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What People are Saying about the Ottawa Senators

Published on September 2, 2010 by   ·   58 Comments

Ottawa Senators
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Latest Ottawa Senators News

Senators surge with six third-period goals
LONDON, Ontario — The Ottawa Senators scored six third-period goals Sunday to rally past the Chicago Blackhawks, 7-3, on the second day of the NHL Rookie Tournament at the John Labatt Centre.
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Senators rookies rally to defeat Blackhawks
The Ottawa Senators rookies rallied for a 3-1 deficit early in the third to beat the Chicago Blackhawk rookies 7-3 Sunday.
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Ottawa Rookies Fall to Pittsburgh 5-3
LONDON, ONTARIO- The Ottawa Senators rookies kicked off the 2010 NHL Rookie Tournament at the John Labatt Centre in a Saturday matinee. Things got off to a rocky start.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Weekly Sports League and Franchise Report . Barbrap79 (Barbra Barrett)

Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators — Sat Oct 9 == Tickets for sale :
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators

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Ottawa Senators Reader Q&A

Question by Dr. Ralph B: Ottawa Senators…?
So Eugene Melnyk believes that Roy Mlakar and Brian Murray are taking my Senators in the right direction. My question is, what team should I root for next year?


Answer by ι ♥ goиcнαя
Your a traitor? hop on the bandwagon.

Answer by King Henrik! (1 more win!)
How about…the Senators?

Answer by Minister of Defence
The Binghamton Senators. Might as well take a look at our future players.

Question by Bapo: What are your top reasons for hating the Ottawa Senators?
The Senators are an embarassment as men and hockey players. Any fellow Sabres and/ or hockey fans care to share your disdain for Ottawa.


Answer by babywarthog2
i think they are a good team but i hate them cuz
2. alfredsson is a dirty ass player, he thorws elbows so much
3. they crash the net to hard, pushing the goalie (YOU TOUCH MARTY, YOU DIE)
4. THEY ELIMINATED THE DEVILS (did i already mention that?)
but i would like to see them get to the conference finals cuz i depise the sabres, ducks all the way..

Answer by Bibi
Even though the Sens are a great team (come on, that line with Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson is one of the best lines in the NHL), I have my beef with them… going back to ’96.

The Sens were the worst team that year while the Devils needed to beat them so they can make the playoffs. The Sens won and the Devils missed their chance to defend their title (and Tampa got the last spot). Since that time, even with the talent they have, I just can’t help but not like them because of that. Makes it worse that they beat the Devils this past weekend to make it to the Final 4.

Answer by JK Nation
How are they an embarassment?

They are a terrific hockey team.
They seem to be ok guys as far as I can tell.

Question by daisy: The Ottawa Senators had the best season start in the league, winning eight straight. (see below)?
The Ottawa Senators had the best season start in the league, winning eight straight. Their first loss was to the worst team. Who did they lose to?


Answer by rankinfan
Washington Capitals

Answer by Craig S
They lost 5-3 to Carolina.

The loss to the Capitals was actually their second loss of the season.

Answer by Sher
Washington Capitals for CISNFM

Ottawa Senators Video of the Day

Chris Neil and Gord Wilson do a tour of the Ottawa Senators dressing room. Pretty interesting and neat to see!

Add your own answer in the comments!

Readers Comments (58)

  1. Beer Slayer Go Habs Go! says:

    Maybe offer them your services…I’m sure you’d be able to get them into the playoffs 11 years running. Sure beats what is down the 401!

    *** Means a lot to the fans knowing that they are able to watch at least a few playoff games a year and that the owners actually care about the end product.

    **** Parky…I see logic isn’t one of your strong points.

    ***** Don’t get me wrong Bob…I’m totally p’d that they didn’t manage a Cup during the past few years…but there are a lot of teams in a lot worse situations. I’m just glad to be able to follow a team with owners that actually TRY to make it to the show come spring. The team needs re-building. I’m willing to wait it out.

  2. J.O-Blaze says:

    I’d root for getting a goalie, son!!!!

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    I think the Sens can hit the “on” switch when the play-offs start. LMAO

    I got plenty of thumbs down for saying that they could not and they were toast. We could see it heading into the play-offs. What a mentally fragile bunch.

    Making the play-offs for 11 years means ZERO when there is nothing to show for it. All it was is missed opportunities. I think their window of opportunity has closed. Might not be much different from up the 401 soon.

  4. cdn24fan says:

    I am with Bob on this one, this window may be closed.

    I have little use for Murray, that said the boss gave him a vote of confidence. A vote of confidence and $ 5 still gets you a Starbucks coffee.

    Not knowing what actually went on its hard to say who is at fault, however the captain of the ship, Murray, certainly did not address the Emery situation properly- probably because it meant admitting that signing him was Murray’s mistake.

    What was interesting in watching this mess unfold since December is that it seemed like no one believed it could be more than a little slump. Not management, not the fans and certainly not the players. They fell victim to thinking they were better than they were. The prospect cupboard is starting to look bare also. I see a middle of the pack team for a while, and with big $ tied up in 2-3 players with no goalie maybe a Tampa situation is in store for a few years.

