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College Football Bowl Game Contests

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college-bowl-seasonTomorrow is the start of the NCAA College Football Bowl Season. There are three games that will start tomorrow: The New Mexico Bowl which features the BYU Cougars against the UTEP Miners; the Humanitarian Bowl which features the Northern Illinois Huskies against the Fresno State Bulldogs; and the New Orleans Bowl with the Ohio Bobcats versus the Troy Trojans.

I have strong opinions of which team is going to win the first two games, mainly BYU and Fresno State. The other game is truly up in the air.

For the New Mexico Bowl, not only is BYU favored by 11 points but this is a story of two seasons for these 6-6 teams. BYU has been on a roll, winning 4 of their last 5 games; meanwhile UTEP did better early in the season when they got to play both New Mexico teams and have since lost 5 of their last 6 games.

For the Humanitarian Bowl, Northern Illinois is actually a 1 point favorite, but I like the Bulldogs because the conferences that each plays for. The Mid American Conference is not going to be mistaken for a powerhouse conference anytime soon, although the Huskies went through conference play undefeated. I think that the telling factor about this game is the two teams common Big 10 opponenet: Illinois. Fresno State won against the Illini and Northern Illinois lost.

As for the New Orleans Bowl, I’m going to project Troy as the winner only because of how close the Bowl Game is to their home in Alabama.  Other than that, this game is a pick’em game with both teams looking very evenly matched.

Bowl Game Contests

You’re going to want to make sure that you sign up for one of the bowl game contests. There are several different kinds to choose from.

Everyone should kind of be familiar with the office pool, right? This is where you select the winners for each of the 35 bowl games. Sometimes, these pools will start late and you might not have to pick early games like the ones above. If you do have to pick all of the bowl games, you are going to need to at least pick the 3 games above before tomorrow, Saturday December 18.

Another kind of bowl game contest is where you have to pick against the spread. This kind of emulates how you would pick when you are doing some sports betting. One team is favored by X number of points and essentially the underdog already has a lead in the game at kickoff.

The last common type of college bowl contest that you will see is called a Confidence Pickem. This is where you select the winners of each bowl game, but you must rank the teams from 1 to 35 on how confident you are that the team will win. The highest confidence gets 35 points and the most points accumulated by a player wins the contest.

Linesmaker Bowl Contest

play-linesmaker-bowl-challengeLinesmaker is hosting the $1 Million College Bowl Bonanza Contest and your entries have to be submitted by tomorrow at 2:00PM Eastern Time. In order to win this $1,000,000 prize, you must correctly guess the correct winners for all 35 bowl games, a tall order for sure!

There are also other prizes available if nobody gets all the bowl games correct. First place offers $2,000; Second place gets $1,000 and Third place will receive $500. In order to be eligible for these prizes, you must bet at least $50 a week on the college football bowl games with the Linesmaker sportsbook. Otherwise, this contest is free to enter.

If you are having trouble finding where this contest is located, look under the Free Contests menu button and you will see a link to the College Bowl Bonanza.

2009-2010 Bowl Game Highlights

Want to see the best plays from the bowl games played last year? Maybe your favorite team is included. Here are some highlights from last year’s bowl season:

and here are the second half of those highlights here:

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