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The Basic Premise of Time-Zone Betting

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Protect Your Bankroll

Many years ago there was a commercial in which a mechanic was pouring a can of something into the motor of his car, saying that it would protect that motor for years. Then the punch line was: “Buy this product: You can pay me now, or you can pay me later!”

The idea of course was that if you didn’t buy it now, you’ll eventually have to have a motor overhaul and were risking the future of your car. I compare that example to my trying to protect your bankroll. So memorize this play – because if you don’t now, you’ll surely use it later on! Because it works!

Keep Money Risk Low

This is the basic premise of “time-zone betting”: to keep money risk low, while getting a chance to hedge that risk with a play on the late game at your favorite sports betting site. Of course the key is having the schedule give you games in the afternoon and evening and being able get back and hedge off that late play.


There’s no problem on a Saturday or Sunday because there are always day and night games. The same is true for football when the afternoon games can be linked with the night game, the Monday night game or the following weekend games. This will be elaborated on in the future.

For now, just get to grasp the theory of time-zone betting. It requires placing your bets in either parlays or round robins, as long as you stagger the bets in such a way that the late game can be hedged.

Don’t Flat Bet Heavy Favorites

Look at the use of a round robin, where you play two games, hooked with a night contest. If one of the day games lo you’re still alive to grab a wash with your night game, so just leave that bet alone.

But let’s say you have a $20 three-team parlay and all plays are a pick ‘em (the lay is unimportant). If the two day games win, pick up approximately $156 if the night game wins.

If that night game loses, you are up $12 because you had two winners out of three games. However, what’s so wrong with going back and taking a flat ten-timer on the opposite of that night play?

Here is what could happen:

  1. If the night game wins, you are plus $156 for the round robins, minus $55 for the flat play for a $101 profit.
  2. If the night game loses, you are plus $12 for the robin, plus $50 for the hedge play for overall profit of $62.

You stand to win, regardless of the outcome of the night contest. You wanna win more? Bet more! But only if your bankroll allows it.

I love time-zone betting and hope you’ll give it a look. That about covers betting baseball, so we’ll swing into baskets. But realize the basic betting methods of parlays and round robins can also be used on the other sports.

The toughest part of baseball is the laying of heavy Vig, based on power pitchers.

The dollar amount parlays and round robins bring that problem back to earth.

One final note: Don’t flat bet heavy favorites – or have I . . . ? Yes, I have!

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