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Olympic Betting Tips

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The Winter Olympic opening ceremony is taking place today. There have already been a couple of preliminary events, but the majority of the games of the 22nd Winter Olympiad will begin by and large tomorrow. You will be able to watch the opening ceremonies and all of the Olympic coverage on NBC. However, you must realize that their main coverage will be about 12 hours later than the actual events take place.


Traditionally, the Olympics haven’t been a big time gambling event such as the Super Bowl. But, that has begun to change in recent years. Websites such as Bovada are now taking bets on many of the events and are even offering futures for some of the winter games. By far, the most popular sport that will be wagered upon will be the Olympic hockey tournament. However, you will also see other events such as snowboarding and speed skating on the board with odds for these betting lines.

Hockey is one of the main draws of the Olympics since each of the 6 powerhouse countries of Canada, Russia, the United States, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Finland are all made up of NHL stars. There are a total of 12 qualifying teams that play a few games to determine the seeding going in to the one-game elimination tournament. The top 4 teams will gain automatic births into the 2nd round, while the other 8 teams must play each other to make it to the final 8.

As far as the betting goes, you can place your wager in one of two ways: you can bet on the individual games by selecting a betting line the day before or day of the event, or you can place a wager now before the tournament gets started. The second option is called a future bet and there are plenty of these that will be available for you to choose between.

The main future bet will be to predict which country will win the gold medal in either the mens or womens tournament. On the mens side, Canada is currently the favorite at 2 to 1 odds. They are followed by Russia at 12/5, Sweden at 9/2, the United States at 6/1, Finland at 11/1 and the Czech Republic at 12/1. The womens hockey tournament has been dominated by the Canadians and the United States, which each payout less than even money.

You can also place a futures prop bet on which individual you think will score the most goals in the mens tournament. The top 5 are Ovechkin (11/2), Crosby (15/2), Malkin (11/1), Tavares (11/1), and Kane (11/1). Other futures props that are available is whether or not a particular country will medal in the mens tournament and which country will win each of the preliminary groups. You can even do a parlay to correctly guess all three teams that will win the preliminary groups.

The other popular betting events include skiing and curling. These are popular winter sports in Canada and many sportsbooks will have betting lines on these events. You can check out the odds at allpro. But, there are also betting lines on some of the other winter Olympic events at some sites, like Bodog or Bovada. This includes events such as speed skating, snowboarding, luge, bobsled and more.

One final popular prop that you can place a wager on is the final medal count for a particular country. You can bet on which country will have the most medals overall, or which country will win the most gold medals in the Sochi Olympics. The games are almost here! Good luck with your Olympic wagers!

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