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Sports Betting Websites

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There used to be a lot of websites that accepted bets that were placed on different sporting events. If you live outside of the United States, there still are in many jurisdictions. However, inside of the US, the story is different these days. There are only a few sites left and about half of these are visible somewhere on the homepage or the sidebars.

When I began back in 2003, I found a really good site which is still around called Bet365. Unfortunately, they are no longer able to accept Americans but they got me interested in the subject of sports betting websites. Before that, I had to keep tabs with a local bookie or make the occasional trips to Las Vegas. Bet365 sports betting changed that for me for a couple of years. They have In-Play betting features that meant you weren’t locked out once the beginning of the game started.


I wish that I could still bet there; but alas I cannot. They have all these cool new features and I’m jealous of our British brethren across the pond. Besides live betting, they can also get live streaming sporting events for most of the games that are available. This is now available for iPhones, iPads and Androids among others.

There are tons of choices when it comes to betting. You can be on the spread, moneyline, totals and a plethora of prop bets. Some of the more popular games like the Superbowl have over 100 different bets that can be made on the game. This is one of the few times that I’m disappointed to like in the United States.

That’s because only a few of the remaining sites that cater to US bettors are still decent sites to bet at. On top of that list is Bovada and 5Dimes. The second tier sites include BetOnline, Intertops, BetLM, JustBet, SGB Global and Sportsbook. The thing that you will find is that many of these sites have switched their domains from the .com to the .eu .cx .ag or .lv extension. This gives them more control over their domain name.

If I didn’t mention other sports betting websites that you might have heard of, there is one of two reasons:

1) The sportsbook does not accept American bettors because of a confusion with the Federal Laws. This encompasses 95% of the legitimate bookmakers over in Europe. In the Premiere League in Britain, for example, the majority of the teams are either wearing a corporate sportsbook sponsor on their uniforms or else they are advertised elsewhere throughout the stadiums. None of these bookmakers are allowed to accept bets on games by Americans.

2) The sportsbook has shady practices and you risk your money with them at your own peril. I don’t want to list the websites in case I’m accused of libel and I have only heard bad things that I cannot confirm for myself. Just be aware that many sites that work outside of the US laws (in the Caribbean for example) are not required to play by the rules and often are accused of wrongdoings.

Therefore, if you are still looking for a site to place bets on a game in just about any sport, just click on one or two of the banners on the site to check them out. You will notice how I do not try to trick you (unlike many other unscrupulous websites) by placing adverts where you can accidentally click on them and there will never be any popups or other tactics to get you to do something.

My philosophy is to give you the information and let you decide what to do with it. Use my advice or don’t; that’s up to you. But it’s sound advice to follow.

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