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NCAA March Madness Day 1 Recap

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This is a post that will recap how I did predicting the NCAA tournament games in the first day of action. After starting out 0-1-1 against the line on Tuesday with the First Four games on Tuesday, I went 1-1 against the spread on the First Four games on Wednesday. I was very happy because I almost picked the exact score of the game in the Texas-San Antonio vs Alabama State game. But, I followed it up with a misfire in the nightcap as USC got beat by Virginia Commonwealth. That put me at an overall record of 3-1 on picking the correct winner.

Day 1 of 2011 March Madness


I started off the tournament 1-0 on my first March Madness Prediction of the 2011 NCAA tournament. West Virginia did win the game after Clemson went up by 10 early in the game. The final score was 84-76.

Then I fell back down to .500 after watching Butler beat Old Dominion on a last second buzzer beater. Matt Howard tip the ball in with time expiring as Butler beat Old Dominion 60-58. The ball came off his hand with one-tenth of a second left.

In my next post, I went 1-1 again picking the winners and the opposite 1-1 picking the spread. This time there was a major upset as Loiusville lost their top player, Preston Knowles, after he hurt his ankle with 8:51 left. Morehead State went on a run to start the game and also went on a big run near the close of the game to put them up 5 with 4 minutes left. Louisville came back and were up by 2 with seconds left as Demonte Harper hit a 3 pointer to put Morehead State up by 1. The last second play looked like a foul, but wasn’t called for Louisville as time expired. The final score was 62-61.

Also, Penn State and Temple was an unexpectedly good game. Who thought that these teams would both reach 60 points? Raise your hands. The play was back and forth all game long. Talor Battle was on fire for Penn State the entire game. He hit a three pointer to tie the game at 64 with 12 seconds to go. Temple had the ball last and Juan Fernandez got a lucky off-balanced shot to fall for the win the game 66-64.

The next game on the docket was Princeton vs Kentucky. Princeton played Kentucky tough all game long and had a legitimate shot to beat the Wildcats. But Brandon Knight made his first points of the game count as he scored a layup with 2 seconds left in the game. So the pick was correct and I missed the spread. The final score was 59-57.

That makes me 3-2 on picks thus far and 1-2 on the spread.

Afternoon Recap

Here is how I fared in the afternoon games on day 1

Wow, I really got Pittsburgh correct, hurray! 4-2 overall, Next!

I actually pick Richmond in most of my brackets to win and I told Vandy that I will never ever bet on the Commodores to win a first round matchup ever again. Richmond won the game by 3 points. 4-3 overall, 1-3 against the spread 🙁

And hurray! I won a bet against the spread in the final game of this section. San Diego State wins by more then 15 and that makes me 5-3 overall and 2-3 against the spread.

Evening Games

The games take about an hour break for the Evening News and then the games promptly start back up again. Here is the results of the evening games of day 1.

We start out with a spread win and correct pick as Florida easy handles the Gauchos of UC Santa Barbara 79-51. Then we continue with another correct pick and correct spread pick as Wofford is able to lose by less then 9 (74-66). That makes 7-3 on correct picks and 4-3 against the spread.

Then I followed that success with two more correct picks, but losses on both spreads. Connecticut destroyed Bucknell by 29 points, 81-52 and Wisconsin hands Belmont easily as they win 72-58. 9-3 overall and 4-5 against the spread.

Late Night Games

There were four more late games played on day 1. I only made one bet on the spread of these four games. I am not betting for or against the Spartans ever again. No matter which way I bet, I’m always wrong. UCLA got up to a huge lead of 21 points in the 2nd half with 10 minutes left only to have MSU come storming back to close within 78-76. MSU had a chance to tie or win after they got a rebound with 7 seconds left but Kalin Lucas turned the ball over with 2 seconds left and Sparty could not complete the comeback. 9-4 overall choosing the winner, 4-6 on the spread at the end of day 1.

After that, there were three more games. I guess all I have to do is not bet on the games and I’ll win them all. Three up, three down, 3-0 as Gonzaga beats St. John’s 86-71, Cincinnati defeats Missouri 78-63 and Kansas State downs Utah State (73-68). That’s the way to finish the day! 12-4 picking winners on day one. Not the best, but not horrible at the same time.

See you tomorrow for day 2!

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