    Minister: you may be right, I think trading Spezza may be an option. You would still get decent value in return. The Hossa for Heatly trade was made when heatly’s value was down but Atlanta still got good value in Hossa and Heatly turned it around in Ottawa. You could get a decent player and prospects for him. You may even be able to get a goalie and unload Emery in the same deal. I think Tampa has proved that 3 star forwards are not enough.

  5. Miss Crosby_*♥* says:

    How bout the penguins .. Gotta love Crosby and Malkin::♥::

  6. your bartender says:

    Congratulations on your decision to leave the fan hood of the biggest bunch of underachieving sucks in the history of hockey.

  7. NOVA79 says:

    Who cares who you should root for? You’re obviously not a true fan anyways.

    Real fans stick with the team no matter what. I’m confident the Sens will be back on top in no time.


  8. RY33 says:

    Pittsburgh Penguins for sure. I hear they are painting a mural from last night’s handshake outside the vistors’ locker room at their new arena.

  9. rob_nillify says:

    well i have to agree with nova….. a fan is based on enjoying the good and bad times of a person, team etc. you can’t change your loyalties just because a team is in disarray and the future looks kind of bleak. i am a montreal fan and for many years now we have seen some pretty bad seasons.. i still kept cheering them and rooting for i would suggest that you stay with a team that you admire… not because they can score goals but rather they can pull themselves out of slumps.

  10. parky says:

    Ottawa – 11 playoff appearances, 0 Stanley Cups

    Down the 401,Leafs – 64 playoff appearances 13 Stanley Cups.
    That’s a Stanley Cup for almost every 5 Appearances in the playoffs

    Still much better then the Sens

    So the logical thing to do is jump ship if you ever want to see a Stanley Cup, even the Leafs have a better chance to win one then the Sens.

  11. natrap99 says:

    haha. the penguins. be a rebel.

  12. tomc8 says:

    You stick with the Sens. Unlike Toronto, at least they have a few pieces of the puzzle to put together a decent team next season.

    Although Gerber is far from the blame they need to take care of goaltending in the offseason and find some smart stay-at-home defensemen who won’t turn the puck over constantly (ahem Meszaros, Volchenkov). And they’re going to have to find some players who will lead on the ice and in the locker room. Even with the wheels coming off we didn’t see any deperation or passion. In my opinion it’s time to reexamine who’s wearing the ‘C’ and ‘A’ on their jerseys. The top line should be ashamed that Vermette and Donovan were their best players.

  13. CanadasNextTopMoron says:

    Glad to see you go – have fun asking stupid questions about whatever team you become a “fan” of next…Let’s hope you don’t abandon the people in your life so quickly…

  14. Jay says:

    You call them “my Senators”, so stick with them. I’ve been a Pens fan since the late 70s and it wasn’t always easy. My brother and I used to go to games all the time in the god awful pre-Lemieux days. Man, were we bad. But I stuck with them and was rewarded by watching the second best player to ever play (so far). Things got rough again a few years ago, but now we have Sid and Malkin and a handful of other great players. True fans stick with their teams through good times and bad.

  15. candy says:

    im a leafs fan and one thing i’v lerned being one is always be true and loyal to your team. so as much as i hate the sens i think you should still root for them . there your team so be a true fan!

  16. the #1 flyers girl says:

    your a perfect example of bandwagonism a religion that is growing in popularity in the nhl *sigh* what a shame

  17. PuckDat says:

    Watch this get another violation notice for saying bad things about the senators.
    1) They stole Hamilton’s hockey team
    2) Alfredsson aka Krusty the clown
    3) It’s Ottawa and the whole country hates that place
    4) As much as people say they are the only Canadian team left, based on the numbers on the rosters they aren’t
    see below:
    Detroit: 9 Canadians, 5 Americans and 16 Europeans
    Buffalo: 13Canadians, 9 Americans and 13 Europeans
    Ottawa: 17 Canadians, 4 Americans and 8 Europeans
    San Jose: 15 Candians, 6 Americans and 6 Europeans
    Anaheim: 22 Canadians, 6 Americans and 4 Europeans.

    These are listed on their current active rosters.

  18. Catherine Earnshaw says:


    and also this:

    The team is so talented, yet they all choose to act like thugs because they’re afraid that a team (aka our Sabres) might actually outplay them otherwise. I absolutely cannot wait for the series to start between these two!

  19. MrDesperation says:

    They’re the Ottawa Senators, who the heck in the U.S(other than hockey fans) will even know them???If they reach the Finals, I gurantee the league is gonna go through another media crisis and the ratings is gonna suffer in a way that is unlike anything you’ve seen in quite some time. On top of that, their games are just not fun to watch.

  20. dRuRy=HoCkEyGoD says:

    The Senators are a great hockey team…but I really don’t like their players. I don’t really think they’re an embarassment, but I guess that’s just your choice of words. Hopefully the Sabres will come out with their best and make Neil, Spezza, Heatley, Alfredsson…basically everyone on that team…look like the Senators we all know and love…you know, the ones that choke everytime playoffs come around.

