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Online Gambling Advice

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This page contains some of the essential things you need to know, before gambling online. The online gambling advice provided below, is to help assist you along the way and help you with choosing the right gambling facility to play at.

This is just a summary of some basic topics that we have debated. Any guide or piece of advice we can give to the beginner, novice, or advanced gambler is definitely important to us. Our web site will expand and grow as time progresses. We hope you find our information useful and wish you the best of luck!

Security of your computer

When making any kind of financial or personal identification transaction online, always look for the secure page sign. The secure page sign is usually a small gold or yellow lock and is often located at the bottom, right hand side of your browser.

A secure page is encrypted and protects your privacy online. This is a very important issue and even more so, if you have no ad-aware, anti-virus, or spy-ware programs that are frequently run on your computer.

Promotion Offers

Make the most out of your monthly online gambling promotions. With all the online gambling competition out there, many gambling sites are improving promotions all the time to get you to play at their gambling hall. Several of the casinos and gambling sites we list, have excellent monthly promotions.

If you don’t select any gambling sites from our portal and you find something else you are comfortable with, you still need to take advantage of this huge benefit to online gambling. If you’re playing at a top notch Casino, Bingo Hall, Poker Room or Sports Betting Site, you should take advantage of the opportunity at having free cash on top of your deposit while enjoying the same or better odds as if in an offline casino.

Our point of advice is simple, for example: On a monthly promo or match deposit, deposit up to the maximum amount the casino or gambling site will match and then play through. If your funds get exhausted, then don’t bother re-depositing more money with no more promotional bonuses and quit for the month or move onto another favorite gambling site with a fresh bonus.

There are many other ways to take advantage of monthly promos, but the main point is that you should make promotional issues one of the major factors at choosing which gambling facility to play at, after you have found a few established and trust worthy gambling sites to compare.

Selecting a website

When selecting a gambling site to play at, do your homework. Playing at any of the top sites we list will provide you with a sense of security and quality, so therefore searching will not be necessary. If you decide to play anywhere else, you will need to search on the web and find out what you can about each gambling site you’re interested in and make sure you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy gambling facility.

Go past the first couple pages on search engines and also type in things like: (the gambling site your searching for) + reviews on or type in questions about the site into browser, just for example, too many tactics to list. You’d be surprised what you may find. Use your imagination when searching.

Utilize one of the major benefits of search engines and that being key words. If you search for something, then most likely you can find what you’re looking for on today’s top search engines.

Maintaining discipline with money

If you are a die hard gambler, make sure you can afford it if you lose. Set a certain amount away each month that you can afford and stick to it. Always try to be positive and think of the next month coming up ahead and if you rival with certain machines or games, then let that be motivation in itself and just anticipate the battle next month.

There is no hurry, the odds that the machine or game on that gambling site still being there next month is very high. Main point is, like anything else, be responsible and moderate and especially when gambling online.

Any Gambling/Casino site that OVER STRESSES about joining their affiliate program are usually poor quality sites. Try to look for the obvious signs that separate established well bonafide gambling sites from the poor quality and unfair, desperate ones.

While playing at slot machines and other non-table games, your balance will often rise and fall, then rise higher than before, then it may dip way down. This up and down process is a normal result of randomization factors.

One piece of advice on this is, (unless you don’t plan on stopping until you hit it big) set a certain goal amount of winnings that you hope to achieve and would be satisfied with if won that month and if reached, and you still want to risk more money, risk it until you go $50 dollars below for example.

Once you have tried and dipped past your goal then quit and try again next month with the added promotional money. You have still won without getting frustrated and risking losing it all, plus you got to take a few extra chances that you really wanted to do anyway, without totally losing your winnings.

Never gamble when mad, desperate for money or under the influence of substances. If you do, 9 times out of 10 (if not higher), one will over wage and/or do erratic things that will put you out of cash before you even had a chance. This has happened to some of the most experienced gamblers and is easily done. Main point is, always gamble with a clear head.

Never play at a casino or gambling site that doesn’t have game descriptions and/or rules of the games listed in detail. Even though you may know the basic rules and how to play the games, it is often a sign of a poor quality site that has very little detail in this aspect and among other things. Details and customer service are an example of a few things that poor quality gambling halls lack.

Be very cautious of the many newly upcoming (sites which offer casino, poker, bingo and sports betting) 3 or 4 in 1 gambling sites. Many of these are in affiliation with black listed and/or poor quality gambling companies. These are often poor quality gambling affiliations that are merging under one web site with many different names & domains for extra exposure. Don’t be fooled. Many high quality online gambling sites offer 3 or 4 in 1 gambling, but make sure they are well established and legit before gambling online.

You should be hesitant or leery of many gambling portals because they will often misguide you. We are in fact, a gambling portal, but we pride ourselves in having the best online gambling sites available. Many gambling portals list whoever they can affiliate with and say they are the best and list any site they can for advertising reasons.

This is not the case here. The main point of advise is don’t fall for false advertisement and trust in the simple fact that there is not some huge miracle list of top gambling sites available. It just isn’t the case. The top sites for gambling are just that. What point would it be to have a top 100, even if they was all decent sites, what is the point?

Why not have the best gambling sites and narrow it down to make it all that much simpler and easier for highly anticipating gamblers to choose from. This is also one reason we have a limited number of gambling sites as opposed to having huge amounts, because we narrow down from so many. A lot of good gambling web sites don’t make our list. You can trust the resources and information here. Good Luck!

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