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What People are Saying about the Buffalo Bills

Published on September 9, 2010 by   ·   27 Comments

Buffalo Bills

Image by gem66
We have been cleaning house and ran across an old magazine with this ad in it. Buffalo Bill’s business partner was Nate Salsbury, my grandfather’s first cousin. My dad’s first name was Nate and middle name was Salsbury, obviously named for his first cousin once removed.

Latest Buffalo Bills News

Buffalo Bills lose LB Posluszny to knee injury
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) – The Buffalo Bills’ already banged-up linebacking group could be down another key player after Paul Posluszny sustained what’s being described as a potential long-term knee injury on Sunday. Coach Chan Gailey said it’s too early to determine the severity of the injury to Posluszny because the …
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Buffalo Bills Start Season
BUFFALO, N.Y. – The Bills and the Dolphins are set to open the season today in Orchard Park. The Dolphins have not won at Ralph Wilson Stadium since 2003. They arrive with high expectations after adding receiver Brandon Marshall, a two-time pro bowler and former Denver Bronco.
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Fred Jackson of Buffalo Bills gives 2009 jersey to Hall of Fame
Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson presented the jersey he wore in the 2009 season finale against the Indianapolis Colts to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in a ceremony before the Bills’ opener against Miami on Sunday.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Buffalo Bills

I just saw a clip of tonights epi of Hoarders and…um…makes Buffalo Bills place look like the Ritz. – by chris106243 (Chris)

RT @Adam_Schefter: Bills also placed LB Kawika Mitchell on injured reserve, which is a blow to Buffalo‘s defense. – by PauloESPN (Paulo Antunes)

Buffalo Bills Reader Q&A

Question by Matty T.: What are good places to buy Buffalo Bills memorabilia and apparel online?
I know you can buy stuff at like, etc.I wanna know other places that most people may not know about that specialize in buffalo bills fan apparel if anyone knows any. Thanks.


Answer by Dylan E (R.I.P. Harry Kalas) if you want fake jerseys. But they look real.

Answer by Michael DeJong
Check The Teams Website or
Just search “Cheap Buffalo Bills Apparel”.
That’s what i do for the Vikings
Try webistes like etc.

Answer by bioya90
Try I’m certain they might have some,

Question by hello_russ: What songs would you put on a Buffalo Bills playlist?
I already know about Buffalo Bills (shout). I am looking for about 10 songs that I could make a playlist out of to listen to before the Raiders – Bills game. Thanks.


Answer by Darren A
Loser by Beck

Answer by J.
“Don’t Stop Believing’ ” – Journey (“BILLeving”)
“In the Air Tonight” – Phil Collins
“Just Like You Imagined” – Nine Inch Nails
“Let’s Go” – Trick Daddy (feat. Lil Jon, Twista)

Just a few I would use.

Question by cae07290: What should I wear for a Buffalo Bills game on Monday?
I am going to a Buffalo Bills game with my bros and some of thier friends. We will be tail gating before and probably going to the bars as well so I want to look cute but be warm. Im gonna be wearing leggings under my jeans for sure but what should I wear on top?


Answer by Christopher
Okay I’m a guy keep in mind, but I’d say a bills fleece jacket with some matching gloves and a hat or a girls (bills obviously) jersey with a hoody underneath. Never underestimate the wind chill that usually takes place at Ralph Wilson. Have fun you lucky SOB I’ll be watching the game down her in Columbus amidst all these dumb@$ $ browns fans. There will be many bills cheers going on trust me. GO BILLS!

Buffalo Bills Video of the Day

“The Comeback” 1992 AFC Wild Card Game- Down To the Houston Oilers 35-3 in the 3rd Quarter, Frank Reich rallys the Buffalo Bills to a 41-38 victory in the greatest comeback in NFL history. This game was blacked out in Buffalo so many people have not seen the actual game.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (27)

  1. Aor S says:

    I try to find the best place for you to buy Buffalo Bills memorabilia and apparel online.
    The prices are good and the quality is best.
    From this link…
    Hope you like some of it. Good Luck!

