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March Madness Bracket Contest

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If you’re looking for information regarding March madness contest this article should suit your needs well. It seems like every year new companies and sponsor host these types of contest but they can be hard to find. Before you decide to join any contest however I recommend you read this article over prior to joining on to insure your information is safe.


When I went on the 2012 march contest hunt I ended with a large headache and not much quality of results. The main reasons I was not at first successful was because I was looking for the wrong stuff! If you’re looking to win some money in contest you need to think outside of the box and not just what the main sites like espn or cbs show you. Yes it is indeed possible to win millions of dollars on these sites but let’s face it, to do so you have to go undefeated and select all the games right! That is not going to happen so when you’re browsing for winnable march madness contest and tournaments you need to browse for that.

I was able to find a couple quality pay for entry contest available. The ones currently promoting them are 5 dimes sportsbook and Bovada sportsbook. These are mid-level types of contest where you can win up to $25,000 with much better odds than what you would receive anywhere else. Ok, now I’m feeling a tad bit guilty about this valuable information because I didn’t find it myself. I was able to find all this quality information at this bracket contest site. They have been offering these types of contest for over the past 5 years and I was totally unaware of it until this year. After reviewing Dave’s site I noticed more options are available to you as a March madness fan! Here is a better idea on what is available to you and what you win if you get 1st place.

  • Bovada – $5,000
  • BetOnline — $5000
  • Intertops — $25,000
  • LinesMaker — $10,000
  • SBG Global — $350,000
  • Bookmaker — $10,000

You can visit any of these brackets for money sites at CasinoDave’s Pay Contests section.

That is a great list to go from if you’re looking to start playing online. Each company is good and offers betting accounts for you as well. I personally have played with a majority of these companies and I have never been slow paid or treated wrongly.

Another great benefit I noticed while visiting Casino Dave’s place was the bracket he offered me to print off. Man visiting other sites was as frustrating as they were full of advertisements and slow loading times. If you’re looking to pick up a quality march madness bracket do it there as it will save you the headache from having to go elsewhere plus a lot of time!

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