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Football: The King of Sports Betting

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Finally we get to the most popular form of gambling in this country: football! For some reason, this sport has attracted people from all walks of life and in fact the Super Bowl itself is said to attract billions of dollars, in bets, on that game alone.

Monday night football is a staple, so naturally Thursday night games are beginning to take hold. Do you really think the majority of people who watch these games in person, or on the tube, don’t have a dollar or two wagered on the outcome?

If you ever wanna see brown hair turning gray before your eyes or ulcers developing in a matter of minutes, visit any sports book in Vegas during the final moments of a game. Bettors are glued to the set, screaming, sweating, swearing, and pleading for such and such to happen.

These are not fans. They are gamblers who have either taken or laid the points, wagered on the over or under or have a bet on a proposition side bet. Then of course there are the league officials who sit in a congressional hearing and are dumbfounded if someone suggests that bets are being made on “their game!”. “Good grief, Senator, I didn’t even know there was a point spread on our games! I doubt if even 1 percent of the people watching our games even think about betting on them!”

The good Senators then reply: “Yes, I guess you’re right! I doubt if anyone really does bet on football games or any sports event. Let’s get to more important things! Where do you wanna have lunch and dismiss my upcoming vacation to Las Vegas?”

The Roughest Sport to Handicap

Football is the king for attracting bettors and it is my humble opinion, the roughest sport to handicap. Roger Goodell, the fabulous commissioner who probably is responsible for the success of this game, put it simply, “Parity is flagrant in our league!” He was right. Add to that the line that Benny the Book establishes for each contest and we are hard-pressed to get a handle on a winning play. The only thing we can do is try to make sure we are getting the best line possible.

I adhere to the “power vs. dog theory” as the basis for my play. When I look over a schedule, the first thing I look at is the spread between the elite teams and the underdog. This year Denver, San Francisco, Minnesota, Atlanta, and the Jets are riding high. We’ll say New England is favored by 4 over the Jets on the road. I like that. The Patriots are powerful and the Jets are about a .500 team. New England gets the nod. If they were playing in New England, the line would probably be Jets getting 10. That’s too steep a lay in the NFL.

Since I’ll bet a dog only if I believe they can win outright, I’ll pass on taking the wood. That game becomes a pass, no bet! If I pass on the side, I’ll slide over to the over/under and zero in on the under. I prefer the under play in the NFL to the over, because the books know that people love to bet the over and add a point or two to the totals.

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