  2. LIFE says:

    Go to the bills website, they will have all bills apparel. Also check e-bay if you are looking for cheaper prices.

  3. Mrdirtyshirt22 says:

    I have this DVD!

  4. Zaneks2 says:

    @djdeejay81 I wondered why they didnt go for 2 to make it 32-35. That explains it…

  5. TRAWETS64 says:

    Changed my life man. My uncle kicked in the TV that day. It was also the day I decided I was too emotionally involved in sports. Luv ya’ blue. Go fuck yourself Tennessee.

  6. breath1494 says:

    actually here’s the trick. i went to to convert this video to an mp3.

  7. cpac11 says:

    Why is Andre Reed not in the hall of fame?

  8. Danimal14222 says:

    One thing that they don’t get enough credit for this comeback is they did it with Kelly, Thomas, and Bennett on the sidelines…Dallas may have been the better team man for man, but I doubt that the Cowboys could have come back from 35-3 sans Aikman, Smith, and Norton.

  9. 7855waldo says:

    How few people out there appreciate that this game had positive ramifications for the Bills long after this game & season ended?

    Frank Reich QB later conned the Jets into signing him and boy, did he stink. Obviously not all his fault; team sports end up with multiple indictments of incompetence. But boy, did his fallings benefit the other teams in the Jets division!

  10. 7855waldo says:

    When you see how close North Carolina came to knocking off LSU this weekend (college game) and fell just short, you really appreciate the few times when it is possible to come back like this and win.

  11. kingbongbundy says:


    kelly’s knee got messed up in the 1st half

  12. Mikeyski4 says:

    This was talent.

    That was luck.

    Theat was cheat.

  13. djdeejay81 says:

    Thanks Bill, this was the first game I ever watched. Wow they managed to come back when the nfl didnt have 2 point conversions.

  14. Colby1095 says:

    @goskate77 lol right whats he doing watching this

  15. TheBerginton says:

    Wait a second…..where’s Kelly? don’t tell me Frank Reich was the one throwing the football on that game?

  16. goskate77 says:

    @KingKonk95 then go watch an ice hockey video lol

  17. KingKonk95 says:

    boring sport, ice hockey is the best sport

  18. bronxkingz says:

    @kingbongbundy – i remember that- we were so pissed off- imagine having to listen to the game through the radio- everybody on my block when nuts…

  19. bronxkingz says:

    this games still sends chills through my body- thanks for the vid

  20. megaladon1926 says:

    I remember this game. I went crazy when they won this game. Awesome comeback. Go Bills. Bring a title home baby we still have faith in you guys.

  21. mcneal78 says:

    Greatest Comeback Ever! Haven’t seen another one like that since! And i probably never will!

  22. xXxS3NS3IxXx says:

    lol the commentators need to explain the crazy rules to this crazy game. Stop start stop start stop start. Must be something you grow up with I guess.

  23. MisterEvasion says:

    @supermex3663 – I couldn’t imagine an atmosphere in a game like that. Thanks for giving some insight into the fan perspective. When your team is having one of those days, getting blown out and the breaks are all on the other side, you lose your will to cheer them on. Booing is vent of frustration and you know deep down there will be better days. But a game like this where it turns completely around has to be the most satisfying of sports fan experiences!

  24. retroguy1976 says:

    i watched that whole game best game ever

  25. shiggityshake says:

    Kevin Gilbride’s finest hour as an Offensive Coordinator, passing nonstop despite such a comfy lead. The Bills were scary good and had so much confidence in everyone on their team, but still.

  26. supermex3663 says:

    was at this game. ( still have my stub) at halftime the crowd booed the Bills and people were leaving the stadium. by the third qtr people were going nuts and fans were trying to get back in. at that point they couldn’t keep them out and let them return. the place was insane! i would have left myself but i had a 3-4 hour trip back to Rome N.Y. plus i had made a 5 hr trip up from New Jersey to see my mighty Bills. and by the end of the game the Bills made everyone want to SHOUT!!!

  27. angelus4282 says:

    Back in those days, if you faced seemingly insurmountable odds, you’d count your lucky stars if your backup QB was Frank Reich!

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