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2013 March Madness Predicitions

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It just about that time of the year again. Tomorrow is the official start of March and the unofficial start of March Madness. Sure there is still more than a week left in the regular season, but it’s never too soon to start making some NCAA March madness predictions. There is still a lot to be determined with several key games left and the conference tournaments ready to begin.

However, I have come up with some basic predictions for certain teams that I am sure will be in the NCAA tournament this season. There are 31 automatic qualifying teams that will win their conference tournament and 37 At Large bids awarded. I currently have a list of 26 of those At Large bids already claimed.


There are 36 teams overall that I have with their golden ticket already won. There are 10 conferences that will have at least one At Large bid and I have credited each conference with a win from one of these 36 teams. The Big Ten has 7 teams: Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Minnesota and Illinois. The Big East has 6 teams: Louisville, Syracuse, Georgetown, Marquette, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame.

The Big 12 has 4 teams: Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. The Mountain West has 4 teams: New Mexico, Colorado State, UNLV and San Diego State. The ACC has 3 teams: Duke, Miami and North Carolina State. The Pac-12 has 3 teams: Arizona, Colorado and Oregon. The SEC has 2 teams: Florida and Missouri. The A-10 has 2 teams: Butler and St Louis.

The At Large teams from Mid Majors are as follows: Gonzaga (West Coast), Wichita State and Creighton (Missouri Valley) and Memphis (Conference USA). Many others are all but in because they should win their conference tournaments.

These teams that I have listed would make the tournament even if they lost the last 3 or 4 remaining games and the first round of the conference tournament as well.

2013 March Madness Predictions

Every year I find several teams that look like they have the goods to make the run to the title. If you are entertaining the idea of winning a bracket contest, the first thing you should do is pick your winners. Many people make the mistake of working from the First round of the tournament to the Championship. Doing it the other way around will help give you a chance because you have to get the Champion right in order to win.

If you would like to bet on March Madness this season, you really need to look into the games on an individual level. The only alternative is to place a Prop Bet on which team that you think will win a particular region or which team will win the whole thing. This is something that is difficult to do before you have the games scheduled.

Here are my current predictions for this year’s NCAA tournament:

Big Ten – I predict that the Big Ten will do well this year. I know, not much of a prediction considering everyone has been saying that they are the best conference. I do, however, see at least four teams reaching the Sweet 16 and three teams reaching the Elite 8.

For my prediction part, I think that those three teams that will make the Elite 8 are Indiana, Michigan State and Wisconsin. I have seen all three of these teams play and they are all difficult to beat when it matters. Michigan has proven to be a flukey team. Sometimes they play past their potential and sometimes they look lost. It will take some excellent play for this team to make it far.

Big East – You can count the Big East in for at least four teams in the Sweet 16 as well. Louisville, Syracuse and Marquette are going to be extremely difficult to beat. I would say the same thing for Georgetown, but they have to beat off their demons of past tournaments because they have lost early in the tournament pretty often.

Other Conferences – The ACC will probably be relying on Miami and Duke to go far. If they don’t, I doubt that any other team will go past the 2nd round. The Big 12 has the potential to get a couple of teams far, but Kansas and others in that conference have also had problems in the early rounds.

The Pac-12 will have to rest their hopes on Arizona this year. I can’t see any other team getting higher than a #6 seed in the tournament. Florida should do well for the SEC; but other than Missouri, I don’t see a long run out of any other team. The Mountain West teams have lived with a poor conference record in the NCAA tournament, but they started to right the ship last year.

You can never count out Butler or Gonzaga. I would guess that both of these teams will make the Sweet 16 again. Gonzaga will probably make it to the Elite 8, but I would beware if they get a #1 seed for the upset.

More updates will come as the conference tournaments begin. We will have a much better idea of which teams will be in. Be aware of teams that are streaking at the right or wrong times. Some teams will stumble into the tournament while others will be on a roll.

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