  21. you says:

    i’m not mad at ottawa….for the most part.

    just don’t like heatley or alfredo-sson

  22. Rockin' Mel S says:

    Because the expansion franchise should have been awarded to Hamilton and not Ottawa. I’d better explain this for Sens fans. Prior to awarding the expansion franchises the NHL asked for season ticket deposits as a way to help gage interest. The season ticket deposit in Hamilton was $ 100 and Hamilton sold out all season tickets in less than 2 days. In Ottawa, the season ticket deposit was $ 25 and Ottawa never sold out and I think they had six weeks or more.

    By the way – I hate Buffalo too for not giving up their territorial rights so that Hamilton could get an expansion franchise.

    OK – I’m over it all now. But at least this way I can collect thumbs down from both Sabres and Sens fans.

  23. sensfantodd says:

    I’ll chalk you up as another scared Sabres fan. As you should be!

  24. Ganymeade27 says:

    Wow, crying before the series even starts. That is impressive.

  25. two_eighty_eight says:

    lol What a hypocrite…most bandwagon Sabres fans ARE the embarrassment to hockey in general. They can’t even figure out the difference between an icing and an offside.

    And I hate the Sens because I’m a Leafs fan. However, I will root for them just to see the bandwagon cry about how it was a “fixed series” or “fixed calls” or whatever excuse you guys can come up with for losing a game.

  26. millsiegirl30 says:

    Top 10 Reasons Why I HATE the Senators
    1.) Chris Drury Hit
    2.) Chris Neil
    3.) Brian Murray
    4.) Dany Heatley
    5.) Ray Emery
    6.) Eliminated the Penguins
    7.) Chris Drury Hit (I think I said this already)
    8.) They eliminated the Devils
    9.) Whole team whines WAY too much
    10.) Couldn’t play fair if they were forced to

  27. Argyle S says:

    I like Buffalo better but Ottawa DID beat the Devils so you can’t completely hate them

  28. monkeymadness878 says:



  29. DonnaBee says:

    Washington Capitals, November 8

  30. Lu Ann H says:

    For some of those trying answer this question, the Ottawa Senators are a NHL team (that’s hockey, not baseball)

  31. Charlie says:

    WASHINGTON 4 radio trivia

  32. Bev B says:

    Washington Capitals – works for me 😉

  33. cvhmaverick says:

    @Jeffodious exactly what i was thinking lol

  34. TheWitchOvAgnesi says:

    @Jeffodious LOL. Yeah, that and a Midol dispenser too. hah hah hah

  35. Jeffodious says:

    @TheWitchOvAgnesi it is in the Leafs’ dressing room

  36. Jeffodious says:

    @TheWitchOvAgnesi it is on the Leafs dressing room

  37. TheCAPSLOCK41 says:

    me like

  38. TheCAPSLOCK41 says:

    chris is cool

  39. TH3SHYT says:

    Canucks dressing room is better.

  40. devssuck says:

    i want to go in the jersey room

  41. ottawasens611 says:

    ACDC!!! :O 😀

  42. TheWitchOvAgnesi says:

    Where’s the tampon dispenser?

  43. clayton998 says:

    5:49 if you look to te right of chris neils shoulder you’ll see the old NHL logo!!

  44. TAG037 says:


  45. TAG037 says:

    @RickMercer4PM He’s the most dedicated player on the team, during the playoffs; he was the first player ready.

  46. Nivekohgr86 says:

    That’s one ugly dressing room. “lots of history in here” What history? they have no history… I guess he means when the Maple Leafs eliminated them 4 times in a row in the playoffs.

  47. neil7474 says:


  48. knightsraiders27 says:

    lol he has all his teeth

  49. Hotives says:

    Chris Neil is so well built ohheemmggg~~

  50. eightlines14 says:


  51. eightlines14 says:

    3:08 BAUER X60S YEAH

  52. pellerant515 says:

    go sens go !!!

  53. jsheets15 says:

    Really puts my life into perspective…I have to punch in a fucking code to take a piss at work. But at least my desk chair has 2 adjustments.

  54. SuperHuman5152 says:

    You losers keep running your mouths like you have a reason to. Face it leaf fans, your pathetic excuse for a hockey team’s been such a gong show now for so long, even YOU can’t possibly have any pride left… Only envy.

  55. SuperHuman5152 says:

    Aside from the fact that Ottawa’s beaten the shit out of toronto more often then the opposite, or that in the time that Ottawa’s returned to the NHL, the Sens have more division titles, conference titles, a Prince of Wales trophy, a President’s trophy, and two amazing weeks playing in the Stanley Cup final with Sens fans partying and celebrating our success, all while watching you pathetic leaf fans trembling with fear at the thought of Ottawa winning the cup

  56. SuperHuman5152 says:

    Your team sucks so much that all you have to go on is a regular season win against the Senators and memories of the golden years of beating Ottawa in the playoffs on your way to a glorious second round elimination.

  57. SuperHuman5152 says:

    “gayfag”?! What the fuck is that?

    The leafs are so far down the standings that they’re first place in the AHL!

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