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Belk Bowl

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belk-bowlThis one is going to confuse you for a second. There is still a Meineke Car Care Bowl, but it is now the title sponsor for the Texas Bowl.

This page is going to show the new title sponsor for the bowl game that is hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina. This bowl is now called the Belk Bowl.

This game will still feature a team from the ACC and a team from the Big East. This year the matchup is going to be between the Louisville Cardinals (7-5) and the NC State Wolfpack (7-5).

This game will be played on Tuesday, December 27 at 8:00PM ET. You can watch this game on ESPN and listen to it on ESPN Radio.


This is another one of those close matchups where either team looks like it can win. When I look at Louisville, I see a couple of things. 1) They play close games. It doesn’t matter if they play Murray State or West Virginia; the game will probably be within a TD one way or the other. 2) Louisville struggles against teams that aren’t in the Big East. Losses to Marshall and FIU and close wins against Murray State and Kentucky prove that. 3) Louisville has to win this game with their defense.

Louisville is currently a 2 1/2 point favorite. However, I don’t believe that they are going to beat NC State. First, I already told you that the Belk Bowl is being played in Charlotte, NC. That pretty much makes this game a home game for NC State. The other reason I believe that the Wolfpack will win is that they are coming off of two gigantic wins against Clemson and Maryland. They came back from 27 points down in the 2nd half to beat Maryland by 15 points. These wins are going to be motivation for NC State.

Statistically, neither team stands out for one reason or another. Both teams have relatively inept offenses at times and both teams have relatively good defenses.


That is why I have the NC State Wolfpack winning the Belk Bowl by the final score of 24-20.

Meineke Car Care Bowl

meineke-car-care-bowl-logoThe Meineke Car Care Bowl is a bowl game that is in its ninth year of existance. Meineke has been the title sponsor for this bowl game hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2006. Before that, the game was known as the Continental Tire Bowl.

Unlike a lot of other bowl games so far, the Meineke Car Care Bowl has a specific matchup between number 3 ranked team in the Big East against either the number 5 or 6 pick from the ACC. That means this year’s matchup will be between the South Florida Bulls (7-5) against the Clemson Tigers (6-6).

The college bowl schedule says that kickoff for this game will Noon Eastern Time on Friday, December 31 and can be watched on ESPN. The game will be played in the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Previous Bowl Results

The ACC leads the Big East 4-3 in this bowl game featured in Charlotte. The one other matchup was in 2006 when independent team Navy played against Boston College. South Florida has played in this bowl game once before, losing to NC State in the 2005 Continental Tire Bowl. This is Clemson’s first trip.


Both teams won their bowl games last year. Clemson (8-5) beat Kentucky (7-5) in the Music City Bowl by the score 21-13 and South Florida beat Northern Illinois 27-3 in the International Bowl (both teams were 7-5).

Meineke Car Care Bowl Breakdown

RecordsSouth Florida: 7-5; Clemson: 6-6
All Time Bowl RecordSouth Florida: 3-2; Clemson: 16-16
Key WinsSouth Florida: Miami 23-20, Louisville 24-21; Clemson: Maryland 31-7, NC State 14-13
Key LossesSouth Florida: Florida 38-14, WVU 20-6, Pittsburgh 17-10, UConn 19-16; Clemson: Auburn 27-24, Miami 30-21, Florida State 16-13, South Carolina 29-7

Neither team is very impressive in the win department. Both of the key wins I put for South Florida came in overtime. All of the Bulls conference games were close, win or loss. The games against the four Big East teams in front of them in the standings were all close losses. They were 1-1 in the non-conference games that matter.

Clemson had the more impressive of the close game losses, having taken Auburn to OT on the road. But they also lack the number of quality wins that you would like to see going into a bowl game.

Points For/GameSouth Florida: 23.5; Clemson: 23.8
Points Against/GameSouth Florida: 19.5; Clemson: 17.8
Offensive Yards/GameSouth Florida: 312; Clemson: 338

These two teams are almost mirror images of each other. Neither team is very good at passing or at scoring points. Both teams excel at defense.

South Florida plays the Big East style of football, where the average game is going to be more around 17-10 than 30-27 like the ACC. That’s what makes the higher ranked defense of Clemson’s more impressive. They have been able to hold potent offenses down like Auburn, NC State and Florida State.


The key to this game is which offense will do better overall. That sounds obvious for any game, but the team that makes the fewer mistakes on offense should win the game.

Clemson is currently a 5 1/2 point favorite in this game. I think that the game will be closer than that margin; but Clemson will still win 17-14.

Bowl Game Results

Still struggling as Clemson goes down big early and doesn’t have enough time to get all the way back. South Florida wins 31-26.

2010 Bowl Record – 9-10

Highlights from Previous Meineke Car Care Bowls

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