent overtones, which he wanted to repudiate,[1] especially since Washington was experiencing some of the highest homicide rates in the country at the time.

  7. jsharpe187 says:

    good team, but i think miami might be the team to beat. also, we’ll have to see if the bull’s new players are any good. they have potential

  8. kel m says:

    NO. They are a good scoring team but have no size. No size means no shot blocking or rebounding. Don’t get me starting on their defense. They let Lebron walk to the basket to win a PLAYOFF game!!! 2nd round is the best they can hope for.

  9. Akeja says:

    i the the pistons, cavs, and heat are still too much for the wizards

  10. steve nash says:

    thyr definitly a contendor w/ gilbert haywood and jamison oh yea whos that other guy he was on the heat then got traded 4 Shaq 2 the Lakers then 2 Waashington 4 Kwame

  11. ninerfaninsanjose says:

    nope…..they gotta get past cleveland first….both seem to me like…teams playing OVER THIER HEAD…..but they are not ready…i mean THEY COULDNT beat the cavs..last year..sheesh….

  12. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    Good luck next year from a Bulls fan. Kirk Hinrich is a good guy and can shoot the 3 pointer.

  13. skillfilledarmo says:

    No you’re wrong.

  14. skillfilledarmo says:

    Gilbert Arenas is the best basketball player in the world.

  15. skillfilledarmo says:

    Gilbert Arenas is the best basketball player in the world.

  16. skillfilledarmo says:

    He’s not stupid he’s the best basketball player.

  17. Pinoyballin06 says:


  18. redted000 says:

    even tho gils stupid, i bet he and john wall r gonna play pretty good together

  19. Hollywood1127 says:

    I STILL LOVE GILBERT. I think he is still a key to this team being great. If they are going to deny the man a career over one incident, then they need to re-think. People thought he was the best thing in Washington before he got in trouble. I still think he is good.

  20. diop2 says:

    most rigged shit ever srsly…wizards didn’t deserve that win, clearly the foul call at the end was after teh buzzer even though he did get fouled b4 the buzzer, the foulcall they made was after. n the tech was a joke srsly u cant tech someone at that stage of the game to win it

    NBA so rigged

  21. applemac555 says:

    taken to the rack with authority…..

  22. kIdIsFrE3sH112695 says:

    I think arenas just wanted the team change the teams name back to the Washington bullets

  23. spacetoilet says:

    cheating thug scumbag

  24. RavensScrewSteelers says:

    Yeah, except it was against the Pacers. I felt so terrible for those guys that night. They got robbed!

  25. Gilbert0Hibachi says:

    this just happend to the wizards yesterday. i guess what goes around comes around

  26. luke12191 says:

    Refs blew this game like usual

  27. rockboy365987826 says:

    wtf, no1 cares, that has notin 2 do with the video

  28. Chris10237 says:

    I loved that game.

  29. MyDogBrownie says:

    my dawg

  30. MyDogBrownie says:

    Arenas is my favorite player,but that was just homo

  31. MyDogBrownie says:

    what the fuk dat got to do wit anything?

  32. baerumsverk0 says:

    arenas got balls

  33. NAMRON42 says:

    Arenas got some Big Ass Balls…….

  34. RavensScrewSteelers says:

    I’m a big Wizards fan, and I’m happy as hell that we won this game, but I agree with you. I think Golden State did get robbed

  35. hfconan4869 says:

    nelson wins it for the wizards

  36. woutakasinistra says:

    Good job Donnie Nelson!

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