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2016 Super Bowl Prediction

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Super Bowl 50 is almost here. Lets go over some of the predictions that were previously made and make some prediction for the Big Game.

While I didn’t go into great detail about the playoff games after the Wild Card weekend, I did get the majority of my predictions correct. I went 4 for 4 on the Wild Card games, but that only entailed picking the four favorites on the road. I was able to correctly select Denver to make the Super Bowl, but it was a pretty big swing and miss on Arizona.

This is what comes when you make predictions at times. It’s pretty easy to tell people that the playoffs are going to go pretty much to schedule with no major upsets and both number 1 seeds making it from their respective conferences. I had a pretty good feeling about the coming result, though, after I saw how Carolina played against Seattle and how Arizona played against Green Bay.

The team that I selected to win the Super Bowl is still alive and kicking, but they too are a large underdog against a Panthers team that has only lost one game all year and beat up the best teams in the NFC.

Super Bowl 50 Predictions

With the game only a couple of days away, we know pretty much all we are going to know about the two teams playing. Carolina has one of the best scoring offenses and averages just over 30 points per game. Denver has the top ranked defense and has allowed more than 25 points only 3 times this year.

Carolina’s defense is creates turnovers and scores often enough, but they are also susceptible to the pass. Denver’s offense has been mediocre for a large portion of the season.

The Panthers offense begins and ends with Cam Newton. Jonathan Stewart and Greg Olsen are pretty much the rest of their offense. The wide receivers can have good games, but none of them are elite by any stretch of the imagination. They will be matched up against the best secondary in the league and one of the best defensive lines. If the Broncos can shut down the passing game, they can win this match up against the Panthers offense.

Peyton Manning has been more of a game manager this year than ever before in his career. His job in this game is not to turn the ball over. The Panthers offense is one of the best ever at converting a short field into a touchdown. He will have to get his two best weapons, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders involved in the game early and often.

The critical match up in this game will be the two running games, specifically Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert vs. Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson. Whichever team has the edge in the running game is going to have the best chance of winning the game. If Carolina has to rely on Can Newton’s legs, it’s going to be a long day for him.

Official Prediction

With all of that being said, now for the official prediction. Vegas has the Panthers installed as a 6 point favorite and the total is 45 points. If you are into super bowl betting, I think that both of those numbers are too high.

People are riding on the Carolina band wagon after the crushing victory against the Cardinals. Let’s not forget that Carson Palmer had one of the most forgettable games in post season history. The 31-0 lead that the Panthers built against Seattle was Russel Wilson struggling mightily in the first half. The only time that the Panthers got any push back from the opposition, they almost blew the game if the Seahawks had 2 or 3 more minutes. Outside of those two games, they have only played a couple of decent defenses the entire season. The defense has set them up in position all season long with interceptions and short fields. If they can’t do that against Denver, it’s going to be a low scoring defensive grind.

Denver is going to need to make this the case in order to win. The Broncos have only scored 30 points once this season. If Carolina scores 25 points or more, I give the Broncos a 10% chance of winning the game. Peyton Manning has taken care of the ball this postseason. If he does so again in the Super Bowl, the Broncos have at least a 50% chance of winning.

In the end, I have to go with my original Super Bowl winning prediction: Denver 22 – Carolina 21.

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