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MLB Gambling

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Baseball gambling takes over during the summer and there are a multitude of great betting options for you. Take a look at our gambling lines that include sides, totals, and run lines. Be sure and read our this baseball gambling article and find tips to win.

Baseball Gambling Overview


Baseball gambling is not nearly as popular as pro football gambling, college football gambling, or even basketball gambling. That being said, baseball gambling has not only increased in popularity, particularly with the advent of online gambling websites but also features a hard core dedicated group of bettors that has been at it for a number of years and thinks that there is nothing better than to bet on baseball.

Baseball gambling has always been more of a niche type activity, directly opposite of what pro football gambling is, which is an activity of the masses. Baseball gambling may have far fewer participants, but those who bet on baseball are knowledgeable, sharp, and driven. In fact, there are so many effective baseball bettors that many Las Vegas sportsbooks have put severe limits on action, namely because they don’t want it in the first place, as they basically offer baseball gambling as a “courtesy,” grudging as that courtesy has become.

Another way in which Las Vegas sportsbooks have discouraged action on baseball is by spreading the vig/line between the chalk and dog. Not all that long ago, many sportsbooks advertised and bragged about their “nickle” baseball gambling lines but now you may see up to forty or fifty-cent lines on games, particularly if they involved prohibitive favorites in matchups such as when the Miami Marlins play at the LA Dodgers. First, the sportsbooks don’t want the action in the first place and, second, they don’t want to get overloaded on action with the Dodgers, who obviously in that matchup would be the overwhelming popular choice.

This leads to another phenomenon since the turn of the millennium, which has been the increasing higher price on popular teams with their best pitchers going at home against weak teams. It used to be ten years ago that the highest favorite on the baseball gambling board that you would see would be around -200 max. Forget that today, however, as the top chalks can be up to -300 or even worse in some cases as sportsbooks were taking a bath on such situations and decided to do all that they could to scare off consumer demand with ripoff odds. Fortunately, sports betting online establishments want baseball action and offer incentives, rather than insults, to players who want to wager on America’s pastime.

Baseball Gambling Landscape

Baseball gambling is done with a “money line” rather than with the pointspread system used in football gambling, as well as basketball gambling. Baseball does offer what is known as a “run line” in which gamblers can lay or take a run-and-a-half as well as minus or plus less money the regular money line but that is not as widely used by baseball gambling participants. Baseball gambling also offers over/under totals for bettors to wager on, as well as proposition wagers on each team’s odds to win the World Series, league pennant, or division title. You can also bet the over/under on a team’s season win total for the year.

The first thing to understand and appreciate about baseball gambling is that there are so many games, usually 15 per day on most days, which is over 90 games per week. When you consider side and total options a gambler has around 360 choices he can make each week during the six month regular season.

On the one hand, the amount of games in baseball gives the smart and disciplined gambler plenty of reason to be selective. After all, there are so many games that over the course of a week there will be a few natural winners that fall right into the lap of the patient.

On the other hand, unfortunately, baseball gambling is an action addicts ultimate delight, as there are multitudes of wagering possibilities every day. To put it more negatively, there is a lot of temptation offered by baseball gambling to the weak and undisciplined.

What it all boils down to is that in baseball gambling, just like Texas Holdem poker, a gambler must be highly selective and muck most games, just as he would muck most hands at a poker table. The less games you play, just like the less poker hands you play, the better off you will be and higher your odds. A laundry list of games, just like playing a lot of poker hands, will grind you down to nothing in short order.

Baseball gambling comes down to a player’s ability to manage not just his money but also himself. It is the ultimate test of a sports bettor’s self control. For those that have it, baseball gambling offers incredible value opportunities with all of its games each week.

Baseball Gambling Strategies

One of the beauties of baseball is that it is a simple game. It may be advertised and written about as a “thinking man’s game” and there is a lot of truth in that but ultimately it is a simple game. Baseball gambling should be taken in the same light and context and be kept simple. The more complex a baseball gambling methodology is, the less likely it is to succeed. Your most successful baseball gambling handicappers, in fact, have the simplest methodology and styles.

The first thing to do in order to succeed at baseball gambling is to avoid doing what the masses do, which is make overlays with teams like the Detroit Tigers at home. As incredible as it many sound, the Tigers provided a phenomenal lesson in baseball gambling value in 2013 when they won 93 games and their division title and yet LOST MONEY against the baseball gambling lines! This happened because the baseball gambling oddsmakers know that the Tigers were the dominant team in their division and that the masses will flock towards them, regardless of price. The sportsbooks simply addressed consumer demand by jacking up the prices on what the customers wanted most, and made a stunning profit.

Another wise strategy is to avoid taking the top shelf starting pitchers at home as they are often overlays as well. It is best to take them on the road, when the price comes down due to the masses reluctance to wager on road teams.

It is important nowadays to track a team’s bullpen. Starting pitchers rarely finish games anymore as managers often go deep into the bullpen on a nightly basis. When you read the box scores and see a team that had to really empty the pen and they have a weak starter going in their next game, you have a solid baseball gambling candidate to oppose.

Baseball is a game of streaks where even the good teams will lose a few in a row at times while the bad teams will catch breaks and put together a modest winning streak now and then. Remember that in baseball gambling, when you bet on a streak you can lose only once but when you bet against a streak you can lose over and over again. Trying to guess when a streak will end has been tried by many gamblers and few if any ever turned a profit at trying to do so.

Baseball Gambling Starts with Pitching

The old saying about baseball being “ninety percent” pitching is basically true. The teams with the best pitching contend and win, while teams that are all offense may light up the scoreboard, but they don’t win championships. In baseball gambling you must start with the pitching matchups for each team, and then strive to find value.

The baseball gambling oddsmakers are fully aware of the importance of pitching in baseball. And when a big name starter such as Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles, or Adam Wainwright of the St Louis Cardinals takes the hill, they will jack up the prices enormously, especially when these starters are at home against weaker clubs.

Just as there are “name brand” baseball teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox, there are “name brand” pitchers and when the two are merged into one, the price on the baseball gambling boards can be out of site.

There was a time not all that long ago when in baseball gambling the biggest chalks you would see on the board would be around minus two-hundred or a little over but the sportsbooks were tired of getting clobbered by gamblers loading up on premium pitchers and they have since jacked up the lines significantly in recent seasons to try and scare away action on the top shelf starting pitchers.

The challenge for a handicapper in baseball gambling is to try and get the best possible pitching advantage at the best possible price and to try and maximize value. Often times, the best baseball gambling strategy is to take the best pitchers on the best teams on the road, rather than at home, where the price is more reasonable and you can get better odds. Much like in football gambling, the masses are an easy read and they gravitate towards the more popular teams at home as chalks. Just as in football they don’t make any money because they are making overlays but that’s how it is. The winning gamblers will wait and take these teams when they are on the road, as they offer better value.

While it is important in baseball gambling to have a strong knowledge of starting pitching, it is more important to know how to judge the mass public’s reaction to it and, just as in football gambling, to try and be on the side of the oddsmakers, which is against the public.

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