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2011-2012 College Football Bowl Season Preview

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college-football-bowl-gamesWe are just about a week away from the NCAA College Football Bowl Season. I will be creating posts on each bowl game in the upcoming couple of weeks in a similar way that I did last year.

Basically, you can take a look at my college football bowl picks for this year here. I will be elaborating on each of these picks as each bowl game approaches.

When the bowl season gets going, I am going to try to have each bowl game post finished the night before the game begins. My initial picks may change as we get to close to kickoff on some of these games as news of injuries, suspensions or other factors are considered. These posts are going to be more geared towards the sports bettors as opposed to the contest players. Did you know that you can now make bets on these games from your mobile phone? Take a look at the best US mobile sportsbooks here.

You can use my initial bowl picks to help you with any college football bowl contest that you enter including Pick’ems, Spread Picks and Confidence Picks bowl contests. Many of these contests will start with the first bowl games next Saturday, December 17. This means you may have to have all of your picks in by that day. However, many contests allow you to pick one team or another all the way up til kickoff of that game.

The one thing I would like to do before we get started with this busy posting season is give you some insights that I have seen so far with these college football matchups. I’m going to quickly go from conference to conference with some quick notes.

Bowl Games Breakdown by Conference

ACC – Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, NC State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

Conference Bowl Record Projection: 5-3

The ACC gets two teams into the BCS for the first time in quite a while (not without a little controversy). The ACC has some good matchups this bowl season and the conference should do well overall.

Big 12 – Baylor, Iowa St, Kansas St, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Texas, Texas A&M

Conference Bowl Record Projection: 5-3

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was looking like there was no way that the Big 12 wasn’t going to get 2 BCS bids. However, everyone started knocking each other out and left us with some bowl mismatches in favor of the Big 12. The teams that I do have losing can all easily win their games (Kansas St, Iowa St, Texas A&M).

Big East – Cincinnati, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, West Virginia

Conference Bowl Record Projection: 3-2

No conference is going through as much turmoil as the Big East. They are losing Pittsburgh, Syracuse and West Virginia. People were already wondering how they were going to keep their automatic BCS conference bid before this. In response, they have accepted Boise St, SMU, San Diego St, Central Florida and Houston. It’s hard to think that losing most of your legitimate teams is going to be counteracted by adding all of the best non-AQ teams. It would be a tough pill to swallow for these teams if the Big East does lose that Automatic Bid.

Big Ten – Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan St, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio St, Penn St, Purdue, Wisconsin

Conference Bowl Record Projection: 5-5

Getting 10 teams bowl eligible is quite an accomplishment for the Big Ten. However, this means that a lot of the teams are adequate. That means that there are going to be mismatches against some Big Ten teams. This 5-5 projection can quickly turn to 3-7 if some of these teams fail to show up like in previous years.

Pac-12 – Arizona St, California, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Washington

Conference Bowl Record Projection: 2-5

Another year of mediocre teams in the middle of the standings means another year of mismatches early in the bowl season for the Pac-12. It would be different if USC was there to take on someone. The separation in talent between Oregon, Stanford and USC and the rest of the league is huge.

SEC – Alabama, Aurburn, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

Conference Bowl Record Projection: 4-5

I know, I know! How could I have the SEC going under .500 this bowl season. Impossible! But, first of all the conference is going to start out 1-1 with their best 2 teams going after each other. Aside from a bowl mismatch for and against the SEC, the majority of the games against other conferences are against competitive and equally matched teams. The best that I see this conference possibly doing is 6-3 if everything goes right.

Other conference projections

Conference USA Bowl Record Projection: 1-4
Independents Bowl Record Projection: 1-1
Mid-American Conference Bowl Record Projection: 4-1
Mountain West Conference Bowl Record Projection: 3-2
Sunbelt Conference Bowl Record Projection: 2-1
WAC Bowl Record Projection: 0-3

I will be back with much more on this year’s college football bowl games. In the meantime, please take a look at to find the best mobile sports betting apps. One note – most online sports betting sites will not allow mobile bets from players in the United States because of confusion in the current laws.

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