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Playoff NFL Betting

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The road to Super Bowl XLIX is now paved and we will quickly run down the 12 teams that are contending for the honors to play in the big game this season. If you plan on doing any super bowl betting between now and the start of Super Bowl Sunday, you should do as much research as possible to get ready for the biggest sportsbetting events of the season.

Playoff Team Rankings

12: Arizona Cardinals – This team just can’t seem to catch any breaks. Last year, they were the only 10-6 team to miss the playoffs. This year, they started out 9-1 only to have two quarterbacks go down with injuries. They have to go on the road across the country for the early Saturday game against a team that didn’t finish with a winning record. They are currently a 6 point underdog in this game. They finished the season on a 2-4 stretch and haven’t scored 20 points in the last 7 games. However, of the four road teams in the Wild Card weekend, Arizona has the best chance to win. Likelihood of winning the first round match up – 45%. Super Bowl odds – 66 to 1.

11: Detroit Lions – While this wasn’t the traditional collapse that we expect to see from the Lions each season, they still found a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Two big games, two suspended starters for stomping on their opponents. Detroit’s big strength was their defense all season; now they are without their most important defensive player and playing one of the best offenses in the league. The Lions offense has not been able to score for most of the season and this playoff game shouldn’t be any different. Detroit is a 7.5 point underdog against Dallas. They have constantly fallen short of the line this season. Likelihood of winning the first round match up – 25%. Super Bowl odds – 40 to 1.

10: Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals looked like the team to beat in the AFC North all season. Then, they lost twice to the Steelers in 4 weeks. Now they have to play one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Andrew Luck, with one of the all-time worst playoff quarterbacks, Andy Dalton. Cincinnati has not been able to find a way to win in the postseason. Likelihood of winning the first round match up – 35%. Super Bowl odds – 40 to 1.

9: Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have been pretty inconsistent all year long and they have not played well on the road. They face their rivals in Pittsburgh which has been unkind to them over the years. The Ravens struggled to make the playoffs against teams that had already pretty much given up (Jacksonville and Cleveland). Likelihood of winning the first round match up 40%. Super Bowl odds – 40 to 1.

8: Carolina Panthers – The much maligned NFC South has gotten battered all year and rightfully so. This is a division that was won by a team that was 3-8-1 with just 4 weeks left in the season. Those last four wins were against their own division and Cleveland. Two of those wins were blowouts, but New Orleans and Atlanta were the two biggest pretenders this season. They will have a slight edge over the Cardinals because of the home field advantage and Arizona’s lack of offense. If they win, however, the Panthers will have about a 10% chance of winning on the road against Seattle. Super Bowl odds – 33 to 1.

7: Indianapolis Colts – This team is going to live and die off of it’s passing game. The Colts will most likely make it to the second round of the playoffs because of their match up against the Bengals, but they will be met by a New England team that has already beaten them down once already this year. Their record against good teams this season is 2-5 with both wins coming at home. Super Bowl odds – 28 to 1.

6: Pittsburgh Steelers – This is the first team on the list that has an actual shot of winning the Super Bowl. In order to do so, they will have to go on the road for two games. First, they have to get by their rivals, which is no easy feat. Then, they will play at Denver. This game will almost be a toss up depending on which Denver team shows up and whether or not Peyton is 100%. If they win that game, they will have a tougher test by going to New England. Odds of making it past Denver – 30%. Odds of making it past New England – 10%. Super Bowl odds – 14 to 1.

5: Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys have quite possibly the easiest first round match up against Detroit. For all the talk of the terrible defense before the season, Dallas has had one of the best offenses in the NFL and easily the best rushing attack. The second round match up against Green Bay will be interesting. It all depends on whether or not Dallas can take care of business against Detroit. If they struggle in that game, then the playoff demons of old can be resurrected and they may find themselves playing poorly on the road. If they win going away or if Aaron Rodgers is still injured, Dallas may get a return visit to Seattle to try to win for the second time there this season. Odds of making it past Green Bay – 45%. Odds of making it past Seattle – 20%. Super Bowl odds – 15 to 2.

4: Denver Broncos – This team hasn’t been nearly as dominant as last year. At times, they have even struggled on offense. But, this may bode well for them as all of the attention is focused on New England and Seattle. Denver has gone undefeated at home, but their biggest game of the season will likely be on the road against Peyton’s arch nemesis, where New England already blasted them once this year. If Denver is going to make a run at the Super Bowl, they will have to get a lead early in each game. Peyton still has the weapons to do this. Odds of winning in round 2 – 60%. Odds of making it past New England – 30%. Super Bowl odds – 13 to 2.

3: Green Bay Packers – The number one most important thing for Green Bay is to have a healthy Aaron Rodgers. He’s only going to be able to win while limping around if he’s playing Detroit at home. This one possible injury can be enough to disrupt the entire playoffs for the Packers. If they win a second round match up against the Cowboys, they will have the honor of going to their personal hell which is CenturyLink Field. The odds of them beating Seattle on the road are about as good as Detroit winning a playoff game. Super Bowl odds – 6 to 1.

2: New England Patriots – The more things change, the more they stay the same. New England was a wrecking ball to most good teams this season. Of the playoff teams that they faced, only Green Bay won at Lambeau Field and the other teams lost by 26, 22, 22 and 25. New England simply doesn’t lose at home, except when they play a meaningless game against the Bills. Odds of making the Super Bowl – 65%. Super Bowl odds – 3 to 1.

1: Seattle Seahawks – Seattle is looking to become the first team since Denver in the 90’s to go back-to-back. It didn’t look good for them when they started 6-4. However, a six-game winning streak and a nearly flawless home record means that they are on the fast track to get there for a second straight year. Dallas posses the biggest obstacle if they can get past Green Bay. The Seahawks defense is again the best in the league. Odds of making the Super Bowl – 75%. Super Bowl odds – 12 to 5.

Super Bowl Match Up

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Seattle and New England are going to meet up in the Super Bowl. This game won’t be easy to predict, much like last year’s blowout. The Patriots obviously have the better offense and Seattle has the better defense, much like last year. However, New England can move the ball down the field consistently in 4 to 5 yard chunks. Seattle’s defense can shut down the long ball, but that isn’t the focus of the Pats’ offense.

I see this game being much different than last year for Seattle. New England is hungry to win it all again and they won’t be playing the Giants. Seattle isn’t the type of team that can make a big comeback. If New England goes up early, it will likely be over before the 4th quarter.

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