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Washington Wizards : What People are Saying

Published on September 1, 2010 by   ·   28 Comments

Latest Washington Wizards News

Retro Washington Bullets Gear Back in Production
The NBA lifts a ban on making Washington Bullets items that was imposed after Gilbert Arenas’s locker room gun incident. Gilbert Arenas – Washington Wizards – National Basketball Association – NBA – Recreation
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Wizards report: Roster
–G Kirk Hinrich (trade with Bulls).
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Washington Wizards Reader Q&A

Question by repplaaayyyy: washington wizards?
What off season moves are they thinking of making?


Answer by NDallasRuss
They’re not going to do much of anything:

“While Grunfeld isn’t shy about making a deal, the Wizards president of basketball operations likes the talent and chemistry of his current roster. Two straight playoff berths and strong recent performances against top teams – including a 3-0 regular season mark this season against Detroit – have him feeling good about the team’s future.

“I’m comfortable with what we have,” Grunfeld said Tuesday, “because I think we’ve shown that we can compete on the highest level with anybody. Having said that, you always look for things to see if you can make your team better. I think we’ve shown in our three years here that if the right opportunity presents itself, we’re not afraid to pull the trigger.”

“I believe in continuity,” he said. “I believe in consistency, and you can’t make wholesale changes every single year and expect to have that good chemistry.”

Even if Grunfeld wanted to be aggressive this summer, his options would be limited.

All of his top players, except Jared Jeffries, are already under contract for next season. The Wizards are over the salary cap, and the impending free agency crop isn’t very impressive, anyway. Trades are always possible, but no team is going to give up what every Washington fan would like to have: a dominant big man.”

Answer by lildrumuboi
I don’t know any moves they wizards did.

Question by Thomas: Now that the Washington Wizards have the number 1 pick will they also get LeBron James?
The Washington Wizards won the John Wall sweepstakes. Does this mean that big name free agent players will want to sign with the Wizards so they can play with John Wall? Do you think they will be able to get John Wall, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh?
Gilbert is in Jail.


Answer by Leaping Frogs
No they all want a championship they dont want to go backwards chances are very slim but u never know

Answer by The King™
I dont think lebron cares about a rookie guard who is not up to the superstar level as derrick rose or dwane wade, lebron will want to play with another superstar caliber player not a rookie who hasent proved himself. And the washington wizards still wont have enough talent for what lebron wants on a team.

Answer by Killuminatus
idk, but Wizards already got a point guard in Gilbert Arenas so in my opinion, they should take someone like Evan Turner or Wesley Johnson and then get a big name free agent, which would probably be Lebron or Bosh

Washington Wizards Video of the Day

A montage for the Washington Wizards that is played in Verizon Center

What do you think? Answer below!


Readers Comments (28)

  1. Alex Tanasic says:

    If they actually play the game they won’t care about the salary and care about winning a championship. Greedy Buttholes.

  2. 370zfreak says:

    want to add that the wizards will be perfect? #1 pick would take more money away.

  3. baudkarma says:

    Nobody is going to be in a rush to play with a rookie point guard, no matter how good he was in college. There’s a decent chance Wall will turn out to be a bust, or just an average player. Even if he becomes an all-star, it’ll take him two or three years to reach that level.

  4. RavensScrewSteelers says:

    I’m a huge Wizards fan…but I’m FUCKING SICK OF LOSING AND STRUGGLING! What don’t we get about winning???????

  5. TheHarmCityDefense says:


  6. RavensScrewSteelers says:

    Don’t forget that they signed Fabricio Oberto just a few days ago. I think he’ll be another good player for us

  7. ChazzyNazzy45 says:

    Yea but who knows, maybe we could use the mone to sign someone like rasheed wallace… I still thinik we should have pick Dejaun Blair at 32, he would be a perfect fit

  8. shaq0neal321 says:

    I want the original Wizards back, Gil, Antawn, Caron, Brendan, Deshawn, Etan, Roger, Andray, Dominic, Nick, Songaila, Antonio, that is what i call the Wizards Team

  9. HKISfreak1 says:

    i love the wizards but they made the stupidest trade in the world. they traded their draft pick to the rockets for cash!

  10. uthetargetnow says:

    We’ll trade you Amare for the #5 pick?????? PLEASE!!!!!1

  11. FLIP0325 says:

    roger mason is the one that got away from us, and losing him via free agency (plus our injuries) screwed us this season

  12. arenas0wizards says:

    fantastic video!!!

  13. robert09876543261124 says:

    I dont care how bad the wizards are they will always be my favorite team…

  14. franmac55 says:

    Go Wiz

  15. bobbytiger says:

    Your right on target there muskies…….
    With the exception of the CAPS. (That’s the sport in town that is primarily played by white guys).

  16. bobbytiger says:

    Throw the ball to the white American………


  17. tommycecc says:

    nice vid!
    what the song name_?

  18. YapiKredi says:

    ready to rule

  19. muskies216 says:

    Afirst ur a fucking moron cuz u cant spell second u actually think im jealous of ur shitty ass sports teams they are only an excuse to put entertainment in the nations capitol….GO CAVS

  20. rkoptj says:

    ok whatever jelouse person

  21. Sutac21 says:

    Wow you may be the biggest fag on the face of the earth. Do your family and parents a favor and jump of the nearest bridge.

  22. muskies216 says:

    washington sports=joke

  23. Cadillac2305 says:


  24. nuggetswizards says:

    ****ing Bulls fans, Arenas and CO eat players like rose for breakfast and its not irony.
    When beat up Chicago in playoffs?
    Oh, they did´nt play there…

  25. rkoptj says:

    finally a fan that isnt blinded by his own shit! thank you man!

  26. Matya247 says:

    I’m a Bulls fan, but the Wizards are the shit.

  27. SixthDream77 says:

    fuck stevenson, He made the wizards a fucking joke.

  28. ttyleralwaysbeballin says:

    yea u suck at life being a cavs fan huh yea have a nice time jerking off 2 those lebron videos

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