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Price Per Head Guide

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pay-per-head-servicesPay-per-head (PPH) services have been growing at an exceptional rate the past few years. It’s difficult enough surviving in the extremely competitive bookie industry, but it’s nearly impossible without offering your players the ability to bet online. If you’re still taking bets through your phone and tracking your action on paper you definitely need to take your business to the next level.

In recent years many local bookies have been telling me that the main reason they lose clients is because the client joins an online sportsbook and no longer has a need for placing bets through locals. Locals used to be more popular than offshore sportsbooks, but that’s changed the past few years. There are plenty of trustworthy offshore bookies operating online and they offer bettors the ability to bet on sports around the world.

Trying to follow the odds of a single sport is hard enough when you’re doing everything manually, but trying to calculate the payouts on a 6-team parlay is much more difficult. The main reason why bookies join a PPH service is so that they can increase the number of bets and types of bets available. As long as you’re not booking action for a bunch of sharps the increase in betting options will increase your bottom line.

The process of joining a Price Per Head service is extremely simple. Typically you simply sign-up and make an initial deposit, which is used to cover your bills for the first few weeks. Once you make your initial deposit the Price Per Head shop will create a site using your own logo and brand that you choose. When you’re site is ready you’ll be able to create accounts for your clients and give them the log-in details, so that they can place bets online 24/7 at your site without having to worry about contacting you.


One misconception that many bookies have is that their clients need to deposit online. You still need to collect the money from your clients however you wish, but the processing isn’t apart of the PPH service. You’ll be able to set the betting limits for each of your clients and they won’t be able to exceed those limits. What you’re paying for is the automation of your business. You still need to collect payments and find new clients, but that’s basically it.

pay-per-head-racebookIf you need a PPH shop to join we highly recommend 247PPH. The company has been operating online since 2007 and is based out of Costa Rica. They only charge $15/head and your players will be able to bet on sports, horses and they’ll also be able to play roughly 30 online casino games including blackjack, roulette and craps. 247PPH is a world renowned PPH shop and they already have 100’s of agents operating using their software and services.

For local bookies looking to gain an online presence you need to ensure you do your research. Lots of Pay Per Head shops have horrible software and support, which creates a massive headache for your business and can even cut into your profits. 247PPH is highly recommended and the low costs ensure that bookies don’t break the bank while developing their online presence.

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