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2011 Superbowl Preview and Super Bowl Squares

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superbowl-2011-logoSo the big game is almost here. The Super Bowl is set to start this Sunday, February 6 at 6:29PM ET. The game features the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Green Bay ultimately had the tougher road having played three playoff games on the road at Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago. The Packers have been in playoff mode since Week 15 of the regular season. After almost beating the Patriots at New England with their backup quarterback, no team has been hotter than the Packers. Aaron Rodgers has been on fire and is possibly the best young QB in the NFL.

The Steelers clinched a bye week and home field in the regulars season, only behind the Patriots. They played two very physical games against the Ravens and the Jets. Ben Roethlisberger and Pittsburgh has done this two times before. The Steelers know how to win Superbowls and have done it more times than any other team.


The game will ultimately be decided by the two defenses. If both are playing as good as they are capable of, this could be a low scoring game (under 40 points). But, if there are some superbowl jitters, you may see either team break a long TD or two. Pittsburgh did this to secure the win against Baltimore and Greg Jennings does it all the time for Green Bay.

If you like to bet on the NFL, Vegas has set the odds on the superbowl and the Packers are a 2 1/2 -105 favorite; the Steelers are -2.5 and -115.

Now, this isn’t because Vegas thinks that the Packers are going to win. This is what is done when one side is being bet on more straight up. This encourages gamblers to bet the other side. The over/under on the game is 44 1/2.

With that being said, I am going to bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers to win straight up. I think that Pittsburgh’s defense will shut down Aaron Rodgers for the most part and Green Bay will not be able to run the ball. This is going to be the first time that this bites the Packers in the ass.

I predicted that the score of this game is going to be Pittsburgh 24-14. The place that I am going to bet at is called Bookmaker; they offer a great bonus to new customers. For the best bonus code click here.

Superbowl Squares

What are Superbowl Squares?

The premise of this game is easy. You pick a square on a 10×10 grid and pay $5, $10, $20, etc per square. You can pick multiple squares. There are 100 entries overall. Once the 10×10 grid is completely filled out, numbers 1-10 are drawn and placed one in each row and column.

The numbers will represent the last number in the score of a team in the superbowl. Superbowl squares are done quarterly. This means that at the end of each quarter there is a winner. Lets say that you receive the number 7 for Green Bay and the number 3 for Pittsburgh. If the end of the first quarter is 7-3, you will win. If the end of the game is 27-33 Pittsburgh, you will also win.

Where can I play Superbowl Squares?

superbowl-squaresThe problem with Super Bowl squares is that you often don’t know enough people to fill out an entire grid properly. You have to love the superbowl squares that are taken up by 10 people. Hurray! I won a little more than I paid for winner a quarter.

There are online sportsbooks like 5Dimes and BetJamaica that offer super bowl squares. Simply sign up and get your squares. These sportsbooks have plenty of people to sign up. You still have time, make sure that you get yours before your too late!

BetJamaica is offering active members a free $25 Super Bowl square. This $25 square gives you the chance to win up to $2,375. In order to get this free $25 square, you must have wagered at least $50 since January 1, 2011.

You can also choose to buy the squares outright if you have not yet wagered any money with BetJamaica